Customize your workspace

Make Desku more efficient by using fully customizable views. Manage your tickets that are based on the preferable languages and subjects.

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Boost your day- Every day!

Take it is easy even in urgency

Yes, customers need our utmost attention and sometimes immediate replies too! Do not wait and lose time for such inquiries, immediately create a view for the immediate action on the priority tickets without putting an extra effort.

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Do not start all over again!

Every ticket needs a different type of attention and so do not feel messed up infact consolidate the tickets based on the type of language, subjects, urgency priority. Tickets are taken care of halfway when you sign in for the day. 

A workspace that fits with your team!

Hired a dedicated agent or chat person for your customers? Let your agents consider the relevant inquiries and pass others to their teammates within seconds. Help your team bring more efficiency and fewer adjustments with the dedicated view. Let your team flaw with what they are best in amongst other channels too.

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“Increased conversion rate by almost 90% in one of our client’s eCommerce sites!”

-John, Wooommerce Business Owner

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Set your team with fewer adjustments

Organise it with the Shared Views

A shared view helps for a specific channel where your team members and some relevant agents can work collaborating to rise up efficiency.

Assigned agents Views

Sort views according to subjects, channels and with the assigned agents who are specialised in certain criteria. Through this, customers can have the best open resources available.

Boost your first response time

Let views help in boosting your first-response time by setting up the views of tickets that are sorted with the status, subject, or customer sentiment. Provide a lightning-fast response time by efficiently navigating customers with views.

Be ready for some five-star ratings

Customers are happiest when they are provided with ultra-fast resolutions. Set up your views, subjects, and rules for opening up with the extravagant response to customers and receive a five-star rating as a reward.

Train new agents

Create a view with the common ticket subjects like inquiring about the shipping addresses. Use specially designated views for eliminating the training sessions and make onboarding of new agents simpler.

Create your own workspace

For deeper and more focused attention, agents can create a private workspace. Monitor everything and anything to achieve a better understanding or to train better for better inspiration.

Leverage the exceptional customer support

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How Love Your Melon uses macros and rules that can auto-close tickets that do not need attending from a support agent.



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How Roma uses Desku live chat feature and automates some common questions with Desku Rules.

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Orders w/

Make your support team more efficient

Informational sidebar

View all the customer information from the sidebar of multiple eCommerce platforms

Order recommendation

Agents will be provided with the best tools to arrange the products of the store to recommend them to your customers according to their requirements without even leaving the helpdesk dashboard.

Connect your all stores

Get connected with the customers based on any platform or store. Agents can work through the cross-platform and on multiple brand stores without leaving a customer’s queries on hold.