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WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery

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Various businesses abandon their carts between 55 and 80% on average, according to recent studies. You can recoup at least 30% of potential revenues by sending a follow-up email. This is exactly what the WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery extension allows you to do.

With the extension, you can compose multiple follow-up emails and schedule them to be sent at particular intervals. Coupons and other incentives may be included to boost conversion rates. To track your recovery progress, you can also use the extension’s built-in analytics dashboard.

These features include:

Use a modal popup to pre-capture the user’s email address.

A delay time can be set after which the cart abandonment message will be sent.

Manually or automatically send multiple email templates.

Featuring an intuitive analytical dashboard, you can manage abandoned cart recovery by using lists of abandoned carts, pending orders, a grid with all recovered carts, and a log to keep track of all emails sent.

There is an option to set a time span after which an abandoned cart will be automatically detected and deleted.

You can customize the title, text, and recipient’s name, along with direct links and discount codes.


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