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Give AI superpowers to your support teams

Introducing Desku Sidekick: Your Next-Gen AI Assistant for Support Teams. Leveraging the power of GPT-4, it analyzes past interactions to provide your agents with reliable and precise answer suggestions.
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See what Desku’s Ai Sidekick can do

Sidekick reply

Sidekick to Craft Your Replies

Drawing from historical conversations and FAQs, Sidekick predicts and generates the most effective replies for you

Sidekick hint

Hint for Sidekick

Just offer a brief hint, and let the AI generate a context-aware reply for you. ideal for conveying decisions or providing context


Quick Summarize

Ask the AI to give you a brief summary of the conversation, so you don't have to go through the entire thread

Google translate

Real-Time Auto-translation

Enable the AI to automatically translate messages between agents and customers on the fly. Experience seamless two-way communication in multiple languages

Improve Team Response Time with Real-time Suggestions

Desku’s AI Assist, fueled by ChatGPT and advanced generative AI, empowers your agents to address customer concerns swiftly. Utilizing precise, real-time suggestions, agents can efficiently handle incoming queries for faster issue resolution.
Ai ticket assistant
Reduce cost

Reduce Support Costs

Save Money and Time by Using Automation to Handle Common Support Tickets, Drawing on Solutions from Previously Resolved Issues for Quick and Effective Responses.

Optimize agent

Optimize Agent Performance

Automate your operations for better performance by using automated ticket classification and routing.

Resume time

Reduce Resolution Times

Use helpful hints based on the situation, what the customer wants, and how they feel to speed up support.

Connect Your Site & Deploy AI Trained Chatbot

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Reduce Support Costs

Save Money and Time by Using Automation to Handle Common Support Tickets, Drawing on Solutions from Previously Resolved Issues for Quick and Effective Responses.


AI Training

Allow 4-6 hours for AI Sidekick to self-train on the linked data.

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Ready to Assist

AI Sidekick is now prepared to support your agents.

Ai assistant

AI-Powered Solutions for Ticket Resolution

Use Ticket AI Assist to give agents precise advice and training. This is based on related knowledge articles, past tickets, resolution guides, and optimal next steps. This all happens in an easy-to-use widget within ticketing platforms like Salesforce and Zendesk.
Ticket resolution
Real time agent support

Real-Time Agent Support with AI Assistance

Enhance customer interactions with our Conversational AI Assist, which analyzes real-time conversation metrics such as mood, context, and urgency to provide instant, relevant recommendations during live chats.

Auto Ticket Classification and Analytics

Automatically send tickets to the right agent by categorizing them based on type, underlying issue, and urgency level. This streamlines support and accelerates issue resolution.
Auto ticket classification

Semantic Search Using Advanced Language Models

Conduct real-time, precise searches in your enterprise knowledge base using advanced language models, ensuring relevant and accurate search results every time.
Semantic search
Auto resolve tickets

Auto-Resolve Customer Support Tickets

Resolve customer issues across various channels automatically, based on confidence levels. This eliminates the need for agent intervention and enhances efficiency.

Continuous Learning in AI for Customer Service

Refine the accuracy of predictions and suggestions by continuously learning from past conversations, user activities, ticket history, knowledge base content, and agent feedback.
Learning ai for customer service