Elevate your conversation method and be today’s smart generation: Helpdesk

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Elevate your conversation method and be today’s smart generation: Helpdesk


When the IT sector needs help as it is providing the easiest life to every business sector and platform, it is one of the important parts of any business to make a business go in a different direction mainly for the customers and for the agents to engage with their customers on the go. When it comes to Desku, it is here to develop the best compilation of the organized platform that is used for the better and organized way of solving queries and questions, 

This handbook will help you out with providing the best platforms that will bring up the accurate way of using the software. Let’s make every feature look like smooth and easy functioning of the best helpdesk software-Desku.

Functions that make Desku Stronger

Features and functions that help in making the Desku are one of the important paces that will help in taking out the best in the business of IT sector and much more. IT is a fully automated programming function that we all know is providing the best and easy solutions. What if when it comes to the point where an IT sector needs help? Well, all an IT sector need is to have the best virtual partner that will run in them in making the best-organized customer care services. It is something extraordinary and something that does not line up like other business opportunities. 

Let us know Desku’s best features on the go

Connecting to the engagement channels

Desku is the best help for connecting the clients and emerging the rising queries in of the customers. Desku becomes an organized way of engaging with the customers by providing channelized communication. 

Set up own Desku account

The agent and tenant can set up their account in the Desku and manage every query that they receive from their customers in the form of a ticket system. Take your IT companies to the next level in the terms of adapting the organized software for the same. 

An organized way of managing tickets

Manage all the queries and complaints in the best ways by managing the priority ticket wise. Tickets are managed in the most informative ways where you do not have to ask for details differently in the best forms possible. 

Efficient teamwork and task management

The assigned team members can directly contact the agents who have queries or have generated tickets against the purchased product. This saves a lot of time and tasks will be assigned directly to the team member of the company.

Speed in work

Speed and efficient work as everything will be assigned team wise that will be sorted and will not end up in the chaotic form of witnessing the questions of solving it.   

Track performance and activity

Tracking the daily activity that is rendered throughout the ticketing system and total sales. Logically going through the workflow, every record can be recorded and tracked through performance. 

Tips, reviews, and ratings for improving customer satisfaction

Ratings and reviews that customers put up consider it most valuable and constructive critics that will help you in developing the workflow and much more. 

Purchase code verification

Desku is the first step to help you get verified. Get verified in minutes and have a store up and running in no time!

Self-service support for all your needs

Desku has all the resources you need to get any assistance, with just a few clicks. Chat with our live chat agents, or submit a support request that will be replied to by an agent in less than 24 hours.

Express yourself with Desku notifications

Never miss out on anything important to you. Desku sends you notifications when important updates are happening on the platform that may concern you.

You don’t need to waste money on expensive tickets or wait days on end for a reply – desku.io automatically helps you solve your problems and providers you with the best of our knowledge in the shortest time possible.

Live chats

You can chat and speak to a live person at any time without needing to wait or pay for it – desku features 24/7 customer service with a high response time guarantee.

For those who are not familiar with Desku, it is an online task management solution for teams to organize tasks and manage them efficiently. Every team member can create their tasks and assign them to other team members. Once the assigned task is completed, the team member can check off the task as complete.

With the help of Desku, you can organize your tasks better. Firstly, Desku will be available for everyone as a web app and will be compatible with almost all devices and operating systems. Secondly, you can set up a project by specifying the name of the project, type of work (like design, development, or marketing), budget, and deadline. You can also add team members and assign them to specific projects.

The third benefit is that you can track your time spent on different tasks to see how much time was spent on each task. You will also be able to see how much money was spent on each task as well as what is left in your budget for the particular project you are working on.

The Best Way to Support Your Customer

Get started in 8 minutes.
Used by 100+ eCommerce Brands & SMEs to improve Customer Support and Revenue

Group 39893


Gaurav Nagani

Gaurav Nagani

Gaurav Nagani is Founder and CEO of Desku.io, Helping SMEs to Provide Better Customer Support Experience.
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