11 Ways to Solve Customer Queries Using Chatbot Platform

Do you feel the business is working well without any custom queries?. If the answer is no, you face a lot of queries every day which means the business is running successfully. Generation of queries means the customers are interested in business. Their queries may be regarding the purchase of the product, shipping details, or maybe the return and refund processes.

In short, we may say that the business has acquired its target market and also has tried to cater to the needs and wants of the customer. The customer will always find some problems with the product or service as businesses have considered the common likes and dislikes of the target audience and not the individual preference of the customers.

Why do Some Consumers Prefer Chatbots to Humans?

Chatbot software is the automation of conversational systems which can be used by businesses to carry out their day-to-day activities. Various businesses and organizations today deployed chatbots using the artificial intelligence which can understand the difficult words and phrases used by the customer and trigger relevant responses.  Here are some reasons why 80% of business uses Chatbot instead of human associates for a customer support system.

Chatbots solve Multiple queries.

The chatbot solves multiple queries at a time as compared to the human associates who take lots of time in greeting, know the queries, and also find solutions.

Chatbot exhibits the product and services.

The Chatbot has an amazing feature of exhibiting the product and services which keeps the customer engaged with the business as well as finding the alternate solution if the brand doesn’t serve a particular product.

It doesn’t work with fixed office hours.

It doesn’t work with fixed office hours
It doesn’t work with fixed office hours

The chatbot does not have fixed working hours limits like a live agent in the customer service system. They are software that works based on a pre-programmed script designed with the help of analyzing frequently asked questions and surveys filled by the customers.

Chatbot avoids human flaws.

The chatbots don’t have errors like human associates. It is just the pre-scripted software that answers the questions and queries of the customer regarding the product or service.

Chatbots are less expensive compared to human agents.

The cost of a chatbot integration is very reasonable compared to recruiting and training human agents. The chatbots can cater to complex queries in real-time and can help to have a smooth flow of conversation with the customer.

Although a business has given its 100% to cater to the needs and wants of the target customers who will be the end-user of the product, still they are dealing with human beings, and it’s a fact that the “Needs and Wants of Customers changes with the time”. Let’s have a brief understanding of what are the reasons for Customer queries.

General Reasons for Customer’s Queries.

There are many reasons for customer queries that the business should take as customers’ feedback. The business must consider the queries as an opportunity to grow and modify the product to serve best to the prospects. Generally below are some common reasons for Customer grievances.

1. Poor product performance.

2. Interrupted service and messaging system.

3. When brands don’t keep their promises.

4. Poorly trained Customer Relationship Managers or Sales Associates.

5. Lack of Omni-Channels available to the customer for generating queries.

6. Low-quality information distribution system.

The current state of online business and digital marketing has created many opportunities for different strategies, all designed to create customers and make existing customers more likely to buy from a particular brand. This means the business has many new opportunities to cater to the various needs of the customers and also generate fruitful relationships with them. The e-commerce business chatbot is the most loved among all the available chatbots, as they fit the best in this era of Digitalization.

11 Surefire Ways to Solve Customer’s Queries with Chatbots.

We have already seen why businesses these days have more preference for using chatbots as compared to human associates and also seen the reasons for customer queries, let’s understand how poor communication can be solved by integrating chatbots at all the messaging platforms used by the business and customers. Here are the 11 tips that help the business to solve the customer’s queries with the help of Chatbots.


Consider the customer’s priorities and integrate the Chatbot accordingly.

The chatbots are designed according to the target audience’s preferences likes and dislikes. Depending on the requirements the business can integrate 

a simple chatbot or ai chatbot. The chatbot can generate a more personalized and user-friendly experience with the help of pre-programmed pieces of information. The customers will feel extremely overwhelmed that their queries is been resolved with a touch of personalized experience which generate emotions of satisfaction in them.

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A Chatbot platform is most helpful in setting lead generation and marketing strategies.

Chatbots help the business to create a reputation and recognition in the market by creating available on various messaging platforms. Through Chatbots the business can reduce the number of queries by understanding the market, and designing strategies for the audience. The Chatbots make the most advanced conversational system that can help visitors to resolve their queries in no time.

Lead generation and marketing strategies
lead generation and marketing strategies

The Chatbot’s best feature is Real Right time Response(The RRR of the Chatbot)

The business cannot take the risk of losing customers who are left unheard or unanswered. Time is precious for every customer this day and when the customers are responded to on the spot they feel they are valuable to the Business. The Chatbots are available to resolve an ample amount of complex queries anytime. They are available 365 days 24*7. Moreover, the AI-Based Chatbot has the special feature of updating itself with the help of queries generated by the customers. 

Chatbots will make the Customer Independent.

Self-help is the best help is”, one of the rightly said things by our elders which is most suitable for e-commerce business today. Sometimes the chatbot understands the queries of the customers and helps to solve their queries through the links and blogs which are in the database. For example, when a customer generates the queries of return policy, the chatbot directs the customer to the link which informs the customer about the duration, amount, and mode of transportation. The customer can help themselves independently by going through the information and resolving the queries on their own.

This saves time and energy from both ends.

Chatbots make the Conversation with the customers Engrossing and Appealing.

The Chatbot makes it possible to provide the majority of the information regarding the product and services with the help of a huge information database. The chatbot platform facilitates a calm, precise explanation, unlike a human that might become frustrated during a heated argument. As the chatbot doesn’t have feelings like a human being it cannot identify the emotions of the customers to a certain extent. 

A chatbot is the most powerful tool for the Identification of Target audiences.

Chatbot is the most powerful tool
chatbot is the most powerful tool

Chatbot uses formal and informal styles to identify the target market and its audiences. After identifying the lead the chatbot uses the sales funnel to categorize the audience according to their preferences, and set the communication channels accordingly. It can identify the purchasing behaviour and send the push notification as and when the brand launches a new product or announces a sale or discount offer.

Chatbot Exhibits the product and service as a Virtual store tour.

There is a wide range of similar products available in the market and it is frustrating on the part of customers when they are not getting proper assistance from the business to select the best one out of available options. A Shopping chatbot can help the customer who can play as their shopping companion by providing detailed information about the product and services, Even the chatbot provides information about the alternate product which helps to make the satisfactory decision of buying the product at right time with the right price.

Chatbot helps the business to stay updated with Customers Changing Lifestyles and Preferences.

Chatbot helps the business
Chatbot helps the business

The changing purchasing habit of the customer or the frequency of visiting the e-commerce website is some parameters that justify whether the product is still accepted in the market or needs some updating. The chatbot translates appreciation messages, requests for feedback, and information that might not be stated on the terms page into an automated chatbot platform.  Chatbot helps to have a watch on such metrics and generate regular reports for the business to change the strategies at regular intervals. 

Chatbots help to identify customers’ grievances through Customers Reactions.

The chatbot helps to know the opinion of the customers through surveys and feedback forms which it asks them to fill out at the end of the conversation. The chatbot includes a personalized request with the name of the customer which creates a friendly chat and helps the customer to open up their overall experience with the product. The chatbot can identify frequent buyers who have not made a purchase recently and can send them a personalized reminder about the special offer. This way the business can retain its customer back.

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Chatbot takes over the stress part of Human Associates and engages them in more productive tasks.

Chatbot takes over the stress part of human associates
Chatbot takes over the stress part of Human Associates

Simple Chatbots or Ai chatbots, both have the advantage of resolving a greater amount of queries as compared to human associates. The main problem with the queries is the repetition part which will be boring thing for human associates and ultimately that will affect their productivity. Since chatbots are software that is most favourable for answering frequently asked questions will aid the human associate in channelling their energy to more challenging and productive aspects of the business.

Chatbots Intensify overall Customer Experience.

“The first impression is always the last impression”, Chatbot makes it worthwhile for the business when it greets the customer in a most unconditional way, solves their multiple queries, makes them independent, and gives them a seamless customer experience that a human associate takes years of training to inculcate in them. The customers who are exposed to a chatbot for conversation are likely to get satisfied as they are responded to on the spot and their queries are resolved every time. A business can earn customer loyalty by generating satisfied customers who are more likely to make repeated purchases.


It’s tough to handle customer queries when your company has a large number of customers. With the help of chatbots, you can easily address customer queries as they come in and provide helpful information about your company. 

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