Updated : Apr 24, 2024
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What Is WISMO and How to Reduce Requests [7 Best Ways]

What is WISMO?

What Is WISMO and How to Reduce Requests [7 Best Ways]

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What is WISMO?

Imagine this, you’re in a packed warehouse, and the buzz of work surrounds you. Your online enterprise is doing great, but with every new batch of orders, a recurring question from customers keeps popping up: ‘Where is my order?’ or in short, WISMO.

These aren’t just simple queries. They express your customer’s excitement, impatience, and sometimes, their irritation. They can also pile up pressure on your customer service team and inflate your operating expenses.

So, what’s the best way to handle and decrease these WISMO requests? Stick with us, as we’re about to share seven top strategies to lighten this load, improving your customer’s post-purchase journey, and ultimately, pushing your business towards greater success.

Key Takeaway :

WISMO, short for “Where is my order?,” is a common customer inquiry that reflects their anticipation and trust in your business. To reduce these requests, businesses can implement strategies such as real-time order tracking, proactive communication, and self-service options, ultimately improving the post-purchase experience and decreasing operational costs.

What is WISMO?

If you’ve ever shopped online, you’re probably familiar with the feeling of anticipation that comes after placing an order. You can’t help but wonder, ‘Where’s my package?’ In the online shopping world, this common question is often referred to as WISMO, short for ‘Where is my order?’

Grasping the meaning of WISMO, which stands for ‘Where is my order?’, is key for any business selling goods online. With smart tactics, you can cut down on these inquiries and make your customers’ experience more pleasant.

So, what’s the big deal about this WISMO thing? Well, it’s more than just a question. It’s a reflection of how much a customer trusts your business and how satisfied they are with your service. Believe it or not, about 15% of all customer service requests are WISMO-related. That’s a pretty significant chunk, don’t you think?

But answering these questions isn’t just about finding out where the package is. It’s also about improving the overall shopping experience for your customers. The way you handle these questions can either make or break your business reputation.

5 Best Ways to Reduce WISMO Requests in Business

We have known WISMO till now, but how about lowering the WISMO in your business?

First off, be transparent about delivery times. It’s important your customers know when they’ll receive their orders. This can stop a lot of WISMO inquiries before they happen.

Another good idea is to give customers the chance to track their orders in real time. The more they know about their package’s location, the less likely they are to call asking where it is.

That’s not all, though. You can cut down on WISMO calls even more by using chatbots powered by artificial intelligence. These clever little bots can give up-to-the-minute updates and help customers, which takes some pressure off your support team.

Let’s learn and know about the best 5 ways that help to reduce WISMO requests in the business!

1. Real-Time Order Tracking

Do you know how real-time order tracking can dramatically cut down on WISMO requests and boost customer happiness?

It’s pretty simple, really. When you keep your customers in the loop with shipping updates as they happen, they’re less likely to be left wondering where their package is. That’s what leads to those pesky WISMO inquiries.

So, how can you make the most out of real-time order tracking? Here are a few tips:

  • Set up sophisticated tracking systems: Use tools that provide thorough package tracking.
  • Work with shipping carriers that give live updates.
  • Teach your customers: Show them how they can use the tracking information. Provide self-help resources to cut down even more on WISMO inquiries.

Doing all this doesn’t just cut down on WISMO. It also helps your customers trust your brand even more.

2. Multi-Channel Customer Notifications

Imagine this: You’ve just ordered a product online. Wouldn’t it be great to get real-time updates about your order via your preferred communication channels? That’s the power of multi-channel customer notifications.

This isn’t just about bombarding customers with messages. It’s about strategically using different platforms like email, text messages, or even social media to keep customers in the loop about their order status. You see, this proactive approach does two things: It reduces the number of ‘Where Is My Order?’ (WISMO) inquiries and, in turn, decreases the load on your customer support team.

The beauty of this approach is that it creates a smooth post-purchase experience, which can lead to happier customers. And as we all know, happy customers are more likely to stick around.

But here’s the catch: This isn’t something you can whip up overnight. It requires a detailed and well-executed strategy. So, if done right, multi-channel notifications can be a game-changer for reducing WISMO inquiries, boosting customer satisfaction, and refining your customer service strategy.

3. Offer Package Protection

Have you ever considered the calming effect of package protection? It’s a brilliant way to cut down on those pesky ‘where is my order’ queries and keep your customers smiling after they’ve clicked ‘buy’.

Here’s why it’s a good move:

  • Your customers know their orders are safe from any mishaps.
  • It builds faith in your delivery process, as customers feel looked after.
  • It reduces the chance of your brand’s reputation suffering due to ‘where is my order’ questions.
  • It’s a proactive approach that can keep customers coming back for more.

Adding package protection to your tracking page gives customers another reason to feel good about their purchase. It’s a clear promise of care that can help reduce those ‘where is my order’ queries. Keep in mind – offering package protection is like offering a little peace of mind.

4. Improve Your Post-Purchase Experience

Boosting your customer satisfaction and cutting down on those pesky WISMO queries involves refining your post-purchase experience. How do you do that? Keep your customers in the loop about the status of their orders. Updates sent directly to their email or phone can make a world of difference – they’ll know exactly when their package is arriving.

Ever thought about using tech solutions like automatic tracking systems or chatbots? They’re a game changer. They can handle everyday questions, making things smoother for you while giving customers instant replies.

And don’t forget about your customer service staff – they need to be up to speed on handling the tricky WISMO queries quickly and professionally.

5. Address WISMO Concerns Ahead of Time

Addressing ‘Where Is My Order’ (WISMO) concerns before they arise can really improve your customer’s experience and their loyalty towards your brand. So, how can you make this happen?

Here are a few effective strategies:

  • Keep your customers in the loop with real-time tracking information. When they can see where their package is at any given time, they won’t feel the need to reach out and ask.
  • Improve your communication channels. If customers can track their packages on their own, they won’t need to call and ask about their order.

And when it comes to dealing with WISMO effectively:

  • Use top-of-the-line tracking systems and automated notifications. When customers are alerted about key shipping milestones, they can anticipate their package arrival and won’t need to ask.
  • Work closely with your shipping carriers to ensure reliable delivery. This will lessen the need for WISMO calls, and in turn, build customer trust and satisfaction.

Why Should Companies Care About WISMO?

To make the importance of managing “Where Is My Order?” (WISMO) inquiries clear and actionable, here’s the content converted into a concise, point-wise format:

  1. Enhances Customer Satisfaction: Effectively managing WISMO requests significantly boost customer happiness and loyalty, which are crucial for repeat business.
  2. Reduces Operational Costs: High volumes of WISMO inquiries increase customer service workload, leading to higher operational costs. Streamlining these inquiries can mitigate unnecessary expenses.
  3. Improves Efficiency: A flood of WISMO questions can overwhelm customer support teams, detracting from their ability to perform other essential tasks efficiently.
  4. Real-Time Order Tracking: Implementing real-time tracking allows customers to monitor their order’s journey without direct inquiries, reducing WISMO requests.
  5. Boosts Brand Reputation: Excelling in handling WISMO inquiries enhances a company’s reputation, promoting customer trust and loyalty.
  6. Increases Sales: A positive post-purchase experience, including efficient WISMO management, can lead to increased customer retention and sales.
  7. Frees Up Resources: Lowering the number of WISMO requests enables customer service teams to allocate more time to improving other areas of service, enhancing overall business performance.

By focusing on these key points, businesses can better understand why managing WISMO inquiries is crucial for success and how it benefits both the customer experience and the company’s bottom line.

Why WISMO Calls Happen?

Knowing the ins and outs of WISMO calls is definitely a big part of running a smooth operation. But it’s just as vital to grasp why customers make these calls in the first place. Simply put, WISMO calls usually happen when customers are eager for updates on their package delivery. If they encounter delays or aren’t given enough tracking information, they’re more likely to get in touch, which naturally leads to more WISMO calls.

If you’re keen to cut down on WISMO calls, it’s a good idea to get familiar with these common triggers:

  • No Real-time Updates: Customers like to be in the know. If you’re not keeping them informed, you’re more likely to get WISMO calls.
  • It’s worth taking another look at your communication channels
  • Try to make a habit of providing regular status updates
  • Delivery Delays: If customers don’t have a clue when their package will arrive, it can make them nervous, which can lead to WISMO calls.
  • Make sure to be upfront about delivery times
  • If there might be delays, let your customers know in advance

How Much Does WISMO Cost Companies?

Understanding the financial side of WISMO is critical for your ecommerce venture. It’s not just about the numbers, but about maintaining the balance between your profitability and customer satisfaction.

Let’s talk about the cost of automated responses for WISMO queries. Each ticket can cost anything between 10 to 14 cents. Doesn’t sound like much, right? But, when you’re dealing with large volumes, every little cent counts and it can accumulate quickly.

Now, what happens when you can’t automate? The cost takes a hike. Between the price of one ticket and labour costs, you could be looking at roughly $14. So, if you find yourself dealing with about 150 WISMO requests, your expenses could be anywhere between $21 and a staggering $1,815.

Think about how it affects your customers. When WISMO costs are high, it can force you to increase your prices, and that could directly hit your customer satisfaction ratings. That’s why it’s important to have a strategic plan in place.

Investing in efficient systems that can manage WISMO queries is a good start. Making customer communication a priority can reduce the number of calls to your customer support, which in turn, can bring down your WISMO costs. And the best part? It can help improve your customer’s overall experience with your brand.

How can Desku help in reducing the WISMO requests?

Desku is an AI-equipped help desk customer support platform that helps solve customer queries seamlessly with its outstanding features. It can help in various ways to reduce WISMO requests in your Ecommerce business and some of the basic ones are;

👉🏻 Self-Service Option: It is one of the most reliable options for customers to help themselves. The basic shipping rules can be noted down for customers to view which will help in answering their questions without getting in touch with anyone.

👉🏻 No-Code Chatbot Builder: Chatbot Builder helps in creating automated answering messages to customers without agents being online 24/7. This helps in reducing the load of support agents and customers can get answers anytime they raise common or repeated queries.

👉🏻 Integration with Shopify: Desku integrates with Shopify hassle-free where you can find all the information of your Shopify customers in the sidebar menu of the dashboard itself.

👉🏻 Macros and Automation: Macros help to channel repeated tasks like refunding or exchanging products automatically. Similarly macros for “WISMO” can be created and implemented accordingly.

Desku can be one of the best all-in-one customer support platforms that will not only help to reduce WISMO requests but also manage other customer support queries under one platform, hassle-free.

Gaurav Nagani
Gaurav Nagani
As Founder & CEO of Desku.io, Gaurav has made a distinct mark in the customer support and ai bot field. His commitment to AI-enhanced solutions and his industry experience have been instrumental in modernizing customer service.

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