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The WooCommerce plugin helps create loyalty, sales, repeat sales, and referrals. Organize loyalty programs, referral campaigns, freebies, competitions, sweepstakes, buy-to-win initiatives, birthdays, anniversaries, and more.

Instantly launch programs and campaigns.

Templates based on goals can be viewed here.

Run promotions to boost sales. Templates are available

Increase customer loyalty by offering a comprehensive loyalty rewards program.

Celebrate customers’ birthdays, pets’ birthdays, mothers’ birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

The email list should be expanded.

Boost online and social media traffic.

Your firm and its products should be promoted.

Get leads by rewarding signups.


Grow your D2C brand with an omnichannel helpdesk that
streamlines messages across all support channels like WhatsApp,
Instagram, FB, Email & Live Chat. And also helps you grow revenues
through WhatsApp Marketing. Learn More.

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