Precision-Driven Automation

Provide personalised information based on trigger actions. Let customers get every shipping and tracking detail along with other important information in no time.

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Growing efficiency, building automation for humans

Simply automate your repetitive messages

Deliver important information to your customers, and create automated responses by pairing macros with rules. You can easily set your custom rules depending upon the individual message with the different Shopify customers. Let your customers know that you hear them and you are available for them by sending the right message on right time.

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Let us save time for you!

Save time by automating tasks for the common queries. Loyal customers are going to come back with higher expectations and you have to be ready for the spontaneous replies. It is important to prioritise according to the type of queries of the customers and automate the responses which are repetitive.

Declutter the mess and increase productivity

Spend less time taking care of your customers by constantly keeping an eye. Close tickets of the solved queries of customers and keep the workspace subtle and much simpler to avoid unsolicited mails and messages.

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“Increased conversion rate by almost 90% in one of our client’s eCommerce sites!”
– Founder, LV8- Digital Marketing Agency
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Remove extra work from extra care

All time customer support

High chances of customers contacting you at midnight or at off business hours? Are you going to leave them hanging? No, simply set an auto-reply that will be received by them in the absence of your support team for at least making them know that you are there for them.

Get relieved from unwanted comments on social media

People on social media go crazy and sometimes it becomes extremely tight to manage all the comments rushing, you can set the rules to avoid the negative comments and manage the brand reputation.

Access automation on your own terms

Rules are one of the most powerful, yet simplified features in Desku. You can create views, auto-tag, auto-reply and trigger other actions based on message body text, sentiment of the message or even purchase amount. With so many parameters, you have a lot of power. There will be nothing stopping you from automating with rules to save time and money.

Auto-assign to your expert

Some questions are harder than the others. You can use rules to auto-assign to a specific agent who is an expert on the subject matter. Leverage intent to auto-assign based on topics such as exchanges, refunds and discounts — or use Shopify variables to assign higher paying, repeat customers to a tenured agent.

WISMO - Where is my order?

Pair your WISMO rule with a macro to auto-reply to this common inquiry that all ecommerce brands get every day. Customer variables will populate the order number and the tracking URL automatically, and our intent detection will make sure that your rule works exactly as it should.

Auto-tag to organize your workflow

Tags help create views based on detected intent, sentiment or any of the parameters available in Rules. You can set a rule for auto-tagging customers with a last order more than a certain amount, received in the last 30 days as an example to create a view that’s only dedicated to tickets auto-tagged by your rule. This approach will make your life easier while equipping you to provide the extra care your customers seek.

Complete your automation toolkit with Desku


Provide your customers with instant answers and full resolutions on your website.

Intent & Sentiment Detection

Leverage intents and sentiment detection to enable automation and other efficiency tools in Desku. We comb through every ticket so you don’t have to.


Deliver your brand promise in every message. Create pre-made responses enriched with your brand’s unique tone and identity. Then personalize them with custom variables that pull order information directly from Shopify, Magento, and Big Commerce.