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Desku vs intercom: Customer Support Heavyweight showdown 2024

Desku and Intercom are two tremendous live chat software. Intercom proves to be an all-in-one helpdesk giant with an enormous range of features and capabilities, while on the other hand, Desku helps businesses thrive faster than its competitors like Intercom, FreshDesk, Zendesk, etc.

This tremendous chat service offers amazing features like a shared inbox, WhatsApp integration, a Knowledge base, an AI chatbot, a free trial, a user-friendly dashboard, and various features to automate your customer reply.

These key features make Desku a chat tool for customer success, but best alternative to Intercom.

Strategic Ticketing: Desku’s Collaborative Edge

In terms of collaborative edge, when we compare Desku and Intercom, Intercom shows a bit of limitations. Undoubtedly, Intercom is a decent customer support solution, but in some crucial areas, it falls short while Desku shines.

In short, you receive a more comprehensive and collaborative approach from Desku.

1). Escalating Tickets with Ease

One of the biggest negatives we find in Intercom is the absence of a supportive way to escalate tickets.

In comparison, Desku customer support platform understands the importance very well and offers quick issue solutions, ensuring a streamlined process for escalating tickets. So, complex challenges don’t bring headaches to the users anymore as they come to the attention of the best experts, and this way, it saves time during problem-solving.

2). Tackling Complex Technical Support Tickets

Endling complicated technical support tickets isn’t something in which Intercom has received the best user reviews. On the other hand, Desku has advanced features like ticket summaries, and you have also got support for AI-powered solutions.

This helps break down tough technical issues. Thank you. Hence, Shopify merchants using Desku have got access to a better toolset to address even the toughest challenging issues and increase customer engagement.

3). Seamless Co-Browsing and In-App Calling

You don’t get a Co-Browsing or in-app calling feature in Intercom. This proves to be a hurdle for customer support teams sometimes. Desku customer support software has a more comprehensive approach to the same, as it facilitates real-time communication.

Hence, merchants can effortlessly connect with customers without switching to external platforms such as Zoom.

4). Context-Rich Session Replays

Session replays sometimes play great roles when it comes to understanding the problem; unfortunately, this feature is absent in the intercom.

So, support teams have limited context when addressing tickets. Again, Desq has got a higher hand in this feature, as well as detailed analytics and ticket summaries. So, the support staff has a richer understanding of customer interactions, which greatly helps save time while issue-solving and making customers’ lives easy.

AI-Powered Efficiency: Desku’s Precision vs. Intercom’s Automation

In the customer support world, new features are coming into existence every now and then. However, the importance of precision and automation doesn’t deserve to be compromised by any chance.

Today, AI is being used everywhere. Considering that, we are comparing the intercom’s automation to Desku’s precision. Obviously, both of the platforms offer decent AI capabilities, but that doesn’t mean we will not dive in-depth.

Precision in AI: Desku’s Strategic Advantage

1). Tailored Ticket Summaries for In-Depth Insights

Desku has AI-powered ticket Summaries, which take precision to a whole new level. Whenever your support staff receives a complex ticket, Desku will do more than just automate responses. It will craft in-depth summaries and offer a quick snapshot of the problem. So, the agents have comprehensive insights at their fingertips, allowing them to offer more accurate responses.

2). Personalized Responses with Suggested Answers

The AI of Desku helps the customer support staff by offering a Suggested Answer feature, which is pretty precise. Rather than just relying on generic responses, it analyzes the context of every single query and automatically suggests personalized answers that look pretty much human-typed. So, Shopify merchants receive tailored solutions and are able to offer a more satisfying customer experience.

3). Eva AI: Intelligent Automation Without Training

See, the training of AI can take a lot of time and effort. Thankfully, Desku’s EVA AI set is a fresh standard for intelligent automation. Great ability is to accurately answer support questions without asking you to put any effort into training it. So you don’t need to pay heed to extensive setup.

You can call Desku’s AI a plug-and-play solution. Most importantly, there is no learning curve either, and your workflow will go butter and cheese with this sort of AI support.

Intercom’s Automation: A Broader Approach

1). Limitations in Ticket Summaries

You do get automation in the ticketing system of Intercom customer service software but when you compare the same to the one that Desku offers, you will easily be able to see that the level of precision is somewhat lesser. Intercom’s approach might automate responses to a limit, but it cannot do the job that Desku does. By that, we mean it won’t be able to offer you in-depth insight like Desku summaries.

This creates a great difference when it comes to addressing tough issues that demand a higher level of understanding and precision.

2). Generic Suggestions in Responses

Intercom’s suggestions and answers are undoubtedly useful, but they look pretty generic.

This leads to a lesser level of personalization, and that’s not something customers of today’s date love. It’s not tough to understand that in today’s e-commerce world, personalization is the key, bringing great differences between various customer support solutions.

3). Learning Curve for Automation Implementation

We went through a lot of Intercom user reviews, and mostly, we found that the user interface is decent. There are very few negative reviews about the UI part.

However, when it comes to implementing automation, there is a learning curve for sure. Features for support teams were not that much trained in seamless integrations of AI. In comparison, Desku’s Eva AI is undoubtedly easier because it is actually a pre-trained model, which means you just implemented the verdict.

The Verdict: Desku’s Precision Prevails

This was a heavyweight showdown of AI-powered efficiency. Deskue has the upper hand this time.

Obviously, both of these giants leverage automation, but it is not that tough to see how Deskue is focusing more on precision and personalization. Many Shopify merchants today don’t just seek normal automation but believe in precision to make their customers’ support journey decent.

Desku’s AI believes in delivering a level of precision that adds extra stars to the whole support experience.

Proactive Guidance: How Desku Leads in Strategic Support

Another appreciable thing about Desku is that it recognizes the importance of customer support is not just about fixing issues; rather, it’s more about guiding businesses toward long-term success.

The support team isn’t just a group of troubleshooters; they are highly professional and strategic advisors. They can offer some invaluable strategies that help navigate the complexities of today’s modern -e-commerce world. Desku guides anticipating challenges even before they come into existence. So, support teams powered with Desku actually stay well prepared for the upcoming demands of the market.

The platform is highly committed to strategically supporting features like ticketing. The support teams feel their life much easier as they are able to solve issues with collaborative efforts rather than frustrating themselves with complex issues while tackling these issues single-handedly.

This proactive approach highly contributes to the customer support team’s experience, and the same thing positions Desku as a strategic partner of Shopify store owners that targets helping them sustain growth in the competitive e-commerce world.

Customization Mastery: Desku’s Tailoring Triumphs Over Intercom

Intercom undoubtedly has a lot of mastery in its support, but a new player like Desku has got some special stuff to offer. Regarding customer support, understanding the importance of tailoring solutions to individual business requirements is very important, and Desku’s customization capabilities are decisive benefits.

1). Tailoring for Unique Business Needs

The experts at Desku believe that two businesses are never alike. So, its customization features allow Shopify merchants to alter and tailor their platforms according to their needs.

Whether you talk about configuring workflows, implementing highly advanced features, or integrating various third-party tools, Desku always ensures that businesses can seamlessly mold the platform to align with their specific requirements and keep thriving.

2). Third-Party Integrations Without Constraints

Intercom offers many integrations, but it also limits the range of various third-party tools with which it seamlessly integrates.

Conversely, you enjoy a more extensive ecosystem of integrations with Desku. So connecting with the preferred tools is never a problem for Shopify merchants who go with Desku. They can create a perfect support environment to match their existing workflows.

3). Designing a Branded Support Experience

Sometimes, what a business offers isn’t the only thing that matters. What matters more is how the solution is provided and what sort of experiences users have with the specific brand or product.

A brand’s essence must be everywhere to create awareness and market products. Hence, this makes it vital that the support interface highly reflects the brand’s essence. This helps in cementing a consistent brand image and this is highly helpful when it comes to bringing in new customers. So, Desku indirectly helps attract more engagement.

4). In-depth customer Details for Personalized Support

Desku is highly committed to customization. Hence, Shopify merchants enjoy in-depth customer details with Desku. This proves highly important, especially if your customer support agents are not trained. And even a new support agent can handle customer queries very well.

The reason is that he will be easily able to navigate through customers’ history and preferences and won’t have difficulty offering a personalized support experience. This clearly means happiness will be added to the basket of customers, and the customer will carry forward with the service or product they buy from that Shopify merchant.

5). The Freedom to Evolve

With Intercom, it is somewhat tough for businesses to evolve their supported processes. On the other hand, Desku Empowers businesses with enough freedom to evolve continuously.

Shopify merchants get customization features to adapt the support system accordingly and help make customer support a dynamic asset in the customer’s e-commerce journey.

Elevating Support: Desku’s Advanced Solutions Stand Out

Today, if you have a reliable support team, it is not going to be enough. You need to support this support team. Yes, you read that right. Businesses need a hands-on alley that is always ready to dive into challenges and find solutions.

Hence, your support team does need a good enough set of tools to operate efficiently and show their best. Desku offers hands-on assistance, and that’s something where it sets itself apart from Intercom. Here they are:

1). Immediate Responsiveness for Swift Issue Resolution

Desku’s Advanced ticketing system is not just about issue logging and ticketing; it goes beyond that and fosters collaborative excellence among your support team staff members. This way, they can collectively address intricate issues.

In e-commerce, challenges often need input from multiple experts, and this sort of ticketing system proves to be a cornerstone for such solutions. This also makes the customer wait for less time to get the right solution to his query.

2). AI-Powered Efficiency for Informed Decision-Making

Desku has wonderful AI-powered features, whether you talk about suggested answers, EVA AI, or super amazing ticketing summaries. These all work hard to increase the efficiency of your support operations.

Your support agents enjoy concise yet highly comprehensive overviews of tough tickets. This makes facilitating decision-making easy. The suggested Answers feature recommends highly personalized responses that customers love, enhancing the efficiency of customer interactions.

Similarly, EVA AI offers a great opportunity to help the customer support agent and offers accurate answers without needing extensive training and this offers quick value for Shopify merchants.

3). Strategic Guidance Beyond Troubleshooting

Desku is highly committed to extending its support beyond troubleshooting. It believes in offering strategic guidance. You can look upon Desku’s support team as your strategic advisors.

They offer insight and explain a few strategies when needed to contribute to the long-term success of Shopify owners. This is something that sets Desku apart from various competitors.

Because for Desku, just bringing your business growth is not the last promise. It believes in helping in sustaining growth as well.

4). Adaptive Customization for Unique Business Needs

The customization capabilities of Desku’s Advanced Support feature help Shopify merchants adopt this platform for various business requirements. From integrations to workflows, Desku’s customization ensures that Shopify merchants can effortlessly tailor their support environment and create a solution that makes the lives of customers as well as support agents easy.

5). Customer Details for Personalized Interaction

The world of e -commerce is not that easy to live in for Shopify merchants as well as customer support staff. Sometimes, the technical challenges are so compl