How can you lift sales with chatbots?

If you have ever interacted with a Brand or Organization on any e-commerce or social media platform, there’s a good chance you’ve come across a chatbot for customer service at least once.

When you select an option for purchases a few seconds later, a message bubble appears. The Chatbot messaged you with a question or a greeting.

One can easily realize that there is a chatbot on the other end of the screen. People generally love the idea of getting pieces of information from a chatbot rather than having a conversation with the actual human agent.

The Chatbots can be incorporated into strategic touchpoints like your website, landing pages, apps, text platforms, and more. It’s not as complicated as you might think either. Today the non-code chatbot has increased to more than  80% of e-commerce companies integrate chatbots with their communication tool.

If you’re an online business owner, know that chatbots are doing great in marketing, sales, and customer service. Customers love it.

They create the business easily available, affordable, and engaging. It always creates a positive environment for both the customer and the business.

In this competitive era, you will always look for ideas to increase sales, a general fact to run a business successfully. Let’s see some of the benefits that Chatbots provide to enhance sales.

How do Chatbots decrease the load of Customer Support Management?

A Chatbot is a software that simulates a conversation with an actual human. Chatbots can have an online conversation based on pre-set rules or scripts. They behave differently in different situations. For instance, chatbots can lead to websites when your customers ask for additional information.

Chatbots are getting the attention of the general public. There are many varieties of Chatbots.  There are e-commerce chatbots, video game bots, and voice assistants, and you can even find an online chat companion. 

There are two types of chatbots:

  1. Scripted Chatbots.
  2. AI-based Chatbots.

The Scripted Chatbots are the simple chat that is already being programmed in the knowledge base. The simple chatbots are programs for fixed information, generally used by customer service with limited information and repeated questions. They are not updated regularly and hence if any questions come up beyond those established, you won’t be able to answer them. 

AI-based chatbots are generally updated constantly via user feedback and suggestions. These Chatbots are smart, intelligent, and well designed with a power pack UX. Using Natural process learning (NPL), these chatbots can understand words, and phrases and thus can give appropriate responses. 

You may select any of the two mediums or you may have a fusion of both of the available options. There you can answer repetitive questions through scripts and revert complex messages through AI.

What are the positive impacts of Chatbot in the business?

Warm Greetings

Chatbots follow the tradition of greeting guests or visitors on various platforms like websites, business pages on social media, Whatsapp, and the list goes on. 

People always like to be welcomed in a good way. Escalate the customer’s experience with a warm welcome, giving them a friendly environment that rejuvenates their mood to shop. 

Remarketing of abandoned carts.

When we funnel the conversion customer ratio, it’s hardly 1%-3% of the customer who goes through the process of buying your product. The rest are stuck at the visitors’ gate or taken over by the competitors.

Chatbots at this time are for the rescue. When a product is abandoned in the cart, Chatbots remind the customers that they are left with the purchase complete.

Holds the potential customers.

When someone enters the website, it’s an opportunity to convert the visitor into actual customers and buyers. However, it’s very important to hold the customer from the entry point and keep them engaged till the final landing page.

The chatbots try to retain the customer’s interest and keep them engaged in such a way that they cannot leave the conversation. It can change their minds or try to receive some feedback or engage them with a wide range of relatable options for their choice.

Generates customer acquisition.

You can engage potential customers who might never initiate contact with your company under other circumstances. Additionally, chatbots offer personalized solutions and they’re always on.​​Chatbots can simplify lead generation for you by allowing you to catch leads with ease across multiple channels.

This will help the business to increase sales and create brand value. This allows you to add the user to various other contact lists be it a simple marketing mailing list, lead nurturing campaign or pass them onto sales as qualified leads.


There is no set time format for Chatbots or may say Chatbots don’t have particular working hours limitations. Since it’s a pre-programmed software it is available 24*7 for the business anywhere anytime.

The best part about using chatbots for lead generation is that chatbots don’t have set working hours, they are available all the time allowing you to better nurture leads instead of just generating them.

Increase Productivity.

The amazing feature of a chatbot is that it caters to multiple queries in no time. However, there is the chance of flashing repetitive questions by the customers.

If there is an actual agent present to attend to the customers, he might be tired or repeat the same thing again and again throughout the day. This will affect productivity.

The chatbots can answer repetitive questions which are general and the same. Thus the associates can divert their energy to more important tasks than answering repeated questions.

Integrate with Other Acquisition Tools.

Most chatbots should offer metrics and analytics from interactions within the platform. That alone is valuable for learning about your audience.

You can easily integrate chatbots with your Shopify account or your data system and allow customers to check the status of their orders during chatbot conversations. 

Integrate your customer acquisition chatbot with Google Analytics and WordPress to aggregate data and build a comprehensive picture of your buyer’s journey.

Tag Customers.

Your business buyers are also consumers when they’re not in the office. It’s smart to assume they have similar expectations for personalized experiences. A chatbot can identify customers according to their conversations and past purchase history.

Tagged customers can receive unique messages and completely different conversation options.

Update the customers.

A chatbot can help to influence customers’ browsing behaviour, inform them about sales, redirect customers to selected products, and give discounts to improve customer experience.  

When the customers are continuously updated it means that the Brand image is reflected in their minds. So shortly when they imply to buy a similar product they can approach you first.

How to determine the Chatbot ROI?

Calculating the return on investment (ROI) helps the business to target the energy in the area of improvement as well as the unproductive actions. In the end, implementing the chatbots involves the use of resources such as time, energy, and finance. Chatbot monitors always have an eye on the conversation so that the customers get a smooth customer service experience.

Every Business needs some sort of ROI to justify the decision it takes every day to increase sales. Chatbot ROI doesn’t have any formula to be used but below there are a few variables that help to identify the scalability.


The first thing that can be taken into consideration is the time saved on an inquiry or query. This can be calculated by comparing the time taken by the live agent and the time taken by the chatbot. When we multiply the number of guest entries by the total time taken we can get the time saved per entry.


The second factor is the cost. Business associates can handle a single query at a time. However, their productivity affects a lot when they have repetition in questions. It is human nature when some days are boring or bad. Working during this time affects the output. 

Chatbots can answer multiple queries in real time. This way you can divert the workforce to higher-level tasks. This helps with the effective utilization of available resources.


Sometimes the outputs are not calculated based on monetary terms. The enhancement of the overall customer service experience can be something to be measured. The level of satisfaction can be measured based on the retention ratio of the customers.

Since the customer’s data is saved, the response is in real-time and the repetitive queries have the same relevant answers. Chatbots thrive to give overall satisfaction to customers.

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This factor leads to higher satisfaction among the internal agents and this will enhance the overall quality of their work.


Now the real question arises when we come to a point, “ Whether the Business seriously needs chatbots to improve sales?” The above discussion indicates that a Business needs chatbots to generate leads, increase sales, save time and automate tedious tasks.

Chatbots can not replace human associates. When a business integrates the chatbot it saves time and energy for individual associates to work in more complex and productive areas rather than answering repeated questions.

This can be called a compatible effort for the entire organization to deliver marketing, and commerce, and build a bridge of trust between business and customers.

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