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Pricing and ROI: Evaluating Desku and Intercom for Your Business

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Pricing and evaluating Intercom for your business.

Pricing and ROI: Evaluating Desku and Intercom for Your Business

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Customer communication, customer experience, and customer satisfaction are the three pillars of online business success today. Live chat software can help you automate customer service and improve customer retention to a great level, and we already know that a repetitive customer base plays a great role in boosting your business growth.

Now, the question is, in comparison to Desku vs Intercom customer support software, which one has a more affordable price and offers advanced features such as advanced automation, attractive chat widget, customization options, conversational AI facility, etc? 

Let’s see which popular customer help desk software is the winner in terms of pricing and ROI!

Unpacking Desku’s Pricing Structure: Understanding the Investment

Unpacking deskus pricing structure understanding the investment
Desku pricing

Desku provides different pricing tiers, each catering to different features to align perfectly according to different business needs. All the pricing plans are represented in a straightforward pattern, thus making it easy for businesses to understand which plan would perfectly match their needs.

Besides transparency, Desku’s pricing plans are flexible. The pricing plans will be open to accommodate new enhancements as per your business’s changing needs. Through such flexibility, businesses can rest assured that they would not have to worry about switching to different pricing plans to meet their growing needs. They can include or remove the features anytime as per their requirements.

Following are the highly flexible pricing plans of Desku:

  • Startup plan – $14/seat/month
  • Team plan – $29/seat/month
  • Business plan – $39/seat/month

There are many customer support solutions available in the market. What makes Desku unique from them is its capability to understand. Desku knows which features would be needed by which business, and that’s why it has designed its pricing plans accordingly.

Every feature in the pricing tiers, whether it’s automation or the ticketing system, enhances the productivity of your customer support process.

Intercom’s Pricing Landscape: Exploring Costs and Features

Intercoms pricing landscape exploring costs and features
Intercom pricing

Intercom knows that different business models will require different features for customer support enhancement. That’s why you would get to see various pricing tiers in Intercom that are designed to fit different business needs. This is because Intercom believes in providing its users with a high-end experience in terms of cost and features.

You would find a variety of mesmerizing features in the landscape of Intercom’s pricing. Some of the versatile features are data analytics and UI components for enriching user experience, and the list goes on.

Although you might find Intercom to be a bit costly, after going through its various features, it becomes worth investing in to create a spellbound customer support experience for your business.

Intercom’s pricing plans are as follows:

  • Essential plans: $39/seat/month
  • Advanced: $99/seat/month
  • Expert: $139/seat/month

In addition, Intercom’s pricing plan follows a tiered structure that makes it easy for businesses of different sizes to choose plans as per their needs, scalability, and budget. By allowing such flexibility, Intercom makes sure that all the businesses get to access all the features that they would actually need for their growth.

You can read our comprehensive guide on Desku vs Intercom pricing if you want to learn about which platform is more beneficial in terms of cost-effectiveness.

Feature-Rich Plans: Analyzing What Desku Brings to the Table

Feature rich plans analyzing what desku brings to the table
Feature-rich plans

Desku’s pricing plans are a lot different than the usual ones, as all of them are enriched with features to match the needs of different business sizes perfectly. Here, we will disclose what features Desku’s pricing plans have in store for us:


Your customer support process is surely going to encounter some repetitive tasks like sending welcome messages to your new visitors. Through Desku’s Workflows feature, you can automate such tasks by creating bots, conditions, rules, and triggers without implementing any coding. This would allow your support teams to concentrate on executing more important conversations efficiently.

AI-powered Inbox:

Efficiency is the key to success for any customer support process. That’s why Desku empowers AI-powered inbox functionality that would create instant replies for your customers. Moreover, it also becomes a good medium for analyzing our past conversations. This AI feature will surely help your support team to increase the efficiency of the customer support process.

Suggested Answers:

All your customers are surely going to have some common queries. If your support team replies to such common queries, they might concentrate on more complex issues. This would decrease the efficiency of the support process.

However, with Desku in your hands, you would not have to deal with such issues due to its suggested answers feature. This feature will prompt smart responses to all the common queries addressed by customers.

Ticket Summary:

Desku’s Ticket summary feature is a problem-solving tool that will assist you in solving your customer issue more efficiently and concisely. It would generate summaries of your client’s issue. Such summaries would give you in-depth knowledge of your client’s issue and will also help you resolve it with a perfect solution.

Eva AI:

Eva AI is one of many AI-powered gems of Desku. This AI-driven bot generates precise and quick replies to your client’s queries without imparting any sort of training to it. Eva AI proves to be a powerful tool for businesses who want to lead the customer engagement process through quick and precise query resolution.


The ticketing system in Desku is not meant to merely track the support process. Instead, it allows the support teams to collaborate in order to have a unified approach to resolving complex issues. The collaborative approach will lead to two benefits. It would increase your support team’s efficiency and, secondly, would help you resolve the issue quickly. There are many other Intercom benefits we have explained in our detailed Intercom pros and cons guide, which you can read if you wish to learn about Intercom’s downsides too.


The support process can be led at a good pace if all the communications are maintained at a single location. For this, Desku provides an Omnichannel feature, which provides a unified repository for managing and storing all your customer interactions in one place. We’ve in-depth explained this feature in our detailed Desku vs Intercom features comparison guide.

Ticket Assigning:

Desku’s ticket assignment system follows an agile way where queries are assigned to the support agents on the basis of query type and the agent’s expertise level. Such an approach efficiently leads the query resolution process as the right kind of people will solve them.

Customer Details:

In order to resolve customer issues effectively, you need to understand their issues very well. For this, there cannot be a better way than storing your customer data. Desku’s customer details functionality allows you to store customer data at a single location, which you can access anytime. The stored customer information becomes meaningful in leading personalized communications.

SLAs (Service Level Agreements):

You can set terms and conditions with your clients through Desku’s SLAs (Service Level Agreements). This fosters a sense of reliability in your clients’ minds, which would help build longer-lasting relations.

Do you know there are some new features that Crisp help desk platform had added? You can read about Intercom vs Crisp to compare which platform offers more benefits.

Intercom’s Premium Offerings: Evaluating Features Against Costs

Intercoms pricing landscape exploring costs and features 1
Intercom premium pricing

While many customer support solutions are available, the Intercom customer relationship management tool has been standing upright through its dynamic solutions despite being cost-efficient. We will be telling you here through which features Intercom is able to create this magic.

Intercom’s Customer Service Solution:

Through its Customer Service Solution, Intercom combines its three main features: Chatbots, proactive customer support, and help desk solutions. The unification of this trio is meant to increase the overall efficiency of your support teams and will also lead to a satisfactory customer support process.

Help Desk & AI Chatbot

The help desk feature by Intercom will maintain the help center, inboxes, and ticket system at a single location. This makes it easy for the support teams to manage all the workflows efficiently, allowing them to resolve their customer queries more accurately and quickly.

Fin, Intercom’s AI-powered chatbot, can be considered to be one of its most renowned features. Due to its in-built capabilities of generating automatic responses, Fin becomes powerful enough to lead routine queries flawlessly. This would allow your support agents to concentrate on more complex client issues.

Proactive Support & Automation

Intercom knows very well that all of its new users are going to need its support at every step. That’s why Intercom provides proactive support to its users that helps them understand each and every feature of Intercom with ease. Intercom does this by providing hassle-free onboarding processes and informative guides and sending automated greeting messages. 

Moreover, Intercom enhances your team’s productivity by providing automation that would automate repetitive tasks on multiple channels.


Intercom’s knowledge base corner makes your customers self-dependent in problem-solving through its informative guides. Moreover, all these informative guides are shareable on Messenger. Do you want to learn more major details about Intercom? You can cherish our detailed Intercom review to know about all the capabilities it has.


Through Intercom’s reporting feature, you can keep a watch on all your customer support processes. Doing this would measure your performance in different customer support areas: human support, conversations, automation, and proactive support. This would point to things where you need to improve.


Intercom’s contacts section helps you maintain all your customer information in one place, which you can use while conducting personalized interactions with your clients.

Messenger & Phone

Intercom Messenger becomes a good way to know your customers’ issues in depth, understand them, and suggest a solution that perfectly resonates with them.

Besides Messenger, Intercom also supports phone communication channels where you can call, share screens, or video call your client if you find it necessary. This way, Intercom ensures that you can interact seamlessly with your client in every possible way.

App Store:

Intercom’s in-built app store becomes your one-stop solution for integrating any third-party application for the smooth functioning of your customer support process.

Custom Actions & Objects:

Intercom trains its bots by integrating external data like customer information in it. This would allow the bots to answer the common queries efficiently, and moreover, it would not increase the inbound conversation rate.


Through its Switch feature, Intercom allows users to switch from phone to messenger communication to reduce phone call hold situations.

Real-world ROI with Desku: How Businesses Are Benefiting

Real world roi with desku how businesses are benefiting
Roi with desku

Businesses always expect good ROI (Return On Investment) in whichever application they invest in. However, it cannot be possible with every application, but Desku is a support application that tends to give good ROI through its mesmerizing features. This is how Desku is executing it:

Effortless Automation, Increased Productivity:

First and foremost, the thing that helps Desku bring a good ROI is its automation tools. Today, businesses want to evolve at a fast pace, especially in terms of customer engagement. That’s why they are laying emphasis on automating routine tasks like answering common queries.

By implying automation in customer support workflows, Desku increases the efficiency of your support agents. Moreover, it would help them concentrate on the complex customer queries with a relaxation that repetitive tasks are getting handled automatically.

AI-driven Insights for Informed Decision-making:

The AI-driven insights by Desku allow you to make informed decisions on the go. Desku’s bots will generate valuable ticket summaries that will allow you to have profound knowledge of your customer’s issue by digging deeper.

Such deeper insights will help you find the solution that will perfectly resonate with your customers. Besides this, Desku’s data analysis system also gives information related to the latest trends and strategies, which you can implement in your customer support process for its enhancement.

Collaborative Ticketing for Swift Resolutions:

The collaborative ticketing system (shared inbox) has changed the entire way the customer support process is executed. It opens collaborative opportunities for support teams where they can discuss complex customer queries and try to resolve them in a unified way with their expertise.

This way, you cannot only resolve the issue in less time but also enhance your customer support operation by bringing satisfaction to your client’s eyes.

Unified Customer Interactions with Omnichannel Support:

The customer support teams will have to manage various communication channels to maintain consistency. Although it might not seem to be easy, Desku makes it easy through its omni-channel functionality.

It provides a unified approach where all customer interactions led across multiple channels are maintained at a single location. This makes it easy for the support agents to get information about all customer issues and respond promptly with a perfect solution.

Enhanced Customer Service through SLAs:

In order to enhance your customer engagement, Desku brings in a sense of reliability through its SLA (Service Level Agreement) functionality. It’s a relation-building approach where businesses can set goals for meeting their customers’ expectations. SLAs become a good chance to retain clients, and they also build a positive image in the eyes of your clients.

Strategic Flexibility with Tailored Plans:

Desku, with its flexible pricing plans, allows businesses to pay only for things that they need. Whether it’s a small business or a larger one, they can choose the plan that fits their requirements and budget perfectly. Moreover, Desku’s pricing structure is highly scalable. This opens a way for businesses to add additional features to their existing plan whenever needed.


Intercom’s Value Proposition: Assessing ROI in Practical Terms

Intercoms value proposition assessing roi in practical terms
Intercom’s value

In terms of ROI, Intercom has been serving as a valuable resource for businesses for many years. However, there are some points where it is falling back:

Comprehensive Customer Service Solution:

Intercom’s Customer Service Solution integrates three features: Chatbots, help desk, and proactive support for executing efficient customer support processes. However, the learning curve of this feature is not smooth, indicating taking more time to learn them.

Intercom Platform’s Diverse Toolkit:

Although Intercom is providing a powerful toolkit like analytics and reporting for maintaining client interactions, businesses will have to face some challenges at the time of integration. Moreover, developing automation like bots would require more time to learn as it’s not easily understandable.

Flexibility and Customization:

Its Custom Actions and Objects feature allows Intercom flexibility in conducting smooth client interactions. However, to implement these customizations, you would need in-depth knowledge of these features, demanding a lot of learning time, which all businesses might not afford to invest in.

Phone Support and App Store Integration:

Intercom allows you to switch from phone to Messenger while communicating through its Switch feature. However, this feature does not perfectly fit with all business models. Its compatibility depends on the business needs.


Long-Term Value: Projecting ROI Over Time with Both Platforms

In terms of providing long-term value, both applications, Desku and Intercom, have different paths.

Desku’s Strategic Evolution:

Desku is continuously evolving at a faster pace. It not only lives in the present but also stays ready to leverage future updates and trends with a smiling face. Due to this strategy, Desku becomes a perfect customer support solution for businesses that believe in long-term investment.

Intercom’s Established Framework:

Intercom has years of expertise. However, in terms of long-term value, its investors will have to think twice as it is not adapting to changes instantly. So, with changing times and needs, when businesses need to include some features, Intercom might not be ready for that.

For businesses searching for a customer support platform with scalable skills for their future needs, Desku will become the perfect choice. Its high-end skills in adapting seamlessly to changes are tremendous.

Conclusion: Which customer service software offers better ROI

Intercom offers a wide range of features but also costs you much higher than Desku. In contrast, the Desku live chat solution offers amazing features such as live chat, the best AI customer support with AI chatbots, easy ticket management, collaboration tools, lower response times, unified customer messaging, knowledge management, special features for conversation management, and almost everything you need to maintain customer relationships. Undoubtedly, it’s going to be easy to manage customers using the intercom also, but again, we’d say pricing is much higher. 

Hence, Desku brings you better ROI. It’s time for you to start your free trial today! This tool setup isn’t a matter of hours – the expert team will do it for you in a few minutes.

Gaurav Nagani
Gaurav Nagani
As Founder & CEO of Desku.io, Gaurav has made a distinct mark in the customer support and ai bot field. His commitment to AI-enhanced solutions and his industry experience have been instrumental in modernizing customer service.

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