Discover the Treasure Trove of Knowledge Base

Let your customers help themselves with the most efficient Knowledge Base Software and gain insights.

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Generate endless articles in Self-Service Portal

Help customers to find their answers on their own through the informative self-service portal of your business. Generate endless and lightning-fast articles.

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Improved Knowledge Management System

Provide the information customers need from anywhere and anytime. May it be on any device to at the midnight.

Answer how Customers Expected

If a customer is unable to find an answer to their question in the relevant knowledge base, give them a clear path to reach out to your team directly.

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Give support options in Docs

Help customers easily reach out to you via email or chat on your Docs site itself, so your customers can still keep looking at the knowledge base for any help.
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Gain insight from Beacon activity

You can easily keep a track of which doc articles and web pages your customers are reading to find trends. Use these insights to update the articles that need new information.
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Provide Help-Center Website for Customers

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Work on all devices

No matter where your customers are, they can find answers on their desktop, tablet, or mobile.
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Built-in SSL

Give your customers some respite and peace through the SSL support option available for free on every website.
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Optimized for search

We have the auto-generated sitemap available inside our knowledge base software. You can also use configurable SEO options for each article.

Showcase Knowledge Base
Articles in Live Chat


Make rich and informative Knowledge Base

Write very informative and accurate Knowledge Base articles for customers so they can help themselves before approaching you.


Enable/Disable in Live Chat

Enable or Disable the Knowledge Base articles in the Live Chat. Customers will go through the articles before raising any queries to your support agent. 

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Skyrocket Your Sales Using Insights

Our Docs Report helps in understanding customer demands through their search history. Comprehend what
your customer can and cannot find and what percentage of users reach out to your support agents.













More features to look and discover

Discover what we do differently with our knowledge base software that makes our customers super
happy and successful!

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Build Customer's Trust

The relevant information that helps customers in getting answers eventually helps in building the trust in your business.

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Customize Anytime

Articles that you put in the Knowledge Base are editable anytime however you want them. Easy customization brings the flexibility.

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Indefinite Articles

No limits to uploading the articles. Upload as many articles you want for your customers and give maximum insights to educate them.

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Draft section at rescue

Not sure about uploading the article or want to upload it later? Easily publish in the draft section. Easily switch between "draft" and "publish" section by just one click.