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The WooThumbs plugin customizes WooCommerce picture galleries. We’ve added new layouts, sliders, zoom, and product videos.

WooThumbs offers better zoom options than other plugins. Consumers may zoom in place, generate a circle zoom window, or launch a new square window when hovering over the main product picture. Visit WooThumbs and select “Launch Demo” if you’re having trouble visualizing this.

The gallery layout settings in WooThumbs can also be customized. The thumbnails can be listed left, right, or above the main picture. There is no limit to the number of thumbnails you can upload, including variants. You can switch to the “stacked” style if you don’t like the slider that only displays four thumbnails. Videos can be added to thumbnails in the same way as photographs. There are many possibilities for customizing WooCommerce product pictures with WooThumbs.


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