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Helpdesk and ticketing system right built for the WooCommerce Store Owners. Provide the best Customer Support. 

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Helpdesk for Shopify

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Be there for your customer-Live Chat

Talk to your customer immediately regarding queries. Resolve it in no time by providing instant support from the chat itself. This will help in decreasing unnecessary ticket generation. 

Stay available even when you are not online

We’ve made it easy for our clients to help themselves and resolve issues without the need for an agent. Let our customers self-help themselves through an informative Knowledge Base, and get automatic ticket resolution without needing an agent.

Smart Ticketing System

Let us introduce you to the smart ticketing system that helps you assign tickets to the respective agents and get notifications on the new ticket generated, this way you can save your time with canned replies, thereby solving the new tickets in no time.

Get on the accurate reports and analytics

With reports and analytics, you get a glance at your whole working flow in one. You will also get a report generated so that you come to know where you should focus on working towards. 


Establish the powerful Business Network.

Live Chat

Never leave your customers hanging! Give instant replies to maximum customers but with fewer efforts as we have sharply optimized the agent interface and its tools.

Ticket System

Solve customer's query in the smooth ways and in no time. Queries will be received in the form of tickets, that will be easier to solve as every details will be mentioned in it.


Streamline your email inboxes receiving as queries. A shared inbox will help in sorting the tickets according to customers and subject. Get in touch with customers easily.

Rate the Conversation

Let your customers give you a rating based on the approach that will be initiated by you. You will get to know what your customers need. This will help in knowing customers better.

Integrate Woo Commerce Apps

Integrate Helpdesk to provide your Sales team with any information they need. Issues will be resolved in no time. That means time spent on customer service will be accurate.

Self Service Portal Coming Soon

Let your customers solve the queries, it will lead to less ticket generation as they will be able to find solution to queries in the form articles, links, and relevant sources.

Integrate with these
awesome on the go WooCommerce Stack

Explore 10+ integrations for your WooCommerce Desk and work with the hassle-free working system.


Know what our
customers have to say

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Clarke Gillebert

Shopify Business Owner
Desku is the best customer service software I've used. I've used it recently and my customers love it. It's easy to use and the team at Desku is always there when I need help.

Iruka Akuchi

Woo commerce Store Owner
Desku is a great tool for managing customer service inquiries. It allows us to create and manage ticket responses, which we can apply to multiple tickets.

Carole Chimako

Envato Author
Desku is the best customer service software for Shop stores. Since we started using Desku, our customer satisfaction scores have gone through the roof.

Kevin Kay

Business Owner (Envato)
It is a very simple helpdesk to use for my business, as it has very straightforward interface and features for using it right. Business flow becomes easier with time.

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