Answer 52%more emails with ease

Help your team collaborate through a shared inbox for faster customer communication and increased productivity.

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Similar To inbox, but more powerful

Bring your team around to work together and respond to emails faster. Desku’s easily navigable interface, automation features, organization framework, and collaboration tools can make your work easier.


Get work done by collaborating together

Freom team of 1 to team of 100, everyone gets notified of all the work through Desku’s powerful features.

Is your team often confused as to who is handling what? Desku helps you to easily assign emails to different team members. This aids in less confusion and simpler and faster customer service

You can send private notes to your team members to discuss queries behind-the-scenes before answering a customer.

You can create a library containing the answers to frequently asked questions. Add them to your chat replies in just 5 seconds.

Tag different tickets of your customers to categorize them and make it easier for the support agent to solve those tickets according to the categories.

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Give Personalized replies

Desku features everything about the customer you are speaking to within the sidebar-contact details, previous chat, and even their activities from other apps. Give your customers personalized responses based on it.

Features that helps your team grow 

Desku is amazing at simplifying the everyday tasks for your team and helping them direct their productivity towards more complicated work. Let your team collaborate and be on top of everything now.

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Multi-channel communication

Manage multiple communication channel of customers in one dashboard.

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Collision Detection

Minimize time wastage by having real-time indicators to preview if someone else is looking or replying to a request

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Advanced search

We have advanced filters, quick view options, and search operators to find what you need quickly

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Set an auto reply for customers

No mouse required — Help Scout can be used almost entirely from your keyboard.

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Mobile apps

Use Desku whenever you want through Native iOS and Android apps

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Always be aware of new developments and updates through notifications in your email, browser or mobile device

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CSAT ratings

Improve your service experience by collecting ratings and comments from your customers

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Advanced security

We have advanced filters, quick view options, and search operators to find what you need quickly

Boost Email Responsiveness

Convert emails to tickets and respond to your customers in time with help of a unified ticket dashboard