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With WP Referral Code, you can offer a referral code to each of your users and start your own referral marketing campaign. When a user signs up, the plugin will receive the referral code. Using the “copy refer link box” on WP Referral Code, users can easily copy and share their referral links. The only requirement for this plugin is the WordPress core, so it can be used with any other plugin.

In the event you have successfully registered, it is up to you what you want to do next. Two important hooks can be used to accomplish this. Visit the plugin’s website and review the documentation for more information. Several shortcodes are available to help you get things where they need to be. You can find a list of them under Plugin Options. You can view all information about a user’s referral status on the user edit page (Dashboard->Users->select a user). It is possible to see how many people he invited and who sent them.


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