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Shared Inbox

Unified Inbox for your team that helps in boosting productivity by streamlining the customer queries from different communication channel under one roof.

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6 June, 2023




What is Shared Inbox?

Nobody loves their Email Inbox with the flooding of necessary emails that are unread for days and months. The Shared Inbox helps in streamlining the customer queries in one. No email clusters. No unread or unattained email inbox, but a better version and way of managing the customer emails. To give your support agents a streamlined version of customer communication, a shared inbox can do wonders. 

What are the benefits of Shared Inbox?

  • Collaboration: A shared inbox allows multiple team members to access and respond to customer queries, facilitating teamwork and ensuring no message is overlooked.

  • Transparency: With a shared inbox, everyone on the team can see all incoming and outgoing messages, which promotes transparency and helps avoid miscommunication.

  • Efficiency: A shared inbox can increase efficiency by allowing team members to divide and conquer the workload, reducing response times.

  • Consistency: A shared inbox ensures that all team members have access to the same information, leading to more consistent responses to customers.

  • Accountability: With a shared inbox, it’s clear who is responsible for responding to each message, which can improve accountability within the team.

  • Coverage: A shared inbox ensures that customer queries are still addressed even if a team member is sick or on vacation.

  • Customer Satisfaction: By improving response times and consistency, a shared inbox can lead to higher customer satisfaction.

  • Knowledge Sharing: A shared inbox allows team members to learn from each other’s responses, promoting knowledge sharing and continuous learning



Customers can generate tickets through email addresses. receive an instant email and provide a solution instantly. 

Let’s see how you can configure the Shared Inbox with Desku👇

The role of a shared inbox in the helpdesk can be summarized as follows:

  • Centralized email address for customer inquiries and requests
  • Accessible and manageable by multiple support agents
  • Improves efficiency by allowing real-time collaboration and workload distribution
  • Ensures no inquiry goes unanswered
  • Improves visibility into the status of customer requests
  • Reduces response times and improves customer satisfaction.

Find the steps below to configure Shared Inbox

  1. Go to “browse integration”
  2. Select “Shared Inbox” 
  3. Configure it to add your Shared Inbox Email Address. 
  4. Select the “new shared inbox”

Fill up the details that are needed to add a shared inbox. 



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