Your New Team Member Who’s Here to Help

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Meet Eva, With a perfect blend of AI bots and helpdesk magic, watch your support costs drop while customer smiles widen

Intelligent EVA AI : Beyond Bots, Real Conversations, Happier Customers

EVA’s no ordinary bot. It gets what your customers are saying, digs deeper with smart questions, and chats like a champ. You’ll see fewer tickets, round-the-clock support, and happier customers.

A screenshot of a conversation with eva ai on a mobile device.
A screenshot of the gmail app on a mac with eva ai.

Human Touch Meets AI in Our Unique Customer Service Platform

EVA syncs effortlessly with Desku’s suite, ensuring your team and customers enjoy a unified experience. It plugs directly into Desku’s ecosystem – inbox, ticketing, analytics, you name it. No more piecing together fragmented tools.

Welcome to a world where AI-enhanced support flows smoothly within an all-encompassing customer service platform

4 Reasons EVA change everything


Dramatically reduce your support volume


An AI chatbot you can


Activate in minutes


Any language, anywhere, any time


Volume Control - EVA Handles It All

EVA takes care of customer questions easily, so your team can deal with bigger tasks. It’s like having a smart helper who’s always there.

Eva ai's deflection rate is up to 50%.

Trust Factor - EVA Gives Clear Answers


EVA comes with safety checks that make sure it only uses your help material to answer questions. This means no wrong answers and no unrelated chats.

Eva ai chatbot on a mobile phone using state-of-the-art seo techniques.
A screenshot of a conversation between two people on facebook featuring eva ai.


With EVA, your team can keep an eye on all its replies right in the inbox, making it easy to track every conversation.

Control when you want it

You can craft unique responses to key questions, and EVA will use custom answers first, before its standard AI responses.

A mobile app displaying a text message with the words eva ai.
A conversation between two people on a phone screen, with the assistance of eva ai.

Human when you need it

EVA can identify tough issues and smoothly hand them over to your human support team, ensuring your customers always receive the highest quality service.

Quick on the Draw - EVA is Fast to Start


Instant Answers from multiple sources For Everyone

EVA can pull information from Desku articles, Zendesk help centers, or any online source. Just link it to your info and switch it on.

Set Up EVA in a Snap : Just Point it at your content

EVA begins answering questions right away. There's no need for special training, setup steps, or creating chatbot routes.

Eva gets smarter & Learns as It Goes

The more you improve your support content, the better EVA gets, boosting its ability to solve customer issues.


Any language - EVA Talks to Everyone

Eva ai displays a message on the screen of a phone.


EVA’s not just any bot. It gets complex questions, asks for more details if needed, and chats with customers just like a person.



EVA keeps the chat going wherever your customers are – on Desku, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and more. It’s all about easy conversations.



EVA automatically knows your customer’s language and can handle queries in any of the languages supported by Desku.

Any language, Anywhere, Any time

Powered by your support content

Intelligent controls

Conversational by design

Measurement and reporting

Built for scale