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WooBought–Live Sales Notifications for WooCommerce notifies visitors of recent purchases in your store. Nobody likes to shop at an empty store. Make your brand appear active and popular to visitors. Procrastinators will be encouraged to purchase your goods as soon as possible with this plugin. Demonstrate that other people are buying your goods without problems and gain credibility. Increased visibility: visitors will be able to see more goods than they had previously seen.


Supports only one product at a time.

The notification message is completely under your control. Information about the product and the buyer may be included.

To the left or right of the text, place the picture.

The backdrop should be changed to a different colour.

The text should be coloured differently.

Position the notification at the bottom left or bottom right.

The interval between alerts can be adjusted.

Mobile-friendly and completely responsive.

Languages are covered,

Spanish, Dutch, French, German, and English are among the languages it is available in.

You can view a live sample on the options page before saving your selections.

You won’t have to worry about your site clogging up because it’s pretty light.


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