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January 5, 2022 2022-04-11 11:12

Helpdesk For Envato Authors

Connect to Envato instantly in no time to have customer and their order history handy.

Create vast customer
experiences with Envato Features

Best support system for the Valuable Envato Authors.

Know the intent of your customers better

Knowing customers well will help in escalating your business in no time. By keeping track of the updates, return policies, and any customer urgent order will help you in listing the priority for providing better customer services. 

Helpdesk for Shopify

Establish the powerful Business Network.

Live Chat

Never leave your customers hanging! Give instant replies to maximum customers but with fewer efforts as we have sharply optimized the agent interface and its tools.

Ticket System

Solve customer's query in the smooth ways and in no time. Queries will be received in the form of tickets, that will be easier to solve as every details will be mentioned in it.


Streamline your email inboxes receiving as queries. A shared inbox will help in sorting the tickets according to customers and subject. Get in touch with customers easily.

Multichannel Helpdesk

Give your customer the better and easier support by allowing them for approaching to you through multiple platforms. Replying to mails to chatting within the Helpdesk.

Integrate Envato

Easily integrate your Envato Author account for managing the customer support services. It is easy to manage customers with Desku and its features.

Self Service Portal

Let your customers solve the queries, it will lead to less ticket generation as they will be able to find solution to queries in the form articles, links, and relevant sources.

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awesome Integrations

Explore 10+ integrations for your Envato account and work hassle-free.


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