Bot to the Rescue, Automate Your Customer Support

Discover the hidden gem of customer service that is round the clock available for your customers. Effortlessly automate the interactions, and streamline query solving and resolution process.

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Experience Effortless Chabot Mastery

Connect Deskubots with every social inbox or your website's live chat to carry out
seamless customer support even in absence of Support Agents.

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Deskubots for Thriving Ecommerce Business

Meet Deskubots, Embark Your Journey

Deskubots are just like having a business partner who is just taking care of the customers of your business.

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Build your own Chatbot, Boost Marketing & Sales

Deskubots is no-code chatbot builder that can be used with drag and drop of the conversational interface. Build the Chatbot for various use case in your company such as Marketing, Sales, Data Collection, and resolving customer queries.

Craft, Test, and Run

Deskubots visual builders help you to create the best Chatbot for your business with no coding. Test the Chatbot in real-time that drives better customer engagement and publish.

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Experience the Distinction-Set your Business Apart

Understand why Business Choose Deskubots as their Virtual Business Partner

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Build-In Templates

Do not get the design inspiration? Start right away with the in-built design template of Deskubots

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Connect Your Social Inbox

Easily integration of Deskubots with the social channel that you use the most.

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Easy Team Collaboration

Get inspiration using our curated templates to jump-start your bot building.

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Real-Time Preview and Publish

Know how will your bot perform before publishing. Easy to edit and make changes right there. Deploy the best chatbot that exactly suits your business over multiple channels.

Easy Drag And Drop Interface

Every business purpose is different, Deskubots allow you to build the conversational chatbot by choosing your interface with drag and drop method. Run the chatbot that represents and helps in your business.

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Drag and Drop Nodes to build Master Chatbot

Make your own Chatbot by using the following conversational interface to boose Customer Conversation and Engagement

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Instant messaging to customers as soon as they approach and more.

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Showcase your product with the correct CTA and product detail.

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Collect Input

Know customers better by collecting their input through various questions

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Collect the ratings of the most liked or least liked product

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Collect customer details collectively in one form.

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Service Call

Give an option to customers to request a call for queries

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File Upload

Let customers upload the media and other files to showcase queries

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Provide the various conversation mode branch for customers to choose

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Human hand-off

Easy transfer to the human agent to solve queries in more accurate ways.

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Branch out into various conversation flows and customer journeys with each button

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Create independent decision trees based on the pre-defined conditions

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A prerequisite with which its underlying conversation flow is executed