Unified Multi-Channel Customer Support

Never let go of any customers unanswered by simply connecting social channels with Desku.

A man is holding a phone with different social media icons on it, seeking customer support.


Faster responses

with automated messaging and canned responses


Faster resolutions

when on-point routing assigns the right agent for each issue instantly


Better CSAT and NPS Scores

when improved response and resolution times boost customer satisfaction

Multiple Channel, One Place

Yes, you heard it right. ALL channels in one platform

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Unify your chat services into one convenient spot.

Managing communications across WhatsApp, Instagram, and multiple Facebook Pages can be daunting. Streamline your messaging by consolidating them into a single unified inbox.

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Uniform ways of getting in touch

Maintain relationships via multiple channels like Social Platform, Website or Emails? Integrate all your channels with Desku for seamless communication.

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Integrate Specific Channels

Include regional messaging apps, e-commerce platforms or others as unique channels for your business niche, to work together with the rest of your support infrastructure.

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How Desku AI Can Automate Customer Support?


Summarize the inquiry


AI Composed Text Editor

Our customers spend around half of their Inbox time in the edit box, writing messages to their customers. We have been investing heavily in AI to make this process even more efficient and smoother for you, long before GPT models emerged.


Help Center Articles just a click away

This enhancement helps customers create help content efficiently, by providing adequate coverage for Customer inquiries, similar to the Expand feature in the composer, which works better on longer customer FAQs. Do not go out of the inbox, get it all done staying in one place.

A screenshot of a text message from customer support discussing a mortgage.


Mailbox curated for Support Agents

We offer powerful tools to quickly solve problems and effectively supervise agents.

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A screenshot of the customer support submit bug report page.

Use Unified Ticketing Section

Receive customer inquires through email, convert live chats into support tickets, or manage WhatsApp through the ticketing segment and manage all inquires in one place.


Experience Conversational Automated Support

Provide Support like no other

Being the best in providing Customer Support, can be a huge advantage amongst competitors. Solve high-priority queries first, and assign them to the right support agent with quality resolutions.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

You can contact the support of Desku at [email protected] where you can mail us anytime, and we will always be glad to assist you and take your suggestions. 

Desku is an all-in-one support and business messaging platform specially curated for Small and Medium Businesses in Ecommerce or other sectors. Multiple integrations help you to avoid toggling between multiple platforms. It also has easy migration from other platforms like Zendesk and Freshdesk. It has its own integration like Shared Inbox, Live Chat, Knowledge base and no-code chatbot builder. 

Not only that but you can take 7 days free trial and look for yourself. 

Yes, you can switch to Desku easily from the platforms like Zendesk and Freshdesk from the integration section of Desku. 

Desku provides multi-channel communication support that can be easily integrated like Facebook, WhatsApp and more.