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Desku vs Intercom Features: What’s on offer & What’s Missing!

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Comparing Intercom and Desku, while highlighting the missing Intercom features.

Desku vs Intercom Features: What’s on offer & What’s Missing!

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Although there are a lot of impressive helpdesk platforms in 2023 that offer impressive customer service, which customer support platform offers the best inventory of features?

The more key features you get with customer service software, the better your business can perform in terms of customer engagement. Therefore, you must cherish important features like a user-friendly interface, easy to navigate chat widget, customer journey automation, ticketing system, customer management tools, etc.

Now, two big names, Desku and Intercom stand tall when we talk about great features and functionalities to help business owners ensure amazing customer satisfaction with all-in-one customer chat service solutions.

So, is choosing Desku a better choice, or does Intercom offer better customer support service and features? Let’s know which customer support software from these two integrates better features and capabilities in this detailed guide.

Collaborative Ticketing: Desku’s Teamwork Advantage

Desku’s Collaborative Approach

Do you know Desku stores a feature in its Help Desk solution that keeps your team fuss-free in a collaborative environment? We call it the Ticketing System.

This feature holds your team members together and gives them a common window to visualize all your customers’ queries, concerns, suggestions, and requests. The outcomes you receive are the most productive, time-efficient, and accurate. It ensures none of the customer’s conversation is left unassigned and untreated.

What about the symbiotic advantage your employees muster while working together? Brainstorming amongst them not only hones their problem-solving skills but increases their knowledge base, making them smarter and more efficient.

Desku’s Ticketing System brings prompt and accurate responses to your customers and elevates your employees’ potential. It’s the simplest yet most strategic tool you can find with none other than Desku.

Intercom’s Ticketing Limitations

Working alone and at peace has its own advantages. It enhances your skill set in one dimension but lacks the opportunity to be proficient in multi-faceted dimensions, which may prove to be regretful in this fast-paced world. Intercom’s Ticketing System sounds quite synonymous with this phrase.

Intercom has a highly efficient logging and tracking ticketing system, but it fails when it comes to a collaborative approach. The employees have a scattered view of their customers’ concerns, which results in a singular approach to solving them. The solution may be less competitive than that derived from collateral thinking.

Intercom’s Ticketing Limitation may distort the efficient outcomes and may drift you toward less functional issue-resolving mechanisms.

Do you want to learn more about the downsides of Intercom? We have narrated a dedicated guide on Intercom pros and cons. You can cherish it to learn more about the major advantages and disadvantages of Intercom.

AI-Powered Efficiency: Precision vs. Automation

Desku’s Precision in AI

Want to cling to excellence with the power of AI in Customer Relationship Management portals? Using Desku Help Desk Solution, you can perfectly craft the intelligence and excellence with AI in summarizing tickets, delivering responses, and Eva AI.

Desku’s AI works in congruence with the Ticketing System to impart the most conducive overview of the issues to the human brain. Thus, employees get a clear view of the customer’s concerns and can leverage their skills to give precise answers.

Perfecting AI-tailored responses blend with the human touch is something Desku strives to achieve. The response AI generates in response to the customers’ concerns is always in sync with human language, making customers feel welcome to voice their concerns. Isn’t it something to be thoughtful about?

Again, Desku’s Eva AI Bot does half the job of employees by answering regular customer queries. The responses delivered by Eva AI Bot are always precise and at par with the human experts, with little to zero training. It will help you optimize ROI.

Even the layman will not think twice before availing the benefits of AI backed by precision Desku brings to your table. Also, we can’t skip the free trial advantage you get from Desku.

Intercom’s Automation Approach

Intercom is widely known for the automation it inculcates in its system. AI catalyzes the Intercom’s automatic process, ranging from product tours, tooltips, banners, surveys, interactive pop-ups, and filters.

Intercom’s approach to generalized automation may soothe the standard CRM systems but may not appeal to the tailored needs of the businesses.

Intercom’s Automation in UI patterns is admirable, but its wide perspective often lacks the focus on the precision Desku aims to offer.

Customization Mastery: Tailoring Triumphs Over Constraints

Desku’s Adaptive Customization

Staying vigilant and aptly adapting to the changing domain is the need of the tech-driven world. Desku’s Adaptive Customization approach is a stand-out feature in the CRM system world.

It caters to the size of the organization irrespective of size and attribute configuration. Shopify store owners can easily access the customized platform for their defining needs. Desku’s tailored products, such as well-designed workflow, embedding third-party tools, and more advanced features, can be easily crafted to customer needs.

Desku allows its customers to visualize and create a support system that resembles their brand identity. Customers are encouraged to change the layout, insert icons, and add text messages that are vocal about their online presence in the e-commerce world. With Desku, you create a support system and craft a visually appealing branded platform that aligns with your business identity.

Desku exhibits an excellent repository of customer conversations to cast light on meaningful insights about customer behavior. This data can be used to craft personalized responses and predict the future trends.

Intercom’s Limitations in Tailoring

Intercom has some customization options, but they will probably not be able to give the same freedom as Desku would. Intercom’s customization functionality is good but cannot offer the same level of flexibility that Desku has in terms of branding support.

There might be limitations in the configuration of the platform, and some companies will find it difficult to customize Intercom to suit all its requirements.

In the Trenches: Hands-On Assistance Comparison

Desku’s Active Engagement

In this transient era, Desku aims to bring consistency and momentum to your Shopify CRM system. It actively engages with the vendor in configuring and delivering prompt and precise responses to customers through its help desk solutions. The collaborative ticketing system and AI-powered precision tools step up the moment their need is triggered.

Desku’s guidance is not limited to elevating customer experience but extends to forecasting future challenges, crafting data-driven strategies, and creating long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Desku is your backside warrior, conquering your customer’s every interaction and facilitating you toward the victorious throne. You can check out the variety of features Desku offers at a reasonable cost to ensure active engagement.

Intercom’s Approach to Complex Scenarios

Intercom’s broad view on dealing with the multilateral aspects of the customers’ concerns is quite notable. Automation and streamlined processes are the keys to Intercom’s success in dealing with complex scenarios.

The UI patterns tools, segmentation filters, and interactive popups do the perfect job of gathering a quick and standard response to the customer’s concerns. Intercom’s live chat option wins every conversation in multiple languages.

Elevating Support: Desku’s Advanced Solutions

Desku’s Advanced Features

Desku’s advanced features are the ambassadors of its commitment to escalate the support system of the Shopify merchants. Here is a glimpse of Desku’s advanced features, which can trigger precision and create a comprehensive system for your Shopify store.

  • Sophisticated Ticketing for Collaborative Excellence: Desku’s Ticketing system sets a perfect environment for your team to remain vigilant and functional through a common window. It empowers collective problem-solving and enhances response quality in the shortest span.
  • AI-Powered Efficiency for Informed Decision-Making: Desku’s AI-powered tools, such as Ticket summaries, suggested Answers, and Eva AI, escalate the efficiency and bring accuracy to the workflows. This feature works flawlessly if you focus more on optimizing user engagement.
  • Strategic Guidance Beyond Troubleshooting: Desku’s role extends beyond troubleshooting guard. Desku’s analytical tools impart the data-driven wisdom to formulate futuristic strategies and extend a long-term vision for business expansion.
  • Adaptive Customization for Unique Business Needs: Desku brings a tailored system to suit your Shopify store needs and aligns with your brand identity. For Desku, Customization is of paramount importance when it comes to catering to customers’ needs.
  • The Freedom to Tackle Complex Technical Challenges: With Desku’s advanced features, any technical query can be easily simplified.
  • Constant Evolution for Future-Ready Support: Desku’s ever-evolving nature in innovation and customization is an example of its commitment to driving your Shopify business beyond excellence.

Intercom’s Advanced Offerings

Just like Desku, Intercom has a set of advanced tools that can cast light on the customer support system. Let’s have a quick look at it.

  • Versatile UI Patterns for Onboarding: Intercom is known for its efficient onboarding of customers to its product portfolio. Various automated UI patterns such as tooltips, banners, and surveys contribute to the efficient onboarding process.
  • Content Analytics for Performance Insights: Intercom provides tools to assess the performance of the content residing in your help center. It casts valuable insights for enhancing its engagement quality and business visibility on the e-commerce platforms.
  • Live Chat Customization and Integration: Intercom dominates in delivering the customized Live chat feature to their customers, which matches their brand personality and syncs seamlessly with the wide range of integrations. You can learn more about Intercom integrations if you’re still curious about what else it provides.
  • Help Center Customization and Multilingual Support: Intercom provides extensive customization when it comes to crafting a help center. It can be drafted in numerous languages, and one can also insert logos or greeting messages in the Help Centre. This entire setup creates a visually appealing and pleasing to the customers.
  • Third-Party Integrations for Knowledge Base Solutions: Want to improve your Shopify store’s knowledge base? Look for Intercom’s knowledge base third-party integration tools. You will find more than 20 tools to enhance your knowledge base repository.

Having these many interesting features, you might be thinking these platforms are too costly right? Well, you will be amazed the know Desku and Intercom’s pricing.

The Human Touch: Customer-Centric Approach

Desku’s Emphasis on Human Connection

Desku’s help desk solution is not meant to deal with your customers’ concerns but is created with the utmost care to build long-lasting relationships with them. The following reasoning shows how Desku strives to make every customer interaction memorable and meaningful.

  • Comprehensive Customer Details for Personalized Assistance: For Desku, maintaining the reserve of every customer interaction is the must-do process to provide insights and an overall view of customers’ concerns and preferences. Desku ensures not a single detail is missed in creating a personalized conversation with your customer. Also, they have the fastest shared inbox to handle customer queries with ease and gather customer details in a breeze.
  • Proactive Engagement and Anticipatory Support: Desku’s help desk solution not only solves the customer’s concerns but also predicts upcoming issues and provides thoughtful insights to address them efficiently before they arise.
  • Tailored Guidance and Strategic Partnerships:  With Desku, you are not buying just a help desk solution but merging with a partner that provides strategic guidance in forecasting your Shopify store needs as per your business requirements.
  • Empathy as the Cornerstone of Support: Deksu knows what it takes to run a business on an e-commerce platform. Desku proves to be a guiding force in tackling Shopify’s online store problems.

Intercom’s Human-Centric Features

  • Live Chat Customization for Personalized Conversations: Intercom lets its users craft the layout of Live Chat features that resonate with their brand personality. This results in the creation of a more vibrant interface and gives a personalized touch to every conversation.
  • Help Center Customization and Multilingual Support: Intercom’s Help Center can be fabricated in multiple languages as per your Shopify store needs. The facility to incorporate catchy logos and greeting messages creates a welcoming environment for the customers seeking support from your Shopify Store.

Desku and Intercom offer critical elements that contribute to human connections in the support landscape. The provision of customer services by Desku extends beyond simple transactional interactions through its detailed information about customers’ details, proactive engagement, individualized assistance, and focus on empathy.

Personalized user experience is created by customization options in live chat and the help center of the Intercom, thus generating an impression that a human is involved.

Feature Gaps: What’s Missing in Desku and Intercom

Desku’s Feature Gaps

One of Desku’s strengths lies in identifying its weaknesses and working on them tirelessly to bridge the opportunistic gaps. Let’s weigh up Desku’s identified challenges, which are soon to be listed in Desku’s Strengths.

  • Ticket List Visibility: Desku users have complained that the side window of the ticket list does not minimize and occupies a large portion of the screen, affecting the visibility of the dashboard. Desku is aware of this problem and is on the way to minimize the inconvenience faced by the users.
  • Desire for More Customization Options: Human nature always demands more, and Desku never fails to cater to its users. Desku does offer options to tailor the help desk solution as per users’ needs but is constantly striving to provide more customizable features that meet the unique needs of Businesses and align more with their brand personality.
  • Ticket Marked as Spam Handling: Spam messages, emails, and tickets are prevalent in the virtual world. Proper management of this unwanted communication demands your time and energy. Desku is well aware of the challenge of managing tickets marked as spam by users. The ticket marked as spam does not have an option to discard it or to block the sender. Desku’s team is constantly working on upgrading its Spam management system. This feature is highly helpful if you have a woocommerce store to handle.

The Desku team is actively engaged in refining these aspects to ensure that users benefit from an increasingly intuitive, customizable, and efficient support experience. Your feedback is instrumental in guiding Desku’s ongoing efforts to deliver a support solution that evolves with the quickly changing needs of its user base.

Intercom’s Feature Shortcomings

Intercom is a stand-out Customer Relationship Management system with an integrated chatbot in the entire Industry, where platforms like Zendesk and Freshdesk exist. Like every other business, even intercom users have faced various challenges in using its help desk solutions.

Let’s figure out what users have to say about availing Intercom services. This list of the challenges will guide you to make informed decisions about choosing a CRM system for your Shopify store.

  • No Good Way to Escalate Tickets: The intercom dashboard does not have a feature to escalate the tickets, which is your top priority. This system drawback may slow down the pace of tackling the most important concern immediately. The unavailability of a quick response to the important issue may dishearten the customer, lessening its overall experience with the Intercom.
  • Challenges in Handling Technical Support Tickets: To deal with technical support tickets, one should be capable of assisting standard communication mediums. The normal chatbox and email assistance may not prove to be fruitful in tackling those complex issues. Managing technical support tickets on a non-verbal communication platform is a challenging blow to the Intercoms CRM platform.
  • Absence of Co-Browsing or In-App Calling: If Intercom users want to call their clients for real-time assistance, they must opt for other communication options such as Zoom. The intercom does not have features such as in-app calling or co-browsing to support real-time verbal communications.
  • No Session Replays: The intercom does not have the facility to restore the recorded happenings during customer conversations. Thus, it becomes difficult to get the complete gist of the actual happenings and rely on the customer’s description to solve the issue.
  • Lack of Console Logs: The intercom lacks the console logs, meaning users do not have the facility to track the customer’s device details, network used, or error messages when a ticket is raised. This may not suffice to provide the proper technical assistance needed on the customer end.

If you want to learn more about Intercom’s capabilities, you can read our detailed guide on Intercom, where we’ve reviewed all major aspects of Intercom beyond just the features.

Desku vs Intercom: Conclusion

One should be aware of what makes Desku’s advanced solutions better than Intercom’s advanced offerings when considering evaluating both platforms in the support landscape.

Besides being available at an affordable price, Desku focuses on ticketing with people, artificial intelligence at its most precise, a strategic guide, adaptive personalization at its most advanced, and continuous evolution. Intercom’s strengths are UI flexibility, content analysis, live chat personalization, multiple languages support for the help center, and numerous third-party extensions.

Hence, companies have particular requirements and preferences that they need to focus on while selecting among the sophisticated options in the Intercom vs. Desku market of customer support. Both have helped increase support for customers in different stages of the e-commerce journey.

Gaurav Nagani
Gaurav Nagani
As Founder & CEO of Desku.io, Gaurav has made a distinct mark in the customer support and ai bot field. His commitment to AI-enhanced solutions and his industry experience have been instrumental in modernizing customer service.

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