How can Chatbot Help Educators?

Do you struggle like many of the institutes around the world due to integrating the advanced admission process in an educational institute?

Your organization needs a unified system to Manage the Applicants, Marketing, Finance & Administration departments. To convert the application into enrollment they need to be on the same page with all the data of the applicant available with a single click.

One-stop solution for your Education Insitute

A single platform to engage, communicate, resolve queries and convert the applications into students with our unique automated system. It’s very difficult and time-consuming when it comes to catering to the needs of individual applicants during and after working hours. Due to globalization, education institutions have also extended their roots worldwide. Hence they need a system that not only works at the ground level but one that connects the whole institute.  

Chatbots are software that simulates a conversation with actual users. They connect the prospects with the associates at different levels in the organization. The role of a chatbot in an educational institute is the same as management, but here the terminology of each area is different. 

Chatbots link up the hierarchy of the institute for efficient management.

Let everyone stay on the same page from ground staff to the top management. There are so many options of education CRMs, application management systems, offline forms, ERPs, etc. This disintegrate approach creates chaos between teams, leads to incompetent, unattended leads, and ultimately affects the conversion ratio. 

Chatbot for the education system
Chatbot for the education system

To rescue the education systems from this drawback, here is a one-stop solution to have chatbots at all levels of management. Integration of chatbots with the tool use will simply help the institute to unify the channels and simplify the complex and time-consuming procedure of admission.  

How Chatbots are helpful at different Managerial levels?

Have a centralized approach all over the organization. Here you can have the chat record feature which will be helpful to serve the needs of individual applications based on the past conversation. Below mentioned are the areas of management where chatbots can enhance the overall process of converting prospects into students.

Lead Management  

Lead Management is important to avoid clashing the leads generated through various platforms such as social media, websites, youtube, what’s an app, calls, publishers, offline campaigns, etc. If there is no centralized system to manage the lead, the institute will bear the loss of the opportunity to convert the lead into admission. Ultimately there will be chances for less productivity and an increase in manual errors which marks its effect on the overall cost. 

Lead management 
Lead management 

Chatbots in lead management help in various ways and some of which are listed below.

  • Unify the admission right from the lead generation to manage multiple spreadsheets, tools, or point solutions.
  • Passing information from one level to another.
  • Saves time and cost.
  • Helps the prospect to avoid feeding repetitive information.
  • Helps to track your potential applicants without any duplicity or leakage of information.
  • Its unique auto verification will lead to a focus on the high intended potential prospects.
  • The inbuilt algorithms help to identify the low and high lead generation parameters.
  • The unique feature helps to segregate the leads according to their needs and requirements through a multiple-choice selection process.
  • Helps to revisit the prospects anytime anywhere with a single click.
  • You can deliver engaging omnichannel communication that helps you nurture your prospects, elevate your brand reputation, and shorten the inquiry-to-enrolment cycle.

Fostering the lead

Once the lead is generated, it’s very important to nurture it else you will miss the opportunity in no time. Chatbots ensure 360-degree engagement with the prospect to deliver targeted, omnichannel engagement experiences which boost their decision to join your institution.

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Chatbots in Fostering play an important part: 

  • Avoids the traditional method of receiving, analysing, and delaying engagement which hinders the loss of missing the interest of the applicants.
  • It smartly allocates leads based on your preferences, prioritizes engagement with Lead Score and Strength, automates targeted and personalized communication on multiple channels, optimizes performance with a real-time Counsellor Productivity Report, and nurtures leads on the go with the chatbots.
  • Deliver the right content at the right time to the right audience through the right channel.
  • Access all the chats and history, so that everything is available in one view on one page.
  • Ensure no opportunity is missed through availability 24/7. It helps to allocate the maximum of the available opportunity.
  • Helps to prioritize the intended prospects. Chat analysis helps how well the prospect is willing to join your institute.
  • Automate contextual engagement with a prospect from inquiry to enrollment, the conversational AI-based chatbot. 
  • Foster the applications by synchronization with the favourite tool and applications.

Campaign Management

Marketing for colleges, universities, schools and other educational institutions is one of the essential factors that determine the quality and scale of their enrolments. Apart from offline walk-ins and telephony, the current admission marketing of educational institutions comprises numerous digital agencies and publishers who run marketing campaigns to help them build greater opportunities for prospective students. Due to the lack of a proper campaign management system, the organization cannot keep track of the impact of campaigns in the target market. 

Chatbot overcomes the drawback with the following:

  • Identification of niche markets to deliver the right information at the right time.
  • A unique way to measure the reach of the campaign.
  • Helps to measure the ROI and performance in real time.
  • Optimize your conversion ratio of lead and Enrollment.
  • Enables you to track sources of recurring leads at multiple levels without needing to store your lead multiple times.

Channelize the Marketing Systems

The lack of personalization and untimely response results in poor engagement, spamming and lost opportunities. These eventually impact your marketing ROIs, brand reputation, and enrolments. Chatbot retains and engages the applicants in no time 24*7*365. This helps to channel the whole marketing system in the right direction.

Chatbots benefit the marketing system as:

  • Automate engagement for your prospective students across channels to ensure multiple touchpoints that lead to faster and increased conversions.
  • Target your communication throughout the inquiry to enrolment journey based on the stage and activity of a prospect with an intuitive automated marketing workflow builder. Once set up, experience the marketing automation in real-time as you sit back and watch your enrolments scale.
  • The unique feature of chatbots is their adaptability. It’s well synchronized with all the tools and applications available. Hence you can reach out to the prospects in real time.

Support at the Administrative level

All the levels of the organizations must be well acquainted and familiar with the channels. Chatbots improve communication between the hierarchies. The applications are processed further with the administrative department. The already collected data in the chats will help to proceed with the application smoothly and timely. 

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Chatbots assist the administration with the following.

  1. The collected data will help to prepare reports regularly.
  2. Maintain and update the database of each prospect which is converted or yet to be converted as real enrollments.
  3. Helps to resolve the queries of employees internally, which ultimately improves productivity.
  4. Coordination becomes easy with fewer errors and avoids repetitive information collection from the applicants.

Aid to the Financial department

Chatbot identifies the keywords and answers the queries of the applicants with the pre-generated templates and brochures. This will help the applicants to identify the course and the fee structure. Chatbots help to identify the conversion ratio and also the ROI.

Chatbots enhance the overall  financial department by:

  1. Booking every transaction associated with an enrollment application.
  2. Planning and analysis of the financial transactions and financial aids given to the student when asked.
  3. It provides strategic guidance through metrics and data generated through various channels.
  4. Helps timely raising of funds to ensure smooth business operations.


With automation, today’s education system has also adopted the idea of providing all the educational benefits with a single click. The Pandemic has opened new horizons for schools and colleges. Chatbots give constant support to students as their main feature is to stay available 24*7. With the help of chatbots, students will get regular updates on timetables, reminders, course updates, announcements, critical deadlines, and much more! The students are benefited from the mobility behaviour of the digitalization that Chatbot brings to it.

It can be much more beneficial if Chatbot is integrated into the platforms like various communication channels and other important mobile apps. 

Easily engage with your prospective students based on their profile, access and update their details, and make data-driven decisions to scale your enrolments while on the move. As we have gone through many benefits of Chatbot, especially in the education field, it is concluded that a digital feature can bring efficiency to the daily work we carry! 

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