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11 Best AI Chatbots For Business Needs To Consider [Our Top Picks]

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11 Best AI Chatbots For Business Needs To Consider [Our Top Picks]

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Having a nuanced conversation with a customer is an art, it should never be taken lightly as it affects the company’s reputation and builds trust.

Not a single customer likes to wait or even appreciates the delayed replies and as a human, it is impossible always to stay upright and give answers to customers.

Yes, because we are humans!

But who can help us?

A well-trained Best AI Chatbot can help “humans” to sleep peacefully at night without worrying about customers waiting for an answer in a queue.

Let’s explore types of AI Chatbots that can be a perfect fit for your business.

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Build chatbot in minutes!

Key Takeaways

  • What is an AI Chatbot?
  • 11 Best AI Chatbots to consider in 2024
  • Chatbot functionalities and use cases in business
  • Terminology comparison
  • Implementation of AI Chatbot in multiple industries

In 2024, businesses can benefit from using AI chatbots for customer support, marketing and sales, writing and editing, HR and hiring processes, and more. The best AI chatbots to consider include Desku for customer service, ChatGPT for all-purpose tasks, Google Bard for brainstorming and research, CopyAI for creative writing, Perplexity.ai for web summarization, Botpress for building bots, and Duolingo for educational purposes.

What is an AI Chatbot?

Most Advance Conversional Customer Service Automation Chatbot by Desku.io

An AI chatbot is considered to be a necessity of any business that is well-trained in artificial intelligence can exactly get into conversation with humans and can help automate the process. They are trained in the best forms to provide accurate answers to customers or visitors.

An artificial intelligence chatbot known as a conversational AI chatbot makes use of natural language processing to answer customer queries and support customers. It is a chatbot AI like ChatGPT that relies on an artificial intelligence (A) model such as GPT-4. The best AI chatbots of 2023AI-powered chatbots such as these are among the most enjoyable to use. They can be part of a chatbot app or form the basis of an AI platform, bringing together ChatGPT’s reliability and helpfulness into one response.

11 Best AI Chatbots to Consider in 2024

AI Chatbots today have become smarter than ever before when it comes to automation, you can build a chatbot according to your business requirements. I have specially curated the list of best sectors where Chatbots can be utilised well and how! While you have questions about which AI chatbot is best, let’s dig in and know more.

Customer Support: Desku.io
All-purpose chatbot: ChatGPT
Brainstorming + Intellectual Chatbot: Google Bard
Creative Writing: CopyAI
Web Summarisation: Perplexity.ai
Open Source Chatbot: Botpress
Educational Chatbot: Duolingo
Sales and Marketing: Jasper. chat
Everyday chatbot conversation: Roof.ai

✅ Desku.io

Best AI Chatbot for Customer Service

Desku : best ai chatbots for your business
Desku: chatbot builder

Desku.io is an AI-powered help desk customer support platform, that helps all businesses to handle their customer queries on the go with the unified inbox.

Almost every feature of Desku helps in managing customer queries automatically. Desku has a no-code chatbot builder that helps to build the chatbot with just a drag-and-drop conversational interface.

You do not need coding skills to develop a chatbot for your business.

Why choose Desku.io for automating conversation?

🤖 Easy to build (no-code)

🤖 Can be edited and deleted anytime

🤖 Convienent for all business types

🤖 Integrated in the live chat widget itself

🤖 Easy human handoff process for customers

🤖 Can be integrated into multiple communication and E-commerce platforms

Desku is considered to be a versatile customer support platform, that covers almost everything that a business owner needs.

There are plenty of things that need to be handled considering the customer support platform, but it makes it easier with the automation and chatbot process even in the absence of customer support agents.

Create a chatbot for customer support with the finest and easiest drag-and-drop conversational interface with Desku.

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Build a no-code chatbot with desku


Father of automation

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There is not a single person on this planet who is unaware of the ChatGPT (except my mom).

OpenAI came in late 2022 and it did not have to put efforts into marketing as it gained popularity immediately and was in instant use for everyone.

It was a free platform and it gained the immense addiction of using it as it gave human-like answers to users with just a single prompt command, and you are served with accurate answers.

There are various models of OpenAI which are currently in use by users such as OpenAI GPT- 3 and GPT-4 that accurately provide the answers to users with the prompt generated by them.

It may be content generation or coding suggestions, it has got you covered. The best AI chatbot like ChatGPT can do all the desired tasks.

✅ Google Bard

Get details summarized with Google Bard

Image 42
Google bard

Gemini ( Formally google bard ) was launched after OpenAI, which tried exactly to build like OpenAI but it has stood out with its speciality. Considering the content writers in particular, the research time of writers has shortened with the help of Google Bard and hence it has saved a lot of time.

Writing emails, and cover letters, rewriting content, and resumes, fetching any specific information from the 100s of sources, Google Bard has got it covered.

As it is developed by Google, it also gives an option to search the information from Google but from Bard itself. Kind of, it has its search engines when needed to use it.

Considering the negative output, it has also proved to give misleading information quite a few times. In a way, you cannot rely 100% on Google Bard.

✅ CopyAI

Transform your copywriting with CopyAI

Image 43
Copy. Ai

This software will help in creating content more effectively and efficiently through AI technology. 

Artificial intelligence can be used in developing content catering to various needs such as generating a description, marketing copies, and email templates through different AI models. 

On this platform, marketers and content creators can generate creative content through user inputs and brainstorming in a very quick manner.

Copy.ai can help make the content-creating process more efficient, and help you write large amounts of content without sacrificing the quality. 

It should be kept in mind that although these AI-generated tools are quite innovative, the content through them should be screened by people and not completely rely on the tool for quality output.

✅ Perplexity.ai

Fasten your research game

Image 44
Perplexity. Ai

Considering the research game, I involve Perplexity.ai as it is considered to be the second-best AI chatbot that helps to fasten your research game stronger with just one click.

Not only does it give the output with the information, but also gives the relevant links linked with it to have a reference for more information.

It is mostly used because of its speed and the exact output that it provides to users.

Easily save the conversation if you want to read it further for reference.

✅ Botpress

Best for building Bots

Image 45

Botpress is a good tool for building bots, it uses advanced technologies through OpenAI’s GPT. 

It provides a simple flow manager and intelligence to understand sentences in more natural language, which helps develop effective chatbots. 

This platform is full of support from all over the world, which gives instant development through chatbots. 

Botpress is the best way through which high-quality and advanced chatbots that are good at handling all languages can be made.

It also promotes global customer interaction, and full automation as it offers endless support.

✅ Duolingo

Helps in learning new languages

Image 46

Studying through Duoling is effective and free. Utilizing distinctive teaching tactics, makes reading, writing, and listening skills better.

The lessons are modified as games, and through this process, learning becomes easier. 

Today access to education is much simpler than in the older times when Duolingo is considered to be the best chatbot for education especially in learning a new language.

Duolingo provides knowledge through AI and language skills so that we can learn at our speed. 

It is accessible for learning from anywhere through mobile devices. Apart from language learning, Duolingo comes up with other features too like the English test system, Duolingo ABC which aids children in studies.

The benefit of chatbots in education is to provide instant solutions to students and resources so that there is absolutely no delay or hurdles in learning.

✅ Jasper. chat

All-in-one sales and marketing bot

Image 47
Jasper. Ai

If you are running a business, Jasper Chat helps in creating content considering any content creation help that is required such as creating blog titles, editing already-written text, generating content ideas, or even writing the caption, Jasper can do everything.

Jasper. chat has got your back to cover everything related to content and considered to be the be the best chatbot for sales and marketing to run it in a business.

Jasper fetches real-time information directly from Google and gives away accurate sources of information.

It provides accurate information which will help resonate the brand’s voice and sound less artificial.

✅ Roof.ai

Go to AI-Powered Sales Assistant

Image 40
Roofai. Com

Roof.ai is an AI tool that revitalizes and improves customer interaction by providing automated solutions.

 Through brokerage facilities, mortgage plans, and facilitation in relocation, our clients can find our services helpful generate more potential leads and provide viable business opportunities.

Roof.ai is also known as an all-in-one chatbot platform that helps unleash the power of AI by guiding through various business industries such as brokerage, mortgage, relocation, and recruiting.

Types of chatbots that are identified by well-known companies, let’s have a look!

Type of ChatbotCompany that uses ChatbotPurpose of using chatbot
Rule-based ChatbotZaraTheir chatbot assists customers in finding products and answering FAQs.
AI-Powered Chatbot GoogleGoogle Assistant is a sophisticated AI chatbot that helps with a range of tasks.
Hybrid ChatbotSlackSlack’s chatbot combines rule-based and AI elements for efficient communication and task management.
Voice-enabled ChatbotAmazonAlexa is a prime example of a voice-enabled chatbot used in smart home devices.
Text-based ChatbotFacebook MessengerMessenger bots on Facebook pages assist in customer service and engagement.
Customer Service ChatbotDesku.ioOffers automated conversation process with customers solving common queries.
Transactional ChatbotsPayPalTheir bot on platforms like Facebook Messenger can assist with transactions and account inquiries.
Conversational AI ChatbotsIBMIBM Watson provides sophisticated conversational AI for various business applications.
Contextual ChatbotStarbucksTheir chatbot takes orders via voice or text and learns from past orders to make recommendations.
Scripted ChatbotsH&MTheir chatbot guides customers through a scripted journey to help with shopping decisions.

How does an AI Chatbot work? [Quick Explanation] 

Thankfully, there is no lack of suitable AI chatbots like the best ones in 2024.

They’re based on generative AI technology and powered by large language models such as GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 from OpenAI, Google Bard or Microsoft Bing Chat respectively.

These models understand it and can generate human-like text, which makes them excellent for customer support or content creation.

Here’s the cool part: they use natural language processing to understand what you’re saying. Whether it is ChatGPT Plus or Bing AI, they can chat with you and respond to questions, even creating content pieces for use in other AIs. It’s like having the world’s smartest friend who knows everything and is always at hand!

These chatbots are free of charge or require a subscription; some premium features cost up to $ 20 per month.

They’re not just for conversation; they are AI applications applicable in many scenarios, from helping service reps to stand-alone creative chatbots for content creation.

To put it simply, Today AI chatbots are the owners of a mini search engine and imaginative masterminds all rolled into one.

They’ve got answers to your questions at their fingertips whenever called upon. They’re high-tech AI mixed with code and language model smarts, bringing us into digital life.

Functionalities to Look in Best AI-Chatbot for Business

There is always a choice of choosing the right kind of chatbot in your business and options from what kind of generative AI chatbots you want to use in your business.

Most businesses are looking for very specific functionalities that we have sorted for you.

Let’s have a look at it. How to make a chatbot functional is what you will get an idea after knowing why you want a chatbot in your business.

🚀 Gives accurate responses

In selecting the right AI chatbot app, imagine you are choosing a good storyteller.

But you want one that doesn’t only come up with stories out of nowhere (this is a bad habit among AIs called AI hallucination), but rather, Tells reasonable and straight-forward genre tales.

It’s all about how to screen out that digital conversationalist who says something coherent, knows its facts and figures struggle-free, and steers the gabfest like a pro.

You picked up an investment you wanted turned into a delightfully informative chat experience.

While training the conversational AI chatbot, it is always relevant to pull answers from the relevant and official resources to grow trust amongst the audience. 

🚀 Natural chat experience

We surely want to install chatbots on our business websites, but we always want chatbots to respond as humans.

If you are looking to build a like chatbot, it is always advised to keep the chatbot as natural as possible.

There are certain ways through which you can work on it. Keep the access of the chatbot simpler so that people can directly hop on getting the answers they are looking for.

Chatbot should be easily accessible in the live chat widget of the website where you should avoid taking the complicated steps for reaching out to get answers.

In this way, you will be able to provide the perfect chat experience for your customers

🚀 Multi-language chatbot 

Language should never be a barrier when customers come and try to get in touch.

It is the first sign of not finding the solution or never expecting it from the company.

Make sure the chatbot supports multi-language and can converse with customers or visitors that they are interacting with.

A good and decent way of translating language will help customers a lot to find the solutions at the right time.

🚀 Natural language understanding

Think about chatting to a robot that understands you, just like one of your best mates.

This is what Natural Language Understanding (NLU) comes down to.

It’s like giving the chatbot a special ability to not only hear what you say but truly understand it- being in on your jokes and knowing enough about context that he can follow the seriousness of questions or read between lines in casual conversation.

This is what makes talking to an AI chatbot different from typing into a machine.

Instead, you feel as if the two of you are actually sitting down and having your conversation together with someone who listens well and understands perfectly. 

🚀 Personalisation (A Bot that does not feel like a bot)

A barista who remembers your favourite coffee order would be a simple example of Personalization in AI chatbots.

It’s about this: the chatbot must be able to remember your past chats, preferences and little quirks.

If everyone does it this way, every time you interact with someone familiar or unfamiliar to you will feel more like catching up with an old friend who knows a lot about your history and background.

Thus it is the personal touch which makes the chatbot experience uniquely yours, changing and growing just as a true friendship does.

🚀 Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and Reporting in AI chatbots is like having a smart assistant who has an aware eye.

Think of it as having a dashboard where you can see how good the chatbot is doing, just like checking the score in the game.

It tells you how many people are chatting, what they love to talk about and even where the chatbot is getting stuck.

It’s like being given a little peek backstage at the chatbot world. You will know and learn how to better each time you interact with everyone through it.

Human Conversation VS AI Chatbot 

Human conversation means having the 1:1 talk with the real human support agent talking to their customers or visitors. Human support agents tend to miss out on something or provide misinformation to their customers. This might not be the case with Chatbots. Yes, there are surely pros and cons for both. Let’s understand it better. 

What you can expect from Human Conversation?

  • Emotional Depth: Rich in emotions and empathy.
  • Complex Understanding: Picks up subtlety, sarcasm and complicated backgrounds.
  • Unpredictability: Can get off-script, which makes for different and colourful exchanges.
  • Learning Style: Don’t just look at data; learn from life.

AI Chatbot Conversation

AI Chatbot works exactly how you train it. It is always relevant to pull out the right answers from the relevant sources so there will be no chance of making mistakes or giving wrong answers to their customers or visitors. You can always rely on chatbots to be direct in giving answers, handling multiple customers at the same time and never get tired.

What you can expect from an AI Chatbot?

  • Consistency: Gives uniform replies, maintaining a constant style.
  • Data-Driven: Relies on huge data and patterns for replies.
  • 24/7 Availability: Around the clock, constantly on Care.
  • Scalability: One can have several conversations going at once without getting tired.

Conversational AI Chatbot VS Chatbots 

An advanced, intelligent chatbot with the capability to understand and even exchange natural human conversation. It exactly gives the answers that a customer or visitor expects generally. Let’s understand how conversational AI Chatbot expects:

What you can expect from Human Conversation?

  • Advanced Understanding: Understands context and subtleties in conversation.
  • Learning Ability: Comes of interactions, and gets better with use.
  • Natural Responses: More human-sounding, flowing dialogue is delivered.
  • Personalisation: Tailors its conversations based on users ‘histories and preferences.


A software program that automatically responds to users ‘questions by following a pre-established set of rules. Create a chatbot to solve multiple problems or to function multiple tasks such as running surveys, providing answers to FAQs, or redirecting answers to the right links. In short, Chatbot aims to provide the right way 

What Chatbot can do?

  • Scripted Interactions: Follows predefined rules and responses.
  • Limited Flexibility: Weak at handling complex or unexpected queries.
  • Basic Functionality: Suitable for straightforward, routine tasks.
  • Consistency: Responses are not contingent on user history.

Implementation of AI Chatbot in various industries

AI chatbots are used in various industries for different and individual use cases. AI chatbots have become an integral part of any business, may it be the smallest or large-scale industry. Create a chatbot according to your use case through how a chatbot can help provide the best answer to customer inquiries. Certain industries use chatbots in different ways and let’s understand how? Out of all the industries, companies using chatbots for customer service are the ones booming as they conserve a lot of time managing customer queries.

Customer Support 

♦︎ 24/7 customer support to customers with proactive replies

♦︎ Solving common and repeated queries of customers 

♦︎ Easy human-handoff process

♦︎ Redirects to the right links of sources 

Marketing and Sales Funnel

♦︎ Easy answering queries related to products or services to customers

♦︎ Provides product recommendations to customers

♦︎ Make the purchase decisions on behalf of the customers

♦︎ AI-powered chatbots help in sending surveys to customers 

♦︎ Sending coupons or discount codes to customers to remind them to make a purchase

Writing and Editing 

♦︎ Helps in generating the content ideas, tips and curation 

♦︎ Helps in creating outlines of the articles

♦︎ Easily draft the emails according to tone 

♦︎ Rewrite the already-written content 

HR and Hiring Process

♦︎ Right candidate engagement

♦︎ Employee filtering according to categories 

♦︎ Showcase the open positions

♦︎ Automating scheduling of interviews

♦︎ Answering questions from candidates if they have any 

♦︎ Automatically providing company information 

Advantages of AI Chatbots

When you think what are the benefits of using a chatbot, I can give tons but when it comes to implementing it in the business, you should be known of some of the specific ones. Let’s know them deeply.

🚀 Enhancing Customer Experiences

Chatbots are your website’s goodwill guide, providing instant help and tailored recommendations as well as quickly answering questions. They’re a little as your computer describes it; online help twenty-four hours a day, seven days

🚀 Boosting Business Efficiency

With the growth of your business, efficient multitaskers and AI Chatbots step in to fill any number of customer interactions at one time. This reduces the need for personalised replies, shortening service time and boosting your company’s efficiency. They are like fitness partners, naturally expanding as customer volumes rise.

🚀 Smart Data Collection and Insights

Think of AI Chatbots as clever data detectives, gathering vital customer information such as likes and gripes. This data is a mine of gold for fine-tuning your marketing effort, improving what you offer and making decisions about steering your business with confidence.

🚀 Lead Nurturing and Support

AI Chatbots are perfect digital assistant salespeople, proficient at qualifying leads and producing tailored customer trips. They’re the tools that build bridges, helping customers to move along and pushing conversion rates higher.

Conclusion: Choose the best AI Chatbot that suits your business

The best AI chatbots can unlock various incredible operations and guess what each AI chatbot has its unique speciality to perform. Nevertheless, every chatbot serves the best to its relevant business.

Considering the overall customer support chatbot platform, Desku.io is the one that should be considered to automate the conversation with customers so that your support agents do not have to always stay online to provide repeated queries.

Elevate your business through the power of AI that can help in reaching your desired goals of the business.

Want to know more about it, we are here to talk to you!

Gaurav Nagani
Gaurav Nagani
As Founder & CEO of Desku.io, Gaurav has made a distinct mark in the customer support and ai bot field. His commitment to AI-enhanced solutions and his industry experience have been instrumental in modernizing customer service.

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