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View your ticket volume from multiple channels. Fuel your planning by interpreting the metrics to measure efficiency. Also, mark the support agent activity time that is spent on bringing the solution to their customers.

Get simple answers to the complicated questions

Efficient Key Metrics

Have a count on every effort you are putting in resolving customers’ queries. Get to know how many messages it takes to close a single ticket of a customer, what is your first reply on social media accounts? Get all the insights from the powerful tool of measuring it with the key metrics.

Know your average response time

Every ticket customers need a different kind of attention for resolving it. It helps in channelising the average resolution time provided by your support agent. Guide your support team with improvements if needed and flood your tickets with 5-star ratings.

Study the ticket flow ratio

There will be days that will be a lot busier compared to other days with the flooding of customer tickets. Get to know when you receive the maximum number of tickets or inquiries. Optimise your resources by studying the heat map so that you are not left without answering any customers.


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Accurate statistics to empower your support team

One response ticket type

Depending on the queries, sometimes a ticket is closed with a single reply and sometimes it takes 4-5 messages to close tickets or even more. From the stats, you will know what is the average number of messages that requires to close a ticket of the customer.

Query at a glance through Tags

You will know your queries at a glance by reading the subject of the ticket. Sort and solve tickets with the urgency of the customer’s query. It becomes easier to narrow down your focus for resolving queries.

Through which channel do you receive maximum tickets?

Depending on the business, customers tend to approach you from different platforms. For eCommerce, emails are mostly preferred. Get to know where your customers are approaching you the most. Channelize your workflow and helpdesk support solution for providing a better response.

Business support performance, simplified

The support performance screen will show you the ticket resolution and first-response time. We help in showcasing the performance to a range of overall trend assessments.

How much did you earn?

Build strong relationships with your customers through tickets and do not miss an opportunity of converting conversations into sales. Keep the record of conversations that has the possibility of bringing sales. Build invaluable loyalty for customers through your brand.

Know stats of a particular channel

Get a closer look at each social media platform Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Easily filter out the ticket with the channel, support agent, or subject of the ticket.

How our customers deliver exceptional support leveraging automation

How Love Your Melon uses macros and rules that can auto-close tickets that do not need attending from a support agent.




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Previous Help

How Roma uses Desku live chat feature and automates some common questions with Desku Rules.

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Improve your support performance in your business

Real-time stats

Get a quick overview of the ticket volume flow. Know which channel is active in real-time and the support agents solving maximum support tickets.

Revenue statistics record

Know which conversation brought the revenue to the business because every customer conversation is an opportunity for sales and a source of bringing revenue.

Customer satisfaction overview

Get to know which customers are happy with your services and consider their feedback to implement further.

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