10 Tips To Improve Your Lead Generation Strategy With Chatbots

The conversation is the essence of marketing. When you communicate with your customers you always try to clarify their doubts regarding the product and services as well as build a bridge of trust between business and customer. Here in this blog, you will be given the best tips to enhance the lead-generating strategies using Chatbots.

One of the most loved bridges which is successfully grabbing the attention of the industries is “Chatbot”. There are numerous ways of generating leads in the business, but Chatbots are the most accepted technology that uses Non-code bots as well as chatbots using artificial intelligence. 

Simple Chatbot

These are rule-based bots that flow simple instructions and answer repetitive questions and queries of the customers. They have limited data and generally require human force for complex queries.


These are the advanced types or we can say the upgraded types of chatbots, where the chatbot handles multiple and complex queries using machine learning and natural process learning in real-time.

Moreover, the business can integrate sales chatbots, shopping chatbots, e-commerce chatbots, etc.

When it comes to lead generation, there are a lot of strategies that can be used. But before you jump into lead generation, you first need to know what your lead generation strategy is. If you know what you need to do, you can quickly grow your lead generation efforts.

What are Lead generation strategies in a business?

  1. To identify the target audience.
  2. To find the most cost-effective way to make them buy the product and services.
  3. To build the relationship
  4. Finally, to earn the reward in form of customer loyalty.

Looking at the above-mentioned strategies, we feel it might be a lengthy, tedious, and time-consuming task. But with the help of Integrating Chatbot into a website or virtual assistant bot, the work can be completed hassle-free and targets can be achieved with ease.

Why lead generation is an important aspect that needs proper strategic planning?

Lead Generation has become more complicated in recent years. With the rise of the internet and digital marketing, more companies are turning to digital channels to drive traffic to their website. However, digital marketing channels are also becoming saturated, which makes it harder to drive traffic. 

This is where chatbots come into the picture. Chatbots are a great way to enhance your marketing strategy and take advantage of Automated conversation. They are cost-effective and can help you save time.

Let’s flash more clarity on Why a business has so much emphasis on lead generation strategies?

Empower sales through lead generation.

The Growth of a Business always depends on the amount of lead that can generate. Lead here means catering to the target audience.

Chatbots for lead generation
chatbots for lead generation

Business needs lead generating strategies at the time of Expansion Globally.

When the business feels that it has enough conquered the domestic market and now wanted the market expansion or to have its marks globally, it requires to plan lead generation strategies accordingly.

To maintain the position on the Leader Board.

The next important thing because of which the business needs strong lead generation strategies is to maintain its position as a leader on the customer’s chart. To reach a certain place is easy, but keeping the position is difficult. When the strategies are appropriately planned one can maintain the level easily.

Lead generation finds new Business opportunities or Diversification.

Expansion is also an important feature that businesses always crave. Lead generation doesn’t only find new customers but also finds new business for expansion of Business.

Lead generation strategies help to stay updated with the Technology and Automation aspects.

The world is on the path of automation. Thus it is crucial to stay updated. Lead generation requires constant evolution. In the future, what works now may not work at all. Keep an eye on your customer base’s changing trends. This only happens when the businesses have properly strategized the lead.

Now we are familiar with the lead-generating strategies and why they are important, here are some sure-shot tips to escalate the sales and new business opportunities for the business.

10 ways to improve lead generation strategy using chatbots.

Chatbots are cost-effective and can make your customer service more efficient. They are also a great way to build a stronger relationship with your customers.

We want to raise awareness of the chatbot and educate your customers on how to use it, while at the same time maintaining a consistent customer service appearance across your channels. 

If your chatbot is not helping you to achieve the goals and parameters that are set by the business analyst, then it’s high time to take into consideration the following point to improve the lead-generating strategies.

Integration in Multiple Messaging Channels.

The best way to maximize lead generation is to be present at all the doors which customers use to enter the business whether for conversation or just to make a purchase. 

Integration in multiple messaging channels
Integration in Multiple Messaging Channels

The Chatbots have such flexible features that they can be implemented in any of the messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Websites, Conversational advertisements used for marketing, and also mobile applications.

WhatsApp Chatbots.

WhatsApp can be considered the most effective channel in the current scenario. The Facilities like an exhibition of products, quick response, familiar UI, etc. enhance the overall experience of the customer.  

Whatsapp chatbots
WhatsApp Chatbots

 Chatbot for eCommerce website.

A website is also an effective tool to ingrate with a chatbot. Through websites, the Business can expand its market, identify the target audience, and also shares a few glimpses of the product and services. Even the Buyer’s testimony gives the customers assurance and trust in the product.

Mobile Chatbots.

The mobile Chatbot helps the customers to have an independent operation, re-marketing through notifications and also launching marketing campaigns.

Every Channel for integration has certain similarities and differences, the Lead manager needs to analyze the effect of each channel and plan the strategies accordingly.

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Use a Proactive chatbot for Fast Responses.

Business runs on the motto “Time is Money”, in marketing terms we say “Time is Opportunity”. The business will have to bear the loss if it takes more time in entertaining the questions of customers. No one like to wait in long queues to get answers to their general questions.

To go ahead with the purchase or not, or whether to exist is the decision that a customer takes in a fraction of a second. Thus it is very important for the Chatbot to work without any error. 

The Chatbot should be proactive and should be fast to respond to the queries of the customers. There are lots of Chances if the Chatbot is slow the business might lose an opportunity of capturing the lead.

If the Chatbot is buffering and takes lots of time in conveying the answers, the Customer will find it frustrating and annoying.

Let your Customer be on the Same Page and Stay Updated.

It is only after they know what you offer and how the product and service will benefit them that they will buy or choose your product.  Clients will quickly close their tabs if your products are deemed irrelevant and choose alternatives.

The Chatbot feature of exhibiting the product should be used effectively to get efficient results. It is easier for customers to make informed decisions when they have access to the right information. Ultimately, this can increase conversions.

Bots can be used to educate customers by sending educational and promotional messages, such as offers, discounts, and webinars. CRM tools can be integrated with chatbots to ensure that you get all the right information about your customers.

Treat your customers in non-biased ways.

Even the slow or cold customers may be sound buyers in the future. Lead generation requires a combination of many different techniques and actions, which chatbots aim to complement.

The Customers should be treated fairly. The mindset and tendency to shop change with the customer, as they are human beings and they have different intellectual levels. If a customer takes lots of time in deciding what to buy or whether to make a purchase or not, it doesn’t mean that they are not favourable for business.

The Chatbot helps to save the data of each customer and helps to retarget again with appropriate marketing strategies. The Chatbots make sure that no query whether slow or fast is left abandoned or unattended.

Chatbots are the best tool for Collect Data Smartly.

Imagine, that you have visited the website and the Chatbot is asking you to fill in your personal details by offering a few benefits. What will you do?. Takes a pause and exists from the website. This happens because no one wants to share personal information without a certain benefit.

When the Chatbot is upfront and straight to showing the intention of collecting data, it is sure that the business will have to bear the loss of losing leads. 

However, keep in mind that visitors rarely visit your website by chance; they have a need to find something on your website. As a result, giving them something in return is the best way to get their contact information.

Make sure the chatbot does this without raising your client’s suspicions. By gathering the information gradually instead of all at once, you will be able to accomplish this.

Chatbot with a Personality is the Cherry on the icing.

The best strategy that one can integrate into the Business is to have a personalized Chatbot. It means giving a chatbot an identity. This can be done by giving a chatbot a Name, Image, Tone of Conversation, or some other specific features.

When a unique Chatbot appears in front of the audience they will always find it attractive and special.

A Smooth flow of Conversation by understanding the Customer’s Needs.

The business first understands what customers need and decides the plan according to their behaviour.

Chatbots can be used to conduct surveys and ask questions to get a better understanding of your audience. Chatbots can send personalized messages to your customers using customer insights.

The Customers are categorized on the basis of their shopping behaviour, the time they take to decide on the product, actions, and the queries they generate.

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Let your Chatbot be Multilinguistic and Flexible to Communicate with Customers.

The awesome way to be in a personal relationship with the customer is to talk in their preferred language. ​​Customers tend to hesitate to reach out to the support agents of the company wondering about the flexibility of the communication language. 

Speaking the language of your target audience will give you an opportunity to generate the lead. Chatbot gives this aid by giving the option of selecting the preferred language and assisting them with the same.

Chatbots are Affordable and Cost-effective as compared to Human Assistants.

The non-code Chatbots are easy to install and access. It is not similar to an application that requires regular updates. The Chatbots once installed will upgrade themselves with the help of Chat and the conversation it carries with the customers.

The maintenance cost of a chatbot is very less compared to human associates. The human associates require timely training and appreciation, while there is nothing like this with the Chatbots. The Chatbots even work 24*7 without any working hours limits proving themselves as cost-effective too.

Chatbot highly focuses on Building Strong Customer Relationships.

To increase the credibility and reputation in the eyes of the customer, the brands like Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc. always present to answer the queries of the customers through Chatbots.

Answering queries and questions in no time raise the bar of customer service experience. The Chatbot can understand the complexities of queries and be flexible enough to transfer them to human agents as and when required.

Chatbots can be used in combination with the human agent and can generate a flawless customer experience which will help to achieve customer loyalty.


As humans, we have an innate tendency to chat with one another, whether it be over the phone, face to face, or via a chatbot. Chatbots are an easy way to facilitate these conversations. Here are ten ways chatbots can be used to improve lead generation strategies. Take a look at these tips and see if some of them are helpful for you or any of your clients. 

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