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The Customer Journey: Desku vs. Intercom’s User Experience

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Intercom's User Experience

The Customer Journey: Desku vs. Intercom’s User Experience

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One of the most important factors that would measure the success of any digital platform is its customer journey. What kind of experience its customers had while navigating the application will tell how user-friendly its interface is.

After all, for any application, its user experience is the key to success. The more easily accessible interface any application has, the more fandom it continues to have.

In the case of Desku and Intercom, both of them are experts in providing a great user experience to their users. However, both applications stand apart from each other in their level of expertise.

Today, we are going to draw your attention to all the points where Desku and Intercom customer support platforms differ from each other in terms of user experience.

First Impressions Matter: Landing on Desku’s Doorstep

First impressions matter landing on deskus doorstep

We have been hearing for years that the first impression is the last, and Desku customer support software has taken this line very seriously. That’s why when you visit Desku’s dashboard for the first time, its simplicity will attract your attention.

With its clean and clear interface, beautiful colours, and organized structure, Desku will captivate your heart in no time. Desku’s homepage follows a systematic approach. Moreover, every piece of information presented on its homepage becomes your perfect helping guide in understanding the functioning of the application in a perfect sequence.

Its navigation has a proper sequence through which you would never get confused as to where you are heading. Down the line, the Desku helpdesk is propelling high in its first impression through its simplicity with features like an AI-powered bot that helps you automate your customer queries. It’s better than Intercom in terms of customer engagement, integrations, and over all features too.

Intercom’s Welcome: A Glimpse into Seamless Onboarding

Intercoms welcome a glimpse into seamless onboarding

Intercom believes in building long-lasting relations with its users, and it achieves this through its seamless onboarding process. Its user-friendly architecture will not make you feel like the application is new.

When you first step on the Intercom’s dashboard, you will have your guides ready in the form of virtual prompts and directional messages to ensure you do not find any difficulty navigating through the entire application.

Besides having a seamless navigation system, Intercom also gives you a glimpse of its features, which makes it easy for first-time visitors to understand the application quickly and efficiently. Such informative guides help users connect with the application flawlessly.

In the Shoes of the User: Exploring Desku’s Interface

Every user will find Desku’s interface to be highly user-friendly, and this is the reason why businesses choose it as the best Intercom alternative. You will get perfect guidance for navigating through the entire application through its easily readable guiding elements. Although it has a simple architecture, its well-designed layout is still strong enough to provide a user-friendly experience.

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The user interface on Desku’s platform is a paradise filled with intuitive elements from the dashboard down to deeper hidden corners. It’s like walking in a park where everything has its function and not too many things to overwhelm the senses. It has a friendly colour palette as well as typography that serves more guidance.

Users navigating through Desku’s interface encounter a responsive ecosystem that adjusts to their requirements. Responsiveness helps in easy switching from the user’s computer to their mobile screen with no interruptions. Every click is meaningful, and Desku helps you use this customer service platform easily with the easy-to-use interface, making it a better choice considering ROI. It’s like a silent friend knowing each step forward to ensure seamless customer satisfaction.

Intercom’s Conversational Magic: Unveiling User Engagement

Intercom is not a customer application that carries out robotic conversations. Instead, it becomes unique from others through its magical way of conducting meaningful and personalized conversations. Such meaningful conversations help Intercom in enhancing customer engagement with ease.

In order to have a strong customer engagement, Intercom adds a personalization touch in its conversations. Rather than blindly sending messages, it will understand its user and then start a conversation with a friendly tone. It would be sending informative newsletters and personalized greetings in order to connect with its users with ease.

A successful customer support process is one that solves customer issues satisfactorily by being highly responsive. With Intercom, it becomes possible. Through personalized communication, Intercom would understand its customer’s issues in depth and suggest solutions that would perfectly resonate with them.

Desku’s Assistance vs. Intercom’s Help Center: Which offers better customer support service?

Deskus assistance vs. Intercoms help center which offers better customer support service
Desku’s assistance

When it comes to giving customer support solutions with customer service software, both Desku and Intercom have different ways of doing it. In the case of Desku, it would help businesses and its users by becoming a perfect guide who would always have their back with its empathetic solutions.

When it comes to assisting its users, using Desku will never fall back on providing guidance. It’s like becoming a helping hand in the dark. It has embedded in-app chatting functionality and helping guides that would become a good helping medium for users when they are stuck in the middle of using the application.

Intercom, on the contrary, being a robust all-in-one live chat software, provides a huge list of informative resources to its users to guide them in every process. This would eliminate the need for users to depend solely on the customer support teams to find solutions to their issues. Although Intercom has a huge customer support team to help its users, it might lack a sense of personalization.

You have seen how Desku’s integration gives a friendly experience through its personalized assistance. It’s like that best friend who will always listen and understand your issues rather than only hearing them. So, once you get connected with Desku, you can expect it to have your back for a lifetime and provide continuous chat service without interruption. This is the reason why, despite being comparatively new in the market, Desku is gaining popularity at a faster pace and is considered to be the best alternative to Intercom.

The Ecosystem Experience: Integration Showdown

Desku has almost everything to support the user’s workflow. However, integrations do not equal features — these are strategic connections that improve the total impression. The ecosystem of Desku ranges from third-party apps to collaboration tools, and it just gives you a feeling of being in an integrated neighbourhood where each element is linked up together, forming a complete digital surrounding.

Desku is always comfortable with third-party integrations. It integrates with over 30 third-party applications, some of which are listed below:

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Ecwid
  • Live chat
  • Shared Inbox
  • Knowledge Base
  • Whatsapp
  • Facebook
  • Slack

On the flip side, Intercom is a hub of third-party integrations as it has a huge list of applications with which it integrates easily. This enhances the customer experience as users can integrate third-party applications per their needs. Some applications are noted below which can be integrated easily with Intercom:

  • Full view
  • Zapier
  • Statuspage
  • Blendo
  • Polyatomic
  • Calendly
  • Chargebee
  • Productboard
  • Plecto
  • Survicate
  • Pipedrive
  • CheckMarket
  • Clearbit

Closing the Loop: Retention and Feedback in Desku vs Intercom

We will be heading towards the final step of showdown, retention, and feedback. It’s very important for any digital platform to keep its users engaged with it; customer feedback plays a major role.

Desku’s help desk solutions focus lies on building long-lasting relations with its users by using key features such as the ticketing system for handling customer queries and a trained AI chatbot to ensure efficient customer communication. Through its user-friendly environment and personalized assistance, Desku helps businesses by ensuring its users will live with it for a lifetime. It would always take the initiative to understand its user’s needs and implement them whenever possible.

That’s why it always encourages its users to provide feedback that would help it know its users’ needs and how it can improve customer satisfaction. Based on the user feedback, it would bring improvements in the sections where they would be falling back.

On the contrary, Intercom uses analytics to know its user’s needs. Through analytics, it would understand its users and implement strategies for customer engagement. However, at some point, Intercom is falling back in bringing personalizations to its customer interactions.

In the case of feedback, Intercom allows its users to give feedback by conducting surveys and reviews. Based on user reviews, it would try to improve wherever it finds it necessary. You can try Desku’s free trial to learn how it helps you smoothly maintain long-lasting relations with clients.

Gaurav Nagani
Gaurav Nagani
As Founder & CEO of Desku.io, Gaurav has made a distinct mark in the customer support and ai bot field. His commitment to AI-enhanced solutions and his industry experience have been instrumental in modernizing customer service.

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