Desku for Good

Delighted to help you if you are making an impact

Sometimes the world can be a tough place but there are multiple organisations working to make sustainable leading life for the next generation, our environment, and the people surrounding them.

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Yes, we are doing our part

Apart from gaining profits, we want a positive impact on our community, our employees, and our mother nature by sharing selfless deeds to bring a change.

Issues we care about

Human Rights

We truly believe in equality in terms of providing an opportunity or treating them with respect no matter their gender, sexuality, race, education, or any other factor.

We care for mother nature

We support organisations that are behind conserving our mother nature. We want to pave the roads towards a sustainable environment.

Tech underrepresentation

We tend to believe that everyone deserves the right and equal chances to increase the efforts of representation from varied groups.

We would like to be part of your good deeds, Desku will provide a discount of up to 100%. This is only applied to the non-profits that will need a specific application process to be submitted  before the discount implementation