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Whatsapp ecommerce is a popular mobile app that allows users to connect with others and engage in various online transactions. With its seamless messaging and secure payment features, whatsapp has become one of the most trusted platforms for

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WhatsApp Ecommerce Integration: Catalogues and Carts

Craft a seamless customer journey, introducing products via WhatsApp for Ecommerce like catalogues and carts to make easy hassle-free purchase.

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Easy Business with Custom Notifications & Auto-Replies

You do not require complicated flows and path builders to manage customer conversations. Create simple automated workflows to improve customer experience with WhatsApp for Ecommerce

Bulk Campaigns &

Create recall and boost sales by reaching out to your customers with personalized and effective communication.

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Shared Team Inbox

Many agents can collaborate to provide quality customer service by using one single Whatsapp Number.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A WhatsApp ecommerce chatbot is a chatbot designed to interact with customers and facilitate ecommerce transactions on the WhatsApp messaging platform.

A WhatsApp ecommerce chatbot can benefit your business by providing instant customer support, automating order processes, offering personalized recommendations, sending order updates, and increasing customer engagement and satisfaction.

The features of a WhatsApp ecommerce chatbot may include product catalog display, order placement and tracking, payment integration, automated responses, FAQ handling, customer profiling, and integration with CRM systems.

A WhatsApp ecommerce chatbot works by integrating with the WhatsApp Business API to send and receive messages, interpret customer queries, provide relevant information, and process transactions using predefined conversational flows and automated responses.

Limitations of using a WhatsApp ecommerce chatbot may include limited customization options, potential language or regional restrictions, dependence on the WhatsApp platform’s availability and policies, and the need for ongoing monitoring and maintenance.