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WhatsApp Catalogs & Carts

Craft an end-to-end customer journey by introducing your products to customers on WhatsApp and helping them make a purchase. 

As part of your campaign or auto-replies, you can send product catalogs to your customer on WhatsApp.

Our WhatsApp business solution can send up to 30 products along with images, descriptions, prices, and more in one WhatsApp message.

You can facilitate the entire product ordering and fulfillment process on WhatsApp itself.

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Automate business notifications | Auto-Replies & Custom Replies

You do not require complicated flows and path builders to manage customer conversations. Create simple automated workflows to improve customer experience on WhatsApp. 

Use OOO, Delayed and Welcome notifications to manage customer expectations and demands.

Trigger automatic message, when your customer texts you or takes any other action.

Add custom- replies for commonly asked questions. This helps save time and effort wasted in answering the same question to different customers.

Manage a high volume of customer chat simply and effectively.

Simple and quick to set up and easy to maintain.

Bulk Campaigns & Broadcasts

Create recall and boost sales by reaching out to your customers with personalized and effective communication. 

You can set up a single or recurring campaign.

Use customer attributes and events to create the personas for the campaign audience.

Use CTA, quick reply buttons, images, videos, PDFs, etc. to elevate the look and performance of your campaign.

Send non-transaction promotional messages about discounts, back-in-stock alerts and more.

Monitor performance stats like the number of messages sent, delivered, read, unread, etc. for your campaign.

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Shared Team Inbox

Many agents can collaborate to provide quality customer service by using one single Whatsapp Number.

Use preconfigured templates for quick replies to answer your customers instantly.

Help your team collaborate by using features like private notes and conversation labels.

Make your customers feel included and special by sending them Welcome messages, OOO messages, and Delayed response messages.

Track the response time and query resolution time of your agents.

Connect WhatsApp and make business easier.

Engage your customers on WhatsApp to sell your products faster. 

Create strong notification messages to attract customers to your business. Send them product portfolios, back-in-stock alerts, and much more! 

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