Desku: Automate the customer support with Genesys Cloud Alternative

Today without advanced technology it is difficult to manage the customer queries in one and to do that your surely need the best Genesys Alternative to make it work seamlessly.

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Why do fast growing companies choose Desku over Genesys Cloud CX?

Let your customers help themselves with an accurate documentation

Self-service helps customers to find their own answers that they are looking for. More than 75% of customers expect to solve their own problems by looking for them rather than contacting a support agent. Here are the reasons why;

  • Accurate information on exactly what customers are looking for
  • Guides, how-to information, and attaching rich media to elevate the accuracy of delivering the information
  • Unlimited formation of articles for customers
  • Knowledge base implementation in live chat widget for customers to look at before contacting support agents

Knowledge base is one of the important resource that should be out there for customers to have a look at which will help to provide the information within the company’s source as well as built the reliability and trust from customers.



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Modern Chat Solutions for Modern Business

Desku has the most modern Live Chat widget to implement in the business website to have a practice conversation with your customers. Why Desku’s live chat widget is something you cannot afford to miss out on!

  • It can be customized to enhance the branding
  • Knowledge base implementation for customers to help themselves
  • No-Code chatbot builder for quick customer engagement

Alternative to Genesys is something that one will always go for if they want uncomplicated Live Chat installation for their business with very simple widget functioning and enhancing their customer engagement.

Unified Inbox for centralising customer queries under one roof

Unified Inbox helps to centralise all the customer queries under one roof. It becomes much easier and more helpful for support agents to manage existing and new customers.

  • It Centralises customer communication from multiple sources or platforms
  • Ecommerce store integration for easy communication with customers
  • Process customer requests like refund/exchange process, viewing order history for reference, basic contact details of customers, and much more.

The powerful shared inbox is filled with rich features that not only manage your customers well but give a memory of a long time of the best customer support service as customers will always remember how were they treated rather than how satisfied were they with your product or service.


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Desku vs. Genesys Cloud CX

Desku offers a unified chatbot experience, native integrations with help desk, CRM, and messaging channel software, and provides simplified contextual agent experiences

Genesys Cloud CX hurts your bottomline!

Genesys Cloud CX penalizes you for growing. With Desku, you pay exactly what you sign up for.
What do you pay for in Genesys Cloud CX?

Base Plan + Seats + People reached + contacts + add-ons = Final price

What do you pay for in Desku?

Base plan + Seats  = Final price

Desku with Unlimited Agents

Save big with Desku

Stop paying thousands of dollars per year for other tools and start saving with Desku. For 100 Agents.


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Flat Fee / Month Billed Annually
freshdesk $82800$46800/Year
zendesk $66000$30000/Year
Intercom alternative logo on a black background. $46800$10800/Year
helpscout $48000$12000/Year

Rightly Planned For Customer Service Needs

It’s a fact! Desku is way ahead in terms of offerings and value.

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