Turn social interactions into sales, without slowing down support

Get yourself a powerful centralized helpdesk that enables your agents to extend a phenomenal shopping experience on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and much more.

Social media inbox with desku. Io
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“Desku has so much integration between Shopify, Instagram, and Facebook. The Facebook ad commenting has been very interesting. People have been converting right there, thanks to a simple social interaction.”

- Steven G, Customer Experience Manager

A social support workflow exclusively made to help your agents

Leave the fuss of remembering social media credentials

With Desku’s integration into your social media apps, your agent can directly answer questions from any social media account without asking for login credentials from your social media manager every time.

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Message history with desku. Io

Craft personalized replies, in context

With tools that help you view your customer’s message history across all social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can personalize messages to make your customers feel special.

Built specifically for ecommerce stores

Impactful actions like refunding an order can be done through your helpdesk itself when you connect your Shopify, BigCommerce, or Magento store with Desku. Don’t just respond on social but empower your agents to provide end-to-end solutions to your customers over social media itself.

Connect shopify with desku. Io
Effortless social support for your store

Manage Facebook comments, ad comments, messages, and mentions

Desku creates a ticket whenever someone posts on your wall, sends you a personal message, or comments on both, paid and organic posts.

Manage Instagram messages, comments, ad comments, and mentions from posts and Stories

Desku creates a ticket whenever someone comments on your posts, mentions your Instagram handle in a story, posts or sends you a direct message.

Manage Twitter replies, mentions, and direct messages

Our helpdesk creates a ticket whenever your tweet someone sends you a private message, or when your brand gets mentioned in a tweet.

Control who gets assigned social tickets (and what kind)

Assign your agents social tickets automatically or based on certain criteria set by you. Our automation tools can help you speed up query resolution over social media.

Create Macros for common social interactions

No more repetition of commonly written messages like "Thank you for shopping with us!" Speed up replies with matching brand guidelines using our macros.

Reply on social or a different channel

Keep your multi-channel customer message history in one place to be easily seen while conversing with them on different platforms. Your agents can reply to your customers in the best possible way.

How we help our customers deliver exeptional support on social channels

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Talk to your customers where they are

Live Chat

Get in touch with customers real-time and engage strongly knowing their queries. Insert a chat widget that answers in no time.


Your support team may not be online all the time. Easily answer customer questions 24x7 with our no-code, easy-to-use chatbots.

Unified Inbox

Use one inbox to streamline messages coming from different channels and answer them faster under one dashboard.