Convert Social Interactions into Sales

Maximize the social media interactions into revenue generation without compromising customer support. Connect all social channels with Desku and get started.

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“Desku has so much integration between Shopify, Instagram, and Facebook. The Facebook ad commenting has been very interesting. People have been converting right there, thanks to a simple social interaction.”


Steven G

Customer Experience Manager

Uncomplicate Social Media Management

Hassle-free social media management without sharing your credential details to anyone with the team, and yet managing every customer from multiple channel under one roof.

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Get personal, it is allowed here

Always send personalised crafted messages to your customers so that they know you are genuinely concerned about them.

Built specifically for Ecommerce stores

Provide end-to-end solutions to your customers across every channel. Interact them with the right pace instantly may it be order refund or order delivery status. Desku will manage everything.

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Effortless social support for your store


Manage Facebook comments, ad comments, messages, and mentions

Desku creates a ticket whenever someone posts on your wall, sends you a personal message, or comments on both, paid and organic posts.

Manage Instagram messages, comments, ad comments, and mentions from posts and Stories

Desku creates a ticket whenever someone comments on your posts, mentions your Instagram handle in a story, posts or sends you a direct message.

Control who gets assigned social tickets (and what kind)

Assign your agents social tickets automatically or based on certain criteria set by you. Our automation tools can help you speed up query resolution over social media.

Reply on social or a different channel

Keep your multi-channel customer message history in one place to be easily seen while conversing with them on different platforms. Your agents can reply to your customers in the best possible way.

Create Macros for common social interactions

No more repetition of commonly written messages like “Thank you for shopping with us!” Speed up replies with matching brand guidelines using our macros.

How to Manage All Social Media in One Place



There is a lot of important context sprinkled throughout customer support conversations, and support reps often have to write summaries before handing conversations over to teammates.

Composer AI features

Our customers spend almost half of their Inbox time in the composer – the text field where they write messages to their customers. Even before the recent GPT models came out, we were investing substantially in AI to make this process more efficient.

Generate a help center article from shorthand

When there are common question request from the customer, share knowledge base articles for the better understanding of the queries that they are stuck at. 

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How our customers deliver exceptional
support on social channels

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How DSG decreases their response time by 50% and drive sales using Desku Chat

Decrease in First Response Time


Decrease in First Response Time


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How ActionVFX Reduces Their Response Time and Resolution Time by 35%



Support agents


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Know more about Desku!

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Live Chat

Get in touch with customers real-time and engage strongly knowing their queries. Insert a chat widget that answers in no time.

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Your support team may not be online all the time. Easily answer customer questions 24x7 with our no-code, easy-to-use chatbots.

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Unified Inbox

Use one inbox to streamline messages coming from different channels and answer them faster under one dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Social Media Inbox Software is a tool that helps manage and organize social media interactions and messages from various platforms in a single inbox.

Social Media Inbox Software works by connecting to different social media platforms and aggregating messages, comments, and mentions into a unified inbox. It allows users to respond, assign tasks, and track conversations efficiently.

The benefits of using Social Media Inbox Software include streamlining social media management, improving response times, enhancing collaboration among team members, monitoring brand mentions, and providing better customer support.

Social Media Inbox Software typically supports popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and sometimes others like YouTube and Pinterest.

Social Media Inbox Software varies in user-friendliness depending on the specific tool, but many platforms offer intuitive interfaces and features designed for beginners. Training and support resources are often available to help users get started.