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Connect Facebook with Desku

Connect your Facebook business account for a better connection with your Facebook customers because we allow you to integrate your Facebook account to have a centralized helpdesk that enables your agents to extend the productive experience with your customers. 

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What is Facebook?

Facebook is a popular social networking platform that allows users to create personal profiles, connect with friends and family, share photos and videos, send messages, and post updates. It was launched on February 4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg and his college roommates at Harvard University.

Here are some key features of Facebook:

  1. Profile: Each user has a personal profile where they can share information about themselves, such as their education, work, interests, and more.

  2. News Feed: The News Feed is where users can see updates from their friends and the pages they follow. This can include status updates, photos, videos, links, and more.

  3. Friends: Users can connect with other people by becoming friends on Facebook. Once you’re friends with someone, you can see their updates in your News Feed.

  4. Groups: Facebook Groups allow people with similar interests to come together and share related content. There are groups for a wide range of topics, from hobbies and interests to communities and causes.

  5. Pages: Businesses, organizations, celebrities, and other public figures can create Facebook Pages to connect with their fans or customers.

  6. Messenger: Facebook Messenger is a messaging feature that allows users to chat with their Facebook friends both on mobile and on the main website.

  7. Marketplace: Facebook Marketplace is a feature where users can buy and sell items with people in their community.

  8. Events: Users can create and share events on Facebook, as well as invite people to these events.

  9. Live Video: Facebook Live is a feature that allows users to live-stream video content to their friends and followers.

What are the benefits of Facebook Integration with Desku?

  1. Unified Inbox: Integration allows you to manage all your customer support requests from one place, regardless of whether they come from Facebook or other channels. This can make your support process more efficient and organized.

  2. Improved Response Times: By centralizing and streamlining your support process, you can respond to customer queries more quickly. This can lead to improved customer satisfaction.

  3. 24/7 Customer Support: With the help of automated responses, you can provide round-the-clock customer service. This ensures that customers receive immediate responses to their queries, even outside of business hours.

  4. Track Conversations: A helpdesk system can help you track and manage customer conversations more effectively. You can categorize and prioritize issues, assign them to specific team members, and track their progress until they’re resolved.

  5. Automated Replies: Helpdesk systems often provide features for setting up automated replies to common questions, which can save time and ensure consistent responses.

  6. Easy Access to Customer Information: Integration can provide you with easy access to relevant customer information, such as their interaction history. This can help you provide more personalized and effective support.

  7. Improved Team Collaboration: A helpdesk system can improve collaboration among your support team members. They can easily see who’s working on what, share information, and collaborate to resolve issues more effectively.

  8. Insights and Reporting: Helpdesk systems often provide reporting features that can give you valuable insights into your support performance. You can see metrics like your average response time, resolution time, customer satisfaction, and more. This can help you identify areas for improvement and measure the impact of any changes you make.

Connect your Facebook Business account with Desku in order to streamline Facebook activity like Comments and Messages in one. Do not need to toggle to the Facebook application to operate the data of your customer’s comments or messages on Messenger. Drive your customer support of Facebook from Desku itself. 

👉Install Facebook from Desku Integration



👉Simply connect your Facebook Page with Desku and get started. It is as simple as that to streamline your Facebook customer support under one roof. 

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