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Understanding enterprise search benefits

Enterprise Search Explained: Definitions, Benefits & Examples for 2024

A picture of a group of people in front of a building, showcasing best practices in customer communication.

The Complete Guide to Customer Communication | Examples and Best Practices

Do you know these 5 smart ways to tackle the ecommerce industry?

A Guide on Ecommerce Inventory Management [ 5 Ways to Manage It ]

People first learn to get the best customer service with comprehensive access.

Customer Service Operations: A Comprehensive Expert Guide

Ai transforming business operations

How AI Workflow Automation Is Changing Businesses?

A group of people standing in front of a building with the words tell me about cryptp and a the ultimate guide, powered by chatgpt for saas.

ChatGPT for SaaS : The Ultimate Guide to Using Generative AI

7 ecommerce email marketing best practices boost your business with effective strategies

7 Ecommerce Email Marketing Best Practices: Boost Your Business With Effective Strategies

A group of people at a table analyzing customer service metrics.

Top 15 Customer Service Metrics and KPIs for Better Customer Service

What is proactive customer service?

What Is Proactive Customer Service? [Importance in 2024]

A painting capturing the lively scene of children engaged in play outside a building.

Best Customer Service Tips to Enhance Satisfaction [ 9+ Techniques for 2024 ]

Customer service trends 2024 15 essential insights

Customer Service Trends 2024: 15 Essential Insights

Discover the best live chat apps for effective customer support.

Best Live Chat Apps: 9 Amazing Choices for Customer Support

A comprehensive guide to helpdesk automation, exploring 10 platforms and highlighting the numerous benefits they offer.

HelpDesk Automation Guide: [10 Platforms + Benefits]

Let me guide you on how to write customer service policies.

How To Write Customer Service Policies [Examples + Benefits]

What are ways to prioritize customer service requests effectively?

9 Ways to Prioritize the Customer Service Requests

It's difficult to understand the importance of calculating cwm.

How to Calculate Gross Merchandise Value [Definition + Importance]

Don't worry, we will outsource our customer service.

What Is Outsourcing Customer Service? Know Everything About It

A man in a roman costume is delivering an ecommerce launch checklist to another man.

The Ultimate Ecommerce Launch Checklist for Business Growth

What is freshdesk?

What Is Freshdesk [Features + Pros and Cons]

Utilize return management software for efficient handling of customer refunds in your business.

9 Top Return Management Software for Your Business in 2024

Evaluating customer service teams

Evaluating Customer Service Teams [A Guide]

What is wismo?

What Is WISMO and How to Reduce Requests [7 Best Ways]

A woman and a boy sitting at a table, receiving pre-sales support.

Pre-Sales Support: A Guide to Definition, Benefits, and Enhancing Performance

Reduce shipping costs

8 Ways to Reduce Shipping Costs Strategically and Boost Your Savings

A captivating image featuring jesus and a woman, showcasing the spirituality and connection between them.

11 Best BigCommerce Apps to Escalate Ecommerce Business in 2024

We are here to tell you about how you can improve your customers' performance through customer support incentives.

9 Customer Support Incentives to Boost Performance in Business [2024 Edition]

Ecommerce product organization

What Is Ecommerce Product Categorisation: Everything You Need to Know

Jesus is addressing a group of people about freshdesk pricing.

Detailed Freshdesk Pricing [Plans + Billings + Addons ]

An ecommerce painting capturing a niche group of people sitting around a table.

How to Find an Ecommerce Niche in a Few Easy Steps?

A conversational painting depicting a group of people engaged in dialogue.

6 Conversational Customer Service Types in Ecommerce Business

Ways to improve ecommerce customer retention.

How to Improve Ecommerce Customer Retention Rate [6 Best Strategies]

A painting showcasing a group of people engrossed in deep conversation around a elegantly set table.

Time to Resolution: [What Is It + Measurement + Ways to Reduce It]

A painting of a group of people in front of a building showcased on an ecommerce platform.

Beginner's Guide to Ecommerce Tech Stacks for Business

Post-purchase: a painting depicting a group of people sitting around a table, creating a sense of connection and companionship.

Ecommerce Post-Purchase Strategies to Improve Customer Experience in 2024

An ecommerce painting showcasing a lively conversation between a man and a woman.

Ecommerce Churn Rate: How Measure and Reduce It in 2024

Ecommerce growth strategies: unlocking the best strategies for your business

11 Ecommerce Growth Strategies to increase revenue in business

A painting depicting a group of people engaged in discussion around a table.

How to Write an Angry Email Professionally [8 Templates to Follow]

10 website chatbot examples in 2024 enhance customer engagement.

10 Website Chatbot Examples in 2024 [Boost Customer Engagement]

How customer retention elevates your ecommerce store

How Customer Retention Elevates Your eCommerce Store?

Discover the swift method to change your shopify store name effortlessly.

Quick Guide: How to Change Shopify Store Name Successfully

A hand holding a tablet with a piece of a puzzle on it, connecting to instagram with shopify.

Learn How to Connect Shopify to Instagram: A Step-by-Step Guide

A pair of hands holding a tablet with a tiktok pixel on it.

Easy Guide to Add TikTok Pixel to Shopify for Success

Looking for an expert's guide on setting up a shopify store? Wondering if you need an llc for your online business? Look no further! Our comprehensive guide will walk you through the process and help

Do You Need an LLC for Shopify Store: Expert’s Guide

What is sandisk used for? Sandisk is a renowned brand known for manufacturing high-quality storage devices such as usb flash drives and memory cards. These devices are widely used for storing and transferring

What is Zendesk Used For? | Use Zendesk Help

Learn how to remove the "powered by shopify" attribution from your website.

How to Remove Powered by Shopify on Your Website (and What To Change Instead)

A circle of assorted shopify icons showcasing various shopify apps.

36 Top Shopify Apps for 2024: Boost Your Store’s Performance

Best shopify themes for business success

Best Shopify Themes for Your Business’ Success

Is intercom review chatbot platform worth your money?

Intercom review: Is Intercom Platform Worth Your Money in 2024?

Beware 9 zendesk negatives that you'll hate.

BEWARE: 9 Negatives (cons) of Zendesk you’ll hate!

Discover the best shopify live chat app for 2020 and choose with ease.

How to choose the Best Shopify Live Chat App in 2024

Enhance your shopify success with essential customer service skills.

12 Customer Service Skills for Shopify Success

Learn how to effortlessly create flawless shopify customer accounts with this simple yet comprehensive guide.

How To Create Perfect Shopify Customer Accounts: Easy Guide

Customer engagement is a pivotal aspect of any business, and comparing the effectiveness of intercom and desk. Com in achieving this goal can provide valuable insights. Both intercom and desk. Com offer robust customer engagement solutions

Customer Engagement: Desku vs Intercom – Who Delivers More

Intercom is an advanced communication platform that offers seamless integrations with other software solutions, allowing businesses to efficiently manage customer interactions.

Desku vs Intercom Integrations: Expanding Support Workflows

Intercom's user experience

The Customer Journey: Desku vs. Intercom’s User Experience

Comparing intercom and desku, while highlighting the missing intercom features.

Desku vs Intercom Features: What’s on offer & What’s Missing!

Deksu vs intercom: choosing the right support solution for your budget

Desku vs Intercom: Which Support Solution Fits Your Budget

Get insightful pros and cons before buying an intercom subscription.

Read 9 Facts (Pros and Cons) Before Buying Intercom Subscription

A laptop with shopify specific support desk and tailored solutions using intercom.

Shopify Specific Support: Desku and Intercom Tailored Solutions

The best seo app for shopify to increase traffic flow faster in 2020.

Best SEO app for Shopify: Increase Traffic Flow faster in 2023

Looking for the best shopify review app? Look no further! Our app is highly recommended as the best review app for shopify in 2020 and 2021.

Best Review App for Shopify in 2023 & 2024

Expert's guide to the best ecommerce order management systems in 2021.

Best Ecommerce Order Management Systems in 2023: Expert’s Guide

Discover the top 14 landing page builder apps for shopify.

 14 Best Landing Page builder Apps for Shopify 

Pricing and evaluating intercom for your business.

Pricing and ROI: Evaluating Desku and Intercom for Your Business

Desku vs zendesk cost comparison who offers more for less

Desku vs Zendesk – Who Accommodates Business Growth Better in 2024?

Guide to canceling zendesk subscription

How to Cancel Zendesk Subscription: Know in 6 Minutes

Migrating from zendesk to deku can transform your support leaving behind the limitations of traditional helpdesk platforms.

Why Migrating from Zendesk to Desku Can Transform Your Support Team

Utilizing dsku reporting tools for analysis outside zendesk.

How Desku’s Reporting Tools Outshine Zendesk in 2023

Read zendesk reviews to gain valuable insights about the platform.

Zendesk reviews 2023: What customers complain and love

A cost comparison of two logos with the words zoodek vs zoobek in relation to zendesk.

Desku vs Zendesk Cost Comparison: Who Offers More for Less

How desku's analytics benefit your shopify store

How Desku Analytics Benefit Your Shopify Store?

Do you need a business license to sell on shopify? Find out if a business license is required for your shopify store.

Do You Need a Business License to Sell on Shopify?

Does shopify provide tax documents?

Does Shopify Provide Tax Documents: Shopify 1099 Form

A zendesk diagram illustrating customer engagement in desku digital marketing.

How Desku Enhances Customer Engagement Compared to Zendesk

A visually appealing isometric image of the word uix on a blue background, highlighting the importance of ui/ux in a customer service software.

Importance of UI/UX in a Customer Service Software

A hand holding a tablet with a puzzle piece on it, demonstrating the connection between shopify forms and highlevel.

How to Connect Shopify Forms to HighLevel: 6 Minute Guide

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on adding a video to the shopify video banner section.

How to Add a video to Shopify Video Banner Section?

Shopify plus pricing

Shopify Plus Pricing: Is Justice Done to Ecommerce Owners?

This expert's guide will show you how to put icon images in the shopify footer.

How to Put Icon Images in Shopify Footer: Expert’s Guide

Are you planning a migration from magento to shopify? Use this comprehensive magento to shopify migration checklist to ensure a smooth transition.

Magento to Shopify Migration Checklist: A Step-by-Step Guide

Discover a simple guide to seamlessly integrate your shopify products into google merchant center.

How to Add Shopify Products to Google Merchant Center?

Shared mailbox vs distribution list: learn the difference between a shared mailbox and a distribution list.

Shared Mailbox vs Distribution List: Differences Worth Knowing in 2024

A hand holding an instagram app on a tablet, demonstrating how to link shopify to instagram.

How to Link Shopify to Instagram: Know in 4 Minutes

A pair of hands holding a tablet featuring an apple pay puzzle piece on a shopify store.

How To Add Apple Pay To Shopify Store: 4 Mins Guide

Are you looking to enhance your shopify orders using desktop? Learn the strategies and techniques to increase shopify orders with the power of desktop technology.

How Can You Increase Shopify Orders With Desku Helpdesk?

Zoosk is a popular online dating platform that offers a seamless user experience with its innovative features and advanced matchmaking algorithms. With its constant updates and enhancements, zoosk remains at the forefront

Which Helpdesk Solution Scales Better in 2024 – Desku vs Zendesk

An email with a person providing customer feedback accompanied by a star and a smiley face.

What is Customer feedback: Effective Collection Methods and Its Impact on Business Growth

Two people sitting at a desk at a computer, discussing strategies for building a customer service team.

How to build an effective customer service team: Guide to boost customer experience

Best hubspot alternatives

Top 11 Budget-Friendly HubSpot CRM Alternatives for 2024: Boost Your Business with Affordable Solutions

A man and a woman standing on top of a bar chart, discussing how to reduce returns in e-commerce.

10 Best Tips on How to Reduce Returns in E-Commerce [Stats and Best Practices]

Customer feedback email templates

10 Ultimate Customer Feedback Email Templates [Copy Examples]

What is customer engagement

What is Customer Engagement: A Comprehensive Guide to Strategies and Benefits

Customer acquisition tools

Top 8 Customer Acquisition Tools to Boost Your Business Growth in 2024

Customer engagement score

5 Best Ways to Calculate Customer Engagement Score for Business

An illustration of a woman holding a mobile phone with icons on it, demonstrating customer engagement strategies.

Top 10 Customer Engagement Strategies for Enhanced Business Growth in 2024

A person is enthusiastically jumping up and down in front of a laptop while experiencing firsthand how chatbots improve customer experience.

How Chatbots Improve Customer Experience in 2024? [5 Best Reasons]

A circle with a variety of icons, including a shopify and help desk app.

9 Best Shopify Help Desk Apps for 2023 [Features + Benefits]

Ai tools for ecommerce business

Top 12 Game-Changing AI Tools for Ecommerce Success in 2024

A man with a headset is providing exceptional customer service while communicating with various icons, using the best customer service software available.

Top 7 Customer Service Software Solutions for Enhanced Support in 2024

A cloud with a shopping cart on top of it, highlighting the benefits of live chat for ecommerce.

10 Impressive Benefits of Live Chat for Ecommerce Business