How To Use Facebook live chat integration Into Your Website

Updated : Jun 7, 2024
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How To Use Facebook live chat integration Into Your Website

How To Use Facebook live chat integration Into Your Website

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Imagine a tool that connects you with nearly 3 billion monthly users.

It’s also like a bright light for awesome customer service and making your website even better!. Adding Facebook Messenger to your website is easy.

It opens doors for instant talks, reaching a large audience, quick answers, and building trust. Embrace this powerful tool to change how you connect with users via live chat.

The Facebook chat plugin acts like a bridge. It connects social media to your website, making both experiences better. With it, your business can attract more leads and answer inquiries faster.

In fact, 48% of consumers want a social media response in less than 24 hours. Adding Facebook Messenger to your website can change how you interact with visitors for the better.

Key Takeaways

  • Facebook live chat integration connects you to a wide-reaching audience for enhanced customer interaction.
  • Easily integrate Facebook Messenger to your site for real-time, personalized customer service experiences.
  • Chat integration allows for immediate response to consumer queries, aligning with expectations for quick communication.
  • Implementing live chat to your website can significantly boost your conversion rates, offering a potential increase of up to 45%.

What is Facebook Live Chat Integration

Adding a chat plugin like Facebook Messenger to your site makes talking with customers easier. It brings a well-known chat feature directly to your webpage. This feature, known as Facebook Customer Chat, lets people talk with you right from your site.

This is without going to another page. Facebook has almost 3 billion people using it every month. That’s a huge audience for your business.

One big plus is how fast you can provide answers with Messenger on your site. Many customers, about 48%, want replies in less than a day on social media.

Having a Facebook chat widget helps you meet this demand. It’s all about keeping customers happy with quick responses.

About 69% people in the US trust a company more if they can message it on Messenger. This boost in trust can help keep customers coming back.

Customer service tools like Facebook chatbots are part of how businesses build this trust. They make chatting with customers feel personal and instant.

How to add Facebook Messenger to your website?

Basically there are two ways to add Facebook Messenger to your website.

1. Easy Way using Desku livechat widget
2. Technical Way using SDKs

Adding Facebook Messenger to your site can make it much better at talking to visitors. It’s great for getting people more involved or making customer service better.

Desku Live chat platform connected to your Facebook page ( option 1 )

If you’re interested in the second option (Messenger live chat integration), which gives you more control over all customer support channels, it’s even simpler.

To connect live chat with Facebook Messenger:

  1. Create a free Desku account.
  2. Follow the steps of the tour and provide your website address.
  3. Go to Settings/Channels and connect your Facebook account.

For more details about Desku Messenger integration, visit our Knowledge Base.

You can also find information about the best Messenger-compatible live chat options for WordPress and Shopify stores here:

Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Facebook Chat Messenger Using SDK ( option 2 )

Step 1: Set Up Your Facebook App

  1. Create a Facebook App:
  • Go to the Facebook Developer Portal.
  • Click on “My Apps” and then “Create App”.
  • Choose the appropriate app type and follow the instructions to create your app.
  1. Get Your Page Access Token:
  • In the app’s dashboard, navigate to “Add a Product” and select “Messenger”.
  • Follow the steps to generate a Page Access Token for the Facebook page you want to integrate the chat with.

Step 2: Configure the Customer Chat Plugin

  1. Add Your Domain:
  • In the app’s dashboard, under “Settings” -> “Basic”, add your website domain in the “App Domains” field.
  • In the “Messenger” product settings, under “Whitelisted Domains”, add the URL of your website.
  1. Include the SDK in Your Web Page:
  • Add the following code snippet to the <head> section of your HTML file:
     window.fbAsyncInit = function() {
         xfbml            : true,
         version          : 'v11.0'

     (function(d, s, id) {
       var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];
       if (d.getElementById(id)) {return;}
       js = d.createElement(s); = id;
       js.src = '';
       fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);
     }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk'));

Step 3: Add the Customer Chat Plugin Code

  1. Insert the Plugin Code:
  • Add the following code snippet to the <body> section of your HTML file where you want the chat to appear:
   <div class="fb-customerchat"
     logged_in_greeting="Hi! How can we help you?"
     logged_out_greeting="Hi! How can we help you?">

Replace <YOUR_PAGE_ID> with the ID of your Facebook page.

Step 4: Customize the Chat Plugin (Optional)

  1. Customize Appearance and Behavior:
  • You can customize the appearance and behavior of the chat plugin using additional attributes in the <div> tag. Some options include:
    • theme_color: Changes the color of the chat plugin.
    • logged_in_greeting: Sets the greeting message for logged-in users.
    • logged_out_greeting: Sets the greeting message for logged-out users.
    • greeting_dialog_display: Controls when the greeting dialog is shown (show, hide, fade).
    • greeting_dialog_delay: Sets the delay (in seconds) before the greeting dialog is shown.
   <div class="fb-customerchat"
     logged_in_greeting="Hello! How can we assist you today?"
     logged_out_greeting="Hello! How can we assist you today?"

Step 5: Test the Integration

  1. Test on Your Website:
  • Open your website and test the Facebook Chat Messenger to ensure it loads correctly and behaves as expected.
  • Check both logged-in and logged-out greetings.

Step 6: Publish and Monitor

  1. Go Live:
  • Once you have tested the integration and are satisfied with the setup, publish your changes to your live website.
  1. Monitor Usage:
  • Use the Facebook Developer Portal to monitor interactions and usage statistics for the chat plugin.

By following these steps, you will successfully add the Facebook Chat Messenger to your website using the SDK.

Benefits of Facebook Messenger Chat Integration

Adding Facebook Messenger to your site makes talking to customers simple.

It also offers many perks. These can change how you interact with customers and how efficient your service is.

Reaching more customers

There are almost 3 billion people who use Facebook each month. This huge number means you can connect with a lot of people.

Nearly every third person in the world uses Facebook for personal or business reasons. This reach lets you find customers from all over the world and from various backgrounds.

Increasing customer satisfaction

Businesses and customers send over 20 billion messages every month on Facebook. This shows it’s key for modern customer service.

Around 69% of US Facebook users trust businesses they can message directly. It shows how important personal, direct chat is.

Many people expect a reply within a day when they message a business on social media. This makes having fast, reliable conversations very important.

Automating your support with chatbots

With Facebook Messenger and LiveChat, you can do more than just talk. You can send these cool messages with cards and product info. This adds a new level of fun and helps with customer support automation.

Auto-answers and quick responses on Messenger can solve customer issues fast. This makes customers happier because you’re more efficient.

Adding Facebook Messenger to your site keeps you up to date with technology.

You not only meet high customer expectations but also improve customer relations. Using Messenger effectively helps you tackle challenges and grow with your customers.

Using conversational marketing techniques

Today, businesses must combine the efficiency of automation with a human touch. Integrating conversational marketing via the Facebook chat plugin achieves this.

It uses the power of messenger to have live chats with your customers, making dialogue more meaningful. This strategy focuses on real-time talks using Facebook customer chat. It aims to deepen connections and personalize the brand experience.

Tips for Using Facebook Live Chat

Adding Facebook Live Chat to your website boosts customer interaction and improves your online presence. We’ll cover how to get the most out of this tool.

How to Engage Customers

Start chats with a friendly hello that fits your brand. Personalizing messages for each visitor makes their experience better. Using chat widgets well helps keep conversations smooth and easy to find.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Slow responses can turn off potential customers. Make sure your chat agents are trained and prepared to respond quickly. The goal is to make Facebook Messenger a helpful tool, not a hassle.

Monitor Key Metrics

Check on response times and customer satisfaction scores to see how well your chat works. This information shows you what you can do better and how to keep your service top-notch. Analytic tools give you insights into your messaging success.

Make Your Response Faster

Try using chatbots to speed up simple answers on Facebook Messenger. This way, customers get help quickly, and your agents can focus on more complex issues.

By using these tips and adapting from customer feedback and data, your live chat can get better and more efficient.

This active approach doesn’t just improve customer service. It also helps your digital strategy succeed.

Facebook Live Chat for Customer Support

Using Facebook live chat is more than just tech. It changes how we do customer service. It’s fast and easy to reach, making it key for brands wanting to please customers quickly.

Real-Time Customer Assistance

Think about helping customers right when they ask. With over 20 billion messages sent each month between companies and customers, live chat is immediate and personal.

This quick help not only solves problems fast but also shows you care about your customers on Facebook.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Winning customer trust is vital for any business. Over two-thirds of American shoppers trust companies they can message on platforms like Facebook Messenger.

By using Facebook Chat Plugin’s helpful features, like customized greetings, you’re building a solid path for better client relations.

Higher Engagement and Conversion Rates

Being active on Facebook can mean more sales. Companies using Facebook Messenger chat reach many users, offering huge chances for engagement and sales boost.

Plus, with smart use of Facebook Messenger tools, you can guide chats to successful deals.

Cost-Effective Customer Service Solution

Facebook live chat not only betters customer service but does it at low costs. It cuts back on traditional call centers and allows handling many chats at once. This makes it efficient and ready to grow with your business.

FeatureBenefitsUser Impact
Real-time MessagingImmediate query resolution and customer supportIncreases user satisfaction and trust
Customizable Chat OptionsPersonalized customer interactions with tailored greetingsEnhances engagement
Global ReachAccess to nearly one-third of the global populationExpands market reach and potential customer base
Cost EfficiencyLess reliance on traditional support systemsReduces operational costs

Why should you use Facebook Messenger for customer service?

Using Facebook Messenger for help can reach a lot of people. It’s used by over 1.3 billion people globally. This means you can connect directly with a huge number of users who enjoy instant messaging.

Why stick to just one way to help when you can use many? Facebook Messenger works well on different devices, from computers to phones. This makes talking to your customers easy and convenient, no matter what they use.

Large User Base

Imagine reaching a crowd that loves to message businesses. With Facebook Messenger, you can talk to people from a group where half the folks already message for their needs

Multi-Platform and Device Compatibility

Today’s world needs communication that’s versatile. Facebook Messenger is great at moving smoothly from one device to another. This helps your business connect with customers, no matter how they like to message.

Chatbot Support

Chatbots change the game by giving instant answers. They fix many common problems without needing a person. Look at Cinépolis – their chatbots on Messenger handle 90% of questions without human help. This means faster service and happier customers.

Instant Messaging

Quick reply times are key in customer service. Facebook Messenger makes sure you can get back to people fast. This quick communication builds trust and shows your brand cares about customers.

Simple Integration

Linking Facebook Messenger to your site is easy. Tools and help are there for anyone, even if you’re not tech-savvy. This simple setup boosts how well your business can talk to customers.


How can I add Facebook chat integration to my website?

To add Facebook chat to your website, you can use the Facebook Customer Chat plugin. Simply follow these steps: Go to your Facebook page, click on Settings, then Messenger Platform, and finally Customer Chat Plugin. Copy the provided code and paste it onto your website to enable the chat feature.

What is the advantage of adding Facebook live chat to my website?

Adding Facebook live chat to your website allows you to offer a convenient and familiar communication channel for your visitors. It enables real-time interaction, helps in providing instant support, and can enhance customer satisfaction.

Can I customize the greeting message for Facebook chat on my website?

Yes, you can customize the greeting message for Facebook chat on your website. By accessing the Customer Chat Plugin settings on your Facebook page, you can set a personalized greeting message to welcome users when they initiate a chat.

How can I integrate Facebook Messenger live chat into my website?

You can integrate Facebook Messenger live chat into your website by using the Messenger Customer Chat Plugin provided by Facebook. This plugin allows you to add the Messenger functionality to your site, enabling visitors to chat with you via Messenger.

What is guest mode in Facebook chat integration?

Guest mode in Facebook chat integration allows users to chat with your page without needing to log in with their Facebook account. It provides a convenient way for visitors to interact with your business via chat without any additional steps.

Can I view chat history with visitors who used Facebook chat on my website?

Yes, you can view chat history with visitors who used Facebook chat on your website. The Messenger Customer Chat Plugin allows you to access recent chat history and continue conversations with visitors who have interacted with your business via Messenger.

Is it possible to add Facebook Messenger live chat to a WordPress site?

Yes, you can add Facebook Messenger live chat to a WordPress site. Simply install a plugin that supports Facebook chat integration or follow the manual code insertion method provided by Facebook to enable Messenger chat on your WordPress website.


Integrating Facebook Live Chat with your customer support system is a powerful way to enhance customer engagement and streamline communication.

By offering real-time support, you can resolve issues quickly, improve customer satisfaction, and boost your brand’s reputation.

The seamless integration with Desku ensures that all customer interactions are managed efficiently from one platform, saving time and resources.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with your customers where they are already active. Start leveraging Facebook Live Chat integration today and take your customer service to the next level.

Gaurav Nagani
Gaurav Nagani
As Founder & CEO of, Gaurav has made a distinct mark in the customer support and ai bot field. His commitment to AI-enhanced solutions and his industry experience have been instrumental in modernizing customer service.

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