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Royal Audio Player WordPress Plugin

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For any WordPress theme that is WooCommerce compatible, Royal Audio Player WordPress Plugin is a powerful, highly adjustable mp3/audio/video/youtube player. All major browsers and mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, IOS, Android, Windows mobile, and desktop are supported. The Royal Audio Player WordPress Plugin plays mp4 and youtube videos and has limitless playlists. You can load playlists from HTML, XML, MP3 or MP4 folders, Podcasts, Official.fm, Youtube, or SoundCloud.

It’s the most complete audio/mp3/mp4/youtube player on the market, with features such as external API, deep linking, private/password protected tracks, encrypting track source/path, popup window, multiple share buttons, customizable skin, Shoutcast and Icecast support, Youtube and MP4/HTML5 video support, HTTP Live Streaming/HLS/m3u8 audio support, shortcode generator, and custom post types.


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