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Shopify stores can use SuperLemon’s WhatsApp plugin. You can provide quick & easy Whatsapp customer support, increase referral sales, and send automated & manual abandoned cart recovery, order and delivery notifications. A live chat button is a quick and easy way to initiate a conversation between you and your customer via WhatsApp. It allows you to send template-based abandoned cart recovery messages to your customers. It is extremely affordable. It allows you to send order confirmation and delivery updates, ask for feedback, and engage with your paying customers on WhatsApp. Just two plans are available – a free one and a $10/month one. ‍Support can only be managed on Whatsapp and not via email, Instagram, or Facebook. It does not offer any advanced team collaboration features. Recent reviews suggest that it can take some time to get a response from customer service and get your queries resolved. 


Grow your D2C brand with an omnichannel helpdesk that
streamlines messages across all support channels like WhatsApp,
Instagram, FB, Email & Live Chat. And also helps you grow revenues
through WhatsApp Marketing. Learn More.

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