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Get the Help You Need, When You Need It. Connect with Our Support Team Instantly Using Our Live Chat Feature!

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Love this Live Chat they have created

I love this product is so easy to set up use and maintain and timely upcoming updates. Really go for this product for your business.


Pablo Customer Support Specialist


How to Implement Live Chat on Website


Configure Live Chat

Configure the Live Chat from the Integration Section from the setting section to embed in your Website. 


Copy the Snippet Code

Copy the given URL for configuring the live chat on your business website and easily paste the Snippet code above the closing </body> tag of your website’s source code.



Customize and Run Live Chat

Live Chat is customizable where you can change colours, brand logo, chat widget size and a lot more. Keep the Live Chat widget that matches exactly your brand.

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Set the Availibility Time of your Business

Set business hours that help customers to showcase the availability time of the business and never let them wander about getting replies.

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Availbility: Online and Offline

Keep the status on and off according to your availability. 

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Set the Auto-Reply

Setting up an auto-reply ensures customers receive immediate acknowledgement and helps manage their expectations for response time.

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Talk to Agent by sending message

Let your customers get in touch with you instantly whenever needed. Let agents help your customers through Live Chat having the real-time conversation

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Talk to customers even you are not present

Set the right expectations for customers by never letting them wait through automated sending messages.

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A line between AI and Human Touch

Maximize Your Efficiency with AI-Powered Chatbots. Generate Leads, Create Help Tickets, and Route Chats Across Channels with Ease

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Streamline the Buying Process and Capture Leads

Capturing leads in a way that helps customers to easily choose products from the product card. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Live chat software is a tool that enables real-time communication between businesses and their customers through a chat interface on a website or application. It allows businesses to engage with visitors and provide instant support or assistance.

The benefits of using live chat software for businesses include improved customer satisfaction, increased sales and conversions, faster issue resolution, reduced support costs, and valuable customer insights through chat transcripts.

Yes, live chat software can be integrated with other customer support tools such as help desk software, CRM systems, ticketing systems, and knowledge bases. Integration allows businesses to streamline their support processes and access customer information more efficiently.

To ensure the privacy and security of customer data during live chat sessions, businesses should use secure protocols such as SSL encryption, implement data protection measures, regularly update and patch their software, and train their staff on privacy and security best practices.

Yes it is available for mobile devices.