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Shopify Specific Support: Desku and Intercom Tailored Solutions

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A laptop with Shopify specific support desk and tailored solutions using Intercom.

Shopify Specific Support: Desku and Intercom Tailored Solutions

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Nowadays, the Internet has changed the way customers and businesses interact. So, creating an online presence has become necessary in this digital era. For this, your business needs a powerful support tool that can help you with this.

Therefore, today, we are going to explore the topic of specific support for Shopify with Desku and Intercom live chat.

We are in an era where every click, sale, and customer interaction matters. Shopify is like the core of many online stores, and any extra help it gets can turn your ecommerce dream into a success story.

Today, customer support is not just about interacting and answering customers; It’s about creating an experience that will elevate customers’ loyalty toward your brand. So, in this article, we will discuss how these platforms can help you create a more tailored experience for your customers and your business.

Desku’s Dedicated Support for Shopify Merchants

Deskus dedicated support for shopify merchants
Desku support

Time is of the utmost importance in the e-commerce world. So, the Desku customer support platform comes into the picture with unique features that can seamlessly connect to your Shopify toolkit to improve your customer support process and automate various processes.

1). SLAs: Integrated Service Level Agreement Feature for Enhanced Service 

If you are looking to provide the best services for your Shopify Store, then Desku’s SLA feature can help you easily improve your customer support. With this, you can create predetermined standards for timely responses and fixing problems. So you can provide better service more consistently.

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2). Workflows: Effortless Automation for Enhanced Efficiency

Sometimes, it can be quite complex to maintain your e-commerce store. Therefore, Desku redefines your help desk operations with its powerful set of features (especially the amazing AI chatbot).

With Desku’s automation tools, you can create bots, conditions, triggers, and rules. This will not only save you time but also make sure that every interaction will follow a proper sequence. So you will see a rise in overall efficiency.

3). AI-powered Inbox: Intelligent Responses at Your Fingertips 

Shopify store owners often find themselves juggling between different tasks. So Desku has created an AI-powered inbox so you can do everything with peace of mind.

Now, if you are thinking, what’s the difference between a normal inbox and an AI powered one, then let us tell you, it can generate replies quickly, recap conversations, and also create new support answers on its own. This will be your personal virtual assistant; you can handle customer interactions hassle-free, even during peak hours.

4). Suggested Answers: Elevating Customer Support Interaction

Any organization must handle support operations as efficiently as possible. Now, how do you improve efficiency in your customer interaction? Well, one way is to use suggested answers. Therefore, Desku comes with AI-powered suggestions to generate intelligent answers, So you can easily go through customer queries. This will save you time and enhance your customer’s experience with consistent communication.

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5). Ticket Summary: Streamlining Support Processes 

AI also powers Deksu’s ticket summary feature to streamline your support workflow. It automatically creates short summaries from complex tickets. So you can make decisions more efficiently with just a quick glance at them. This will lead to faster resolutions of complex issues.

6). Eva AI: Intelligent Bot for Instant Support 

Do you ever imagine having a reliable virtual assistant that can accurately answer various support inquiries on its own? Then Eva AI is a dream come true as it can do all that without giving any training from your side. This will reduce your workload, and your customers will be satisfied with faster replies.

7). Ticketing: Collaborative Problem-Solving

Sometimes, support agents have to collaborate among themselves to solve complex issues. Therefore Desku’s ticketing system allows teams to easily collaborate with each other.

So whenever there are difficult issues that a particular agent can’t handle, then other agents can collaborate together to provide help. The knowledge base is also there to reduce the workload on support agents.

8). Omnichannel: Centralized Customer Support 

Desku live chat software comes with omnichannel support, so your support agents don’t have to toggle between different platforms when handling customer queries; they can view customer messages from different channels in a single centralized location. This place is like a command center of your Shopify store, where you can oversee all your support processes, such as customer queries, issues, and feedback.

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9). Ticket Assigning: Swift Collaboration for Complex Issues 

Sometimes, agents come across issues that come under the expertise of another agent. At this time, Desku’s Ticket assigning feature comes in handy to assign that Ticket to one of your peers. It saves you valuable time, so you can focus on other tickets. This also creates a better experience for customers as their issues will be handled more appropriately.

10). Customer Details: Strengthening Team Knowledge

During customer service, your support agents need to be equipped with all the required knowledge so they can create a tailored experience to build better relationships with your customers. All this is possible with the customer details functionality of Desku.

Intercom’s Tailored Approach: A Shopify Integration Tale

Intercoms tailored approach a shopify integration tale
Intercom tailored approach

1). UI Patterns: Crafting a Visual Symphony 

We were amazed by Intercom’s User interface at first glance. UI patterns give you such an artistic feeling. There’s also a large selection of patterns you can choose from, such as tooltips, surveys, banners, multi-step flows, and in-app checklists. This helps you to assist users in using the platform without any trouble.

With the help of integration, you can use communication tools such as SMS and live chat widgets to create a seamless experience.

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3). Pre-Defined Segments: Tailoring Interactions 

Intercom’s in-built segments create a personalized touch by creating various segments such as “New,” “Active,” or “Slipping away” according to user behaviours. So merchants can tailor interactions based on their engagement levels.

4). Segmentation Filters: Fine-Tuning the Narrative 

Intercom has created Segmentation filters so merchants can create tailor-made segments with complex requirements. While there’s lots of flexibility, it’s important to know that sometimes simplicity gives better results. So, If you fine-tune the narrative with custom segments, you can ensure that the onboarding experience is more efficient and personalized to the user’s specific needs.

5). Interactive Pop-ups: Engaging with Finesse 

With Intercom’s interactive pop-ups, you can turn onboarding into an engaging dialogue. You can use various UI patterns such as tooltips, checklists, surveys and sliders to guide your users effectively. And if that was not all, then additional announcements, banners, and multi-step tours take user engagement to the next level by creating an experience that connects with users.

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6). Guide Analytics: Tracking Performance with Precision 

Intercom’s guide analytics is like a compass for your Shopify store; you get insights into the guide’s performances, such as user satisfaction, views, conversion numbers, update timelines, etc. You also have a special analytics dashboard, so every product tour is more than a guide and becomes a measurable contributor to your success story.

7). Live Chat: Personalized Conversations in Real-Time 

With the live chat feature of Intercom, you can have real-time, personalized conversations. It offers highly customizable features, so you can even toggle visibility and reorder buttons; it is compatible with a lot of integrations.

You can also change the style according to your current product or brand. Therefore, It becomes a direct way to get in touch with users of your Shopify store. Overall, it gives you a more personalized live chat experience.

8). Help Center: A Multilingual Hub of Assistance 

Intercom’s help centre is a comprehensive resource that you can customize in multiple languages. It comes with custom domains and integrates seamlessly with third-party apps. It provides information and allows you to show the essence of your brand by changing layouts, inserting logos, and adding welcoming messages. You can try all of that via Intercom’s free trial.

Desku has the upper hand: It’s Hands-On Assistance for Shopify Challenges.

As a Shopify merchant, you may face unique challenges every day due to the complex nature of the e-commerce world. So you need a trusted ally who can give you a helping hand when you are in a slump. To deal with the various complexities of Shopify, you need a support tool that is able to go deeper into the complexities of each merchant’s business operations.

Desku surpasses traditional support tools with a hands-on approach to help. It figures out the problems or challenges you are facing and helps to provide solutions for your challenges.

Whether it’s predicaments related to customization, technical issues or any other queries, Desku’s support team will be fully dedicated and involved with you by experiencing your challenges, and it will work with you to help you get through difficulties by providing guidance and expertise.

We were impressed by Desku’s responsiveness to support. When you are in a situation where every choice you make is important and has a significant impact, Desku’s support proves to be a valuable asset. With Desku’s hands-on approach, you get quick assistance by reducing downtime. It will allow you to focus more on running your business.

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Desku comes with many AI-powered features to boost your productivity. Let’s take an example of a Ticket summary feature, which gives you a brief but complete summary of complicated support tickets. This makes the support process easier by allowing you to get the essence quickly and make better decisions.

There are also many more AI-powered features, such as Eva AI, Suggested Answers, and AI-powered Inbox, that will not only help you in handling customer inquiries but also help with the problem-solving process. With this amount of automation, you can easily handle many support queries. You can reap out all these benefits for free by signing up for Desku’s free trial.

And Desku goes Beyond the Basics: Advanced Shopify Support with Desku

And desku goes beyond the basics advanced shopify support with desku
Advanced shopify support with desku

1). Elevating Shopify Support: Desku’s Advanced Solutions

As a Shopify seller, you may encounter challenges that require more than basic support. In this ever-changing world of e-commerce, Desku provides smart solutions that do more than just fix everyday problems. So, Let’s see how Desku can enhance your Shopify support.

2). Strategic Ticketing for Complex Issues

Desku creates a sophisticated ticketing system for you, which is not just about tracking issues and logging. It’s a collaborative tool that allows your team to work together seamlessly. In this complicated e-commerce world, problems can be tricky to solve, so you need teamwork to solve difficult issues by providing joint solutions.

3). AI-Powered Efficiency in Complexity

Desku leverages AI to increase your support efficiency. A ticket summary Simplifies complex issues to give you a short but detailed overview. The AI-enabled inbox will suggest answers to lessen your burden. And Eva AI can handle difficult queries. In short, you will get swift and personalized support without compromising on quality.

4). Strategic Guidance for Long-Term Success

Sometimes, you have to make decisions that affect long-term success. At that time, Desku’s support team becomes your trusted advisor by providing you with strategies for sustainable growth of your e-commerce business.

6). Proactive and Personalized Approach

Desku’s top-notch support is ahead in the game and personalized just for you. The Customer Details feature lets the support team know your history and preferences like good friends. This deep understanding isn’t just about fixing problems; it’s about anticipating your needs and providing support beyond current issues.

7). A Catalyst for Growth in E-Commerce

In the fast-changing world of online business, where growing is not just something you want but something you really need, Desku’s advanced support acts as a boost. It’s a promise to give you solutions that fit perfectly with your aims for your Shopify store.

With Desku’s advanced support, you will have a smooth sail toward excellence in this digital marketplace filled with many complexities, thanks to features like a user-friendly interface, automatic customer support, shared inbox, seamless customer support, the knowledge base for self-service, etc. These features will undoubtedly make customer experience and customer engagement better.

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Considering pricing and range of features, Desku proves to be the clear winner here. Customer support agents across the globe highly appreciate Desku and agree that it’s better than Intercom when it comes to offering Shopify-centric support. This AI-powered customer support solution helps in offering better customer help and maintains the trust of the buyers and help seekers.

Desk is an all-in-one customer support software that helps manage customer queries in less time, boosting the productivity of the customer support team. This helpdesk can also automate customer support using Desku chatbots. This way, Desku helps with a lot of things, and it’s time to get your free trial! Also, feel free to cherish our latest guide on the best Shopify landing page builders.

Gaurav Nagani
Gaurav Nagani
As Founder & CEO of Desku.io, Gaurav has made a distinct mark in the customer support and ai bot field. His commitment to AI-enhanced solutions and his industry experience have been instrumental in modernizing customer service.

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