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“Desku is one of the best customer support software I have ever used! Our team was using Freshdesk for the past few months and we are very thankful to find Desku! It is incredibly easy to setup and the support is very friendly and quick.”

What you can do with Desku

Desku is the ultimate customer support software to simplify and speed up customer service through automation and easy integration.​



Our knowledge base is exclusively designed for quality customer self-service and guarantees at least a 33% reduction in support volume.

Live chat

Live Chat

Easy conversation with customers, provide the help centre in the live chat widget itself. Let them know everything that they are looking for from the same tool.


Shared Inbox

Help your team collaborate through a shared inbox for faster customer communication and increased productivity.

Customer data

Customer Data

Get most relevant information about the customers in the sidebar from multiple eCommerce platforms.

Collaboration tool

Collaboration Tool

Customer service requires strong teamwork from multiple departments to make sure your customers are effectively cared for.



Have all your customer data at your fingertip within single dashboard in desku panel. never miss anything



Integrate Desku with apps and tools you use every day. Simplify your customer service work and save time.

Why Choose Desku?

Voted “Best ROI” by Customers on Capterra

Happy customers become loyal customers. That’s why Desku has won “Best ROI” year after year.

Get started in minutes

Get started in minutes

Desku is as easy to use as an email inbox, so your whole team can focus on what really matters: customer relationships.

Increase productivity

Increase productivity by 52%

Automate repetitive tasks, integrate them with third-party integrations to Desku and boost real-time productivity of support agents.

Scale to support millions

Scale to support millions

Provide your customers with the best support even while you scale your business to reach millions of customers globally. Make customer relationships your strength.

What makes us the market leader?

Businesses working with us have experienced about a 45% reduction in average handling time

And customers that compare us with other platforms repeatedly come back.

Just the right balance for growth

Transparent Pricing and no hidden charges

We provide the right balance of services without any hidden costs. Enterprise tools are complicated to implement and are costly.

A better platform and partner

Consistent Support

Let Desku guide you at every step of your customer outreach journey, making sure that you get the best return on your investment.

We have got an edge over our competitors​

Let’s help you understand why we are better than others!

Compare help scout to other platforms

Modern and intuitive UI

Desku vs. Freshdesk

Live chat home

Live chat software for customer support

Provide live chat support, make it easy for customers to find your help center articles, or do both — all from the same tool.

Live chat software
Meet our no code bot builder

Meet our No-code Bot Builder

Build and create powerful chatbots with no code. Engage visitors and enhance customer experience in real-time, across multiple channels using our no-code bot builder.


The Helpdesk Built for Shopify Merchants

Instantly connect to Shopify in under a minute to have customer and order history at your agents’ fingertips.

Install Our

Official Shopify App

The helpdesk built for shopify merchants
Grow your business faster with whatsapp

Grow your business faster with WhatsApp

Transform conversations to commerce using Desku.

Connect your

Whatsapp Account


The Helpdesk Built for Woocommerce Stores

Securely connect with woocommerce to have your customers’ order history at your agents’ fingertips.

Connect your

Woocommerce Store

The helpdesk built
The helpdesk built for ecwid stores

The Helpdesk Built for Ecwid Stores

Securely connect with ecwid to have your customers’ order history at your agents’ fingertips.

How Desku benefitted Business Owners?

Build a company people love

Desku brings efficiency, which has become the gold standard for maximum SMBs because it is more than just software. We stand by as partners in seeing you succeed.