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Which Helpdesk Solution Scales Better in 2024 – Desku vs Zendesk

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Which Helpdesk Solution Scales Better in 2024 – Desku vs Zendesk

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When purchasing any help desk solution, we always want it to benefit our business. But are all the help desk solutions able to imply it? Now, that’s the biggest critical confusion.

But why is it so critical? Today, you will find dozens of help desk solutions in the market. And among them, deciding which application would scale better is a challenge. However, it would help if you did not worry, as we have brought today two of the most phenomenal help desk solutions, Desku and Zendesk help desk software.

So, which helpdesk software can streamline the workflow better for you? Who can improve customer satisfaction, and which one of these has gotten better reviews for customer experience? Who offers better inbox handling, live chat and chatbot features? It’s time to find answers (and obviously, better help desk software for scalability)!

Let’s see which customer solution is scaling better in 2024.

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Which helpdesk solution scales better in 2024 - desku vs zendesk -

Bout 1: Scalability 

We all know what Desku and Zendesk do. Both are help desk solutions (doing great in the middle of a bunch of healthy competitors) that are used by businesses for seamless customer support management. But it doesn’t mean that both apps are similar. They differ in many things, and the scalability factor is one of them.

Zendesk has been ruling the market as a renowned help desk solution for many years. And do you know why? Because it provides high flexibility to its users where many cloud-based help desks fail. It is highly scalable, thus becoming suitable for all-size businesses. So, even if you have a startup, Zendesk will grow its features as your business grows, pretty much like Intercom. Isn’t it amazing?

Now, talking about Desku, it is appreciated that it has gained much popularity within no time. And the only reason it is so successful in such a short span is its highly scalable nature.

Whether your business is a newbie or a developed one, Desku will easily adapt to development as per the requirements through its in-built modern features. If Desku is your helping hand, you need not worry even a bit about scalability.

Need clarification on which one to opt for? Well, it’s pretty easy. In terms of scalability, both Zendesk and Desku are excellent. Although Zendesk is an experienced player, Desku is equal to it. So, it would help if you chose based on your business needs and budget. Money savers will love Desku, though, as it does not compromise on features, even being pocket-friendly. You can check Desku’s pricing here.

And you’ll be amazed to know that Desku has already crushed some bog names like Gorgias, and Kustomer.

Bout 2: Feature-richness

Regarding feature enrichment, both Zendesk and Desku are winning our hearts equally. Because, oh my goodness, both apps have so many mind-boggling features!

Let’s give a spoiler – Desku’s features are interesting enough to get any Zendesk user cancel the subscription!

Ticketing System:

👉🏻 Zendesk: Through its robust ticketing system, Zendesk allows you to segment customer queries and solve them accordingly. That’s amazing, right?

👉🏻 Desku: The ticketing system in Desku is very organized and easy to understand. From ticket creation to ticket submission, Desku’s high-end manageability will always give you a smooth experience. This is a strong feature that makes this customer support service a great choice among the best alternatives to Desku.

Knowledge Base:

👉🏻 Zendesk: Zendesk’s knowledge base corner allows you to create informative guides with multimedia content that would become utterly useful in helping your customers find solutions to their problems.

👉🏻 Desku: Desku’s blogs are designed considering its users’ most common issues. And that’s why, by reading them, you will surely find solutions on the go.


👉🏻Zendesk: Zendesk’s automation tools are very powerful in automating various tasks like sending messages on the basis of user action. This will, in turn, save a lot of your precious time.

👉🏻Desku: The automation tools in Desku are very fast and easily adaptable. They will reduce a lot of your manual effort input.

Multichannel Support:

👉🏻Zendesk: Well, Zendesk supports multiple communication channels for customer support. So, whether it is communicating via email or phone, you will be able to reach out to your customers anyhow through Zendesk. 

👉🏻Desku: Just like Zendesk, Desku features include multichannel communication. So, Desku gives you full freedom to solve your customer queries via any communication channel.

Reporting and Analytics:

👉🏻Zendesk: Zendesk’s analytics system becomes very helpful in getting insights about every step of your customer support process. And, based on the reports, you can make decisions accordingly. 

👉🏻Desku: Desku’s analytics system is very helpful in tracking the performance of your business’s customer support process. Through such tracking, you will get to know what works and what needs to be improved.

Integration Ecosystem:

👉🏻Zendesk: Zendesk is a HubSpot of third-party app integration. You’ll hardly find a single app out there that wouldn’t get integrated with Zendesk. 

👉🏻Desku: As Desku is a newbie in the market, there would be some apps to which it won’t get integrated. But, of course, in the near future, you can surely expect Desku to stand with Zendesk in terms of integration.

Bout 3: User-friendliness

What will you look for before purchasing any application? Of course, it’s a user interface. As users are going to use the application, any application software needs to be user-friendly. Now, let’s see what’s the scenario in the case of Zendesk and Desku:

Interface Design:

👉🏻Zendesk: Its interface is smooth and crystal clear to navigate different tools. Moreover, its layout is clean, so you would never get confused.

👉🏻Desku: As Desku includes modern tools and tactics, why would its design be old? Yes, its design and layout are very attractive and easily navigable.

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Ease of Setup:

👉🏻Zendesk: When it comes to setting up any help desk solution, people will start worrying a bit., because it’s a tough task. But, in the case of Zendesk, you would hardly find any complexity while setting it up.

👉🏻Desku: As a newcomer, you might think that Desku would definitely have a complex setup. However, setting up Desku is very easy because of its amazing onboarding service.


👉🏻Zendesk: Zendesk is very flexible. How? Well, it has the ability to adapt to changes very easily. So, no matter what type of business you own, you can customize Zendesk’s every tool as per your business needs.

👉🏻Desku: Just like Zendesk, Desku also allows customization in it. So, from ticket assignment to messaging, you can customize Desku the way your business needs.

Learning Curve:

👉🏻Zendesk: Although Zendesk is serving a good user interface to its users, it might fall back in terms of its learning time. Because it’s difficult to learn and understand Zendesk on the go, it will need some time from your side.

👉🏻Desku: Desku always believes in making things simple. And that’s why, to understand Desku, you will not need much time because it’s that easy to learn. 

Mobile Experience:

👉🏻Zendesk: We cannot always be operating via PC. Sometimes, we need to handle customer support through our mobile devices. And, so it’s very important that our help desk solution is mobile-friendly. With Zendesk, you can actually enjoy this experience.

👉🏻Desku: It’s amazing to know that the Desku application is mobile-friendly and provides its own mobile app. So, it becomes very easy to operate from anywhere without any need to log in every time.

In terms of customer engagement, and UI/UX Desku proves to be a better option.

Feedback Mechanisms:

👉🏻Zendesk: Zendesk always likes taking feedback, irrespective of positive or negative. It believes that feedback is a good way to improve and enhance.

👉🏻Desku: Even Desku is very positive towards feedback, as it will ultimately be helpful in becoming better.

You can try using Desku’s user-friendly dashboard with all essential features by signing up for a free trial.

Bout 4: Pricing/Value for money

 Pricing Structure:

👉🏻Desku: In my opinion, for pricing structure, Desku needs patting. Its pricing plan is very specific and is affordable for even small businesses. Plus no extra charges. Wow!

👉🏻Zendesk: Talking about Zendesk’s pricing plan it’s divided into different tiers. All tiers are covering different functionalities. Also, it has some additional charges for accessing high-end functionalities. So, overall, Zendesk has become costly for small and medium-sized businesses.

Scalability Without Overhead:

👉🏻Desku: Although there are some fixed pricing plans on offer by Desku, one of the best things about Desku’s pricing is that it is totally flexible. It means if you need some high-end functionalities in the future, then you can scale its infrastructure accordingly. And, that also without paying any sort of extra stuff to it.

👉🏻Zendesk: In terms of pricing, Zendesk is not that scalable. You will have to be ready to pay extra charges whenever you need to add any functionalities.

Affordability for Small Businesses:

👉🏻Desku: For small-size businesses, Desku has some good news. Guess what? It is executing entry-level pricing plans for small-size businesses. So, if you own a small size business, you can enjoy all high-end functionalities in a much more affordable way through Desku.

👉🏻Zendesk: Yes, Zendesk also has entry-level pricing plans for its users. However, the plan doesn’t cover many of the functionalities of the enterprise plan. So, overall, Zendesk is not a greater value for money than DEsku for small businesses.

Flexible Billing Options:

👉🏻Desku: The billing system in Desku is the most relaxing point for businesses. Here, you are getting three payment options: monthly, annually, and even customized ways. That’s great, right?

👉🏻Zendesk: It’s a harsh reality, but true that Zendesk’s billing system is not flexible enough. You will have a fixed payment tenure in Zendesk. And that’s not good stuff for small businesses.

Value for Money:

👉🏻Desku: Overall, in terms of pricing, Desku can be considered to be value for money. It is providing amazing features at an affordable price. So, whether you have a small size business or a larger one, Desku will become your cost-effective help desk partner.

👉🏻Zendesk: Zendesk’s features are fixed with its different pricing plans. So, sometimes you will even have to pay for features that your business actually does not need. So, Zendesk has become a costly help desk solution, especially for small size businesses.

Bout 5: Business Scaling

Scalability Features:

👉🏻Desku: Desku’s features are so flexible that they are able to grow along with your business needs. So, you can say that Desku’s scaling abilities are marvellous. Its infrastructure is very adaptable to changes, and this is what matters most for any business.

👉🏻Zendesk: Although Zendesk also offers scalability, its infrastructure becomes slightly complex for small businesses at some point. Plus, its infrastructure wouldn’t always be comfortable with all kinds of changes.

Ease of Scaling:

👉🏻Desku: Despite being modern, Desku always wants its users to never face any issues while accessing its features. And that’s the reason why Desku’s infrastructure is agile and pretty much simple to understand. Such infrastructure becomes very helpful for startups who are new in customer support management.

👉🏻Zendesk: Although Zendesk has been in the field for years, its large set of features and customization options are surely going to confuse its users a bit, especially the newbies. Keep in mind that sometimes businesses don’t need a bucket full of applications for scaling.

Cost-Effective Scaling:

👉🏻Desku: There is no doubt that Desku is affordable. Even its scalability feature is also cost-efficient. So, it simply means through Desku, you can scale your business without paying any extra. Now, that’s something amazing.

👉🏻Zendesk: Zendesk is also highly scalable. But hold on. For scaling it, you will have to be ready with some extra money in your pocket as for every additional feature; it will apply extra charges.

Adaptability to Growing Needs:

👉🏻Desku: Being surrounded by modern help desk solutions, Desku is empowering the market through its easy adaptability to changes. So, with Desku, you can rest assured of future needs with your business’s growth.

👉🏻Zendesk: Of Course, Zendesk is a great help desk solution, but the problem is its long list of tools. And, seeing such a long list, its users, especially the newbies, are surely going to get confused. Learning such a huge application will need a lot of your precious time. 

Customer Support for Scaling Businesses:

👉🏻Desku: Very few help desk solutions would be accompanied by highly qualitative customer support. And, Desku is one of them. So, once you hold Desku for customer support management, its support will always hold you back.

👉🏻Zendesk: Yeah, Zendesk has been working for years, and in terms of customer support, its reputation is good.

Bout 6:

Why would any business need Desku or Zendesk? Of course, for perfect customer short management. So, it’s very essential for us to see how they are performing in terms of customer support:

Responsive Support:

👉🏻Desku: Whether the businesses are small or large, time is money for them. Moreover, their customers also feel the same. So, when it comes to query resolution, they will want on-the-spot resolution. And that’s why Desku has become our favourite with its instant query resolution power.

👉🏻Zendesk: Being a huge platform, Zendesk has high ticket volumes. And, so you cannot expect it to respond to your customer queries as quickly as Desku.

Personalized Assistance:

👉🏻Desku: Desku’s customer support system is perfect for personalization. Thinking how? Well, it will personally attend to every customer, understand their problem, and solve it accordingly. And, in which help desk solution do you get to see such personalized support?

👉🏻Zendesk: Zendesk’s customer support system is highly robust. Also, with a huge user base, it won’t be able to give a personalized touch in its customer communication process.

Resource Accessibility:

👉🏻Desk: It’s a fact that your customers are not going to be solely dependent on your customer support team. For solving minor issues, informative guides and FAQ sets will be enough for them. And, believe me, Desku’s knowledge base corner is very impressive for creating informative guides.

👉🏻Zendesk: Although Zendesk’s knowledge base is very impressive, it proves to be very lengthy, with innumerable information guides. And, out of such a large set, finding your answer would become cumbersome.

Proactive Support Initiatives:

👉🏻Desku: Desku always loves taking user feedback from its customers because such feedback helps it do better every day.

👉🏻Zendesk: Zendesk’s feedback system is also very impressive. It also allows an organized way of managing all customer feedback in a good manner.

User Community Engagement:

👉🏻Desku: Being a newbie, Desku’s community forum is small. But the size doesn’t matter. It is becoming the perfect place for smaller businesses to know each other and share valuable insights with each other.

👉🏻Zendesk: Because of its huge user base, Zendesk has a large community forum. Here, businesses of all sizes get to explore each other through each other’s knowledge.

In short, while it could possibly improve on more responsive, personalized customer support, easy resource availability, and a forward-thinking attitude concerning support initiatives, it seems Desku has what it takes to stand out among others in customer support. Nevertheless, Zendesk’s brand recognition and a bigger number of users lead to more resources or wider communities, for instance. In making this choice, a business will need to consider what is right for it, the trade-off between tailor-made assistance and a wider support ecosystem.

Bout 7:

 Modern Security Infrastructure:

👉🏻Desku: Being a modern help desk platform, Desku knows very well about securing itself perfectly. That’s why its infrastructure follows modern security standards, thus ensuring 0% data leakage.

👉🏻Zendesk: When it comes to information security, Zendesk is also very good at it. Yes, you can find the latest security protocols in it. That’s it.

Data Handling and Storage:

👉🏻Desku: In any help desk solution, you will need to store a lot of user data. So, we are very concerned about our data. So, we want tight security for it. Desku does it very well, as it is the master of all apps for securely storing and transferring data.

👉🏻Zendesk: Zendesk is a common help desk solution that is widely used across the globe. So, it uses special measures to secure data. But, still being widely used, the chances of data loss can be considered somewhat higher than Desku.

Compliance and Certifications:

👉🏻Desku: Desku, through its industry-standard certifications, guarantees to be the most secure help desk solution.

👉🏻Zendesk: Zendesk also has standard certifications, and it takes compliance as it works with a worldwide audience.

Regular Security Audits and Updates:

👉🏻Desku: Desku always stays updated with the latest security trends by undergoing regular audits.

👉🏻Zendesk: When it comes to regular audits, Zendesk is fond of such things and always stays updated.

User Authentication and Access Controls:

👉🏻Desku: It’s great that Desku hands over user access only after implementing proper user authentication.

👉🏻Zendesk: With a large user base, Zendesk always has a tight authentication process to prevent unauthorized access.


The journey of scaling from startups to enterprises is full of thorns. As we draw the curtains on this exploration, the pivotal question becomes clear: What path should businesses take toward scalability based on their very own journeys? Honestly, the decision between Zendesk and Desku won’t be tough for you if you thoroughly read all the sections above.

Desku is better for WooCommerce e-commerce, tackling bulk inquiry and offers some top-notch features such as a shared inbox, convenient left sidebar, text editor, ease of deployment, and so on. You’ll be a fan of the response time of this awesome customer support platform.

Having been tested long before, Zendesk will make it possible to scale the system of even large-scale companies. Desku, on the flip side, is the rising star whose climb is agile and comes with a new perspective. Without any fuss or doubt, it will appeal to startups that need lean performance with no overkill sophistication.

When selecting a location for the new operations centre, don’t focus only on the current situation at hand – say the customer support expert team at Desku. Whether you go for the time-tested reliability of Zendesk or low-budget Desku, hopefully, it will fit within the bounds of your company’s growth path.

Gaurav Nagani
Gaurav Nagani
As Founder & CEO of Desku.io, Gaurav has made a distinct mark in the customer support and ai bot field. His commitment to AI-enhanced solutions and his industry experience have been instrumental in modernizing customer service.

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