Revive Sales, Boost Revenue

Win back lost sales with targeted messages reminding customers of their abandoned carts. Elevate your business and boost revenue with personalized, strategic messaging to re-engage potential customers.

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Open rates

By sending promotions to customers on their favorite messaging apps


Click rates

By sending catchy personalized messages with pinpoint targeting


Better results

Whether you’re generating leads or influencing customers to convert


Build Multi-Channel Audiences

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Influence Inbound Conversion

Turn inbound support into a marketing opportunity. Build drip campaigns or broadcast lists automatically by adding interest tags to conversations.

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Get Customer List handy

Drive revenue from your existing customer base. Import customer information for running the successful campaign.

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Add Contacts through API

Have additional customer touchpoints like lead magnets, customer portals or apps? Add them directly into campaigns as soon as they sign up or leave their contact details.

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How Does Email Marketing Work?

There are tons of email marketing software out there for you to choose from. But how do you select the right one that best fits your needs?​

The most crucial part of an email list strategy is to build an opt-in that is simple, direct, and has a clear value proposition. The more people join your list, the more likely they will trust you.​

When planning a campaign, it’s essential to set goals to track and measure the success of your campaign.

An email is a lot more effective than social media, and it has a higher engagement rate. But not all email marketing campaigns are created equally.
If you’re sending marketing emails to your customers, these emails must be designed for maximum impact. You only have a few seconds to grab your customer’s attention and convince them to read the email, let alone click-through or convert.
A/B testing is a simple process to increase conversions and sales on your email list. When you A/B test, you’re sending two different versions of an email to your list and then measuring which one performs better.

Monitoring email campaigns is essential because you want to see what people are responding to and not. For example, you might be receiving a lot of clicks on a link that is not converting well or getting any new subscribers. Monitoring can help you figure out if the issue is with the content or an error in the code.

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Amplify Reach with Promotional Broadcasts

Broadcast Messaging empowers business owners to easily engage with their target audience, delivering personalized
promotions and updates directly to their customers' preferred channels, driving conversions and building strong relationships.

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Reach the target

Show your customers that you are familiar with them. Create segments based on interest tags, enrich contact data via APIs, and send messages via the channels customers prefer.

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Personalize at it's best

Encourage customers to take action. Put their personal attributes into messages that speak directly to them by using variables.

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Go along with the Channel

Utilize the unique characteristics of each channel. With features such as media files, templates, and tags, you can maximize every message.

Automation will handle Responses

Close the message that is resolved. Set the away messages for the customers so that they are not clueless about not being answered. Do not mess up your workspace always keep it organised.

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Run Promotional Messages through Automation

Run Multi-Channel

Take care of your customers across multiple channels by sending targeted messages through campaigns. Customize the path of the answer according to their responses on your campaigns.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Desku helps customers by improving the customer satisfaction, data collection, quicker issue resolution, feedback and CSAT, and much more.

Yes you can surely run marketing campaigns by showcasing your product in the live chat or by sending promotional messages to your customers. 

Chatbot is one of the part of the automation that can help in marketing by drag and drop conversational interface. Run a conversation with customers even when your support agents are not available. Chatbot can help in lead generation by increasing engagement, staying 24/7 available for customers, peak personalisation, and much more. 

Yes, absolutely you can connect multiple channels with Desku and not only social channels but can also connect your Ecommerce Store like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Ecwid.