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Experience hassle-free migration from Zendesk to Desku, an optimal alternative. Explore Desku's streamlined data import, enhancing customer service operations.

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6 June, 2023




What is Zendesk?

Zendesk is a popular customer service and support platform that offers a range of tools and features to help businesses manage their customer interactions effectively. It provides solutions for ticketing, knowledge base management, live chat, customer feedback, and more. 

What is Zendesk Migration Feature?

It is basically known as help desk migration. If you’re currently a Zendesk customer and considering a switch to Desku for your customer support needs, you may be concerned about the process of importing your valuable customer data. However, with Desku’s Zendesk Migration feature, you can seamlessly transfer all your Zendesk Customer Support Data to Desku without any hassle. Rest assured that every single customer query and detail will be imported, leaving you with no worries about missing out on any important information about your customer. 

What are the benefits of Zendesk Migration in Desku?

✅ Easy importing of customers hassle-free

✅ Hassle-free migration without any extra effort 

✅ No need for manual importing and long processes.

✅ No fear of losing out on any customer data or tickets. 

✅ Everything remains the same, but only a different platform

✅ No extra pricing to be paid for importing your customer data.



If you are Zendesk User and thinking about switching to Desku, here are some of the simplest steps that help in migrating the Zendesk account to Desku in just a few minutes. 

Follow some of the simplest steps mentioned below👇

  1. Go to your Zendesk “Admin Center” 
  2. Choose the “Apps and Integrations” option


3. Select the add API TOKEN

  1. Copy the “API TOKEN” 
  2. Open your Desku account, 
  3. Configure the “Zendesk” from the “Browse all Integrations” 
  1. Paste the API TOKEN that you copied from your Zendesk account. 
  2. Click on the “Import” button 

Zendesk Migration is successfully done, with just few steps!

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Experience hassle-free migration from Zendesk to Desku, an optimal alternative. Explore Desku’s streamlined data import, enhancing customer service operations.
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