Make Retailing the real Therapeutic Experience

Customers are vivid, but the commonality is that they are not just looking for "products" but a soothing customer experience while making a purchase. Activate the A-HA moment in them by providing seamless customer service.

A retail woman with shopping bags holding them up.

Join 50,000+ brands improving their customer service with Desku

Understand and provide the value to Vivid Shoppers

Don't lose your shoppers in the shuffle, streamline customer engagement across all channels.

A mobile phone with a text message and a whatsapp icon for retail purposes.
A retail mobile phone with two text messages on it.

Redefine Personalized Shopping Experience

Be a proactive support agent for eCommerce and retail customers. Equip yourself with all necessary information to avoid repetitive questions. Provide a seamless and efficient support experience across all communication channels by quickly solving their queries.

Provide AI equipped Customer Support

Manage shoppers even in your time off. Do not let them go unhappy or dissatisfied, run your business 24/7

A retail chatbot screenshot displaying a customer's message.
A screenshot of a retail mobile phone displaying text messages.

We want your team to be on the Same Page

A team is to provide delightful customer experience across any channels. By easy assigning and viewing the customer conversational history, it will help all the support agents to be on the same page.

Accurate Data and Report Analytics

Observe and study your whole business at a glance. Get to know the number of tickets incoming and closing with the help of the Report and Analytics of the Desku.

A retail customer statistics dashboard with a bar graph and a star.

Build a Customer-Centric Business

We want to partner with your business to stand by in every situation to cater for your business with the best customer support services. Enrich your business with the happiest customers and lifted sales.

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