AI Customer Service Solution that your Business Needs

A blend of powerful AI Bots and Helpdesk support to cut costs in half, a stress-free support team, and forever happy customers.

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Boost Productivity with Lesser Efforts

Centralise Proactive Chats, Help Desk Operations, and Chatbot, and streamline every customer query under one platform.

Select an application that initiates your workflow when data is received
Select an application that initiates your workflow when data is received
Select an application that initiates your workflow when data is received
A mobile app utilizing ai technology to display a conversation between two individuals.

Automated Responses, Faster Resolution

AI Bot which is powered by OpenAI gives automated responses to repeated questions. Advanced AI uses the language models and Eva Solves almost all the difficult problems and customer queries. 

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Dramatically reduce your support volume

EVA can resolve over 50% of your customer questions instantly and accurately, so your team can focus on more high-value conversations.

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Trustworthy AI Bot For Your Business

In-Built Chatbot, that helps in drag and drop customer interface. It is highly customisable and can be previewed before launching.

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Lesser Activation Time

Activating the AI is easier like never before. It does not take much time. Few minutes to set and you are good to go.

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Easy Human Handoff

Eva AI easily incorporates the human handoff to the support agent to have conversation with customers when they need humans to talk to.

Drag and Drop Manageable Workflows-Control Your Automation

Absolutely easy to build and control automation through drag and drop interface. Build automation, create customer experiences, and increase brand value.

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No code needed

The automation is easy to deploy, as it requires “no-coding” knowledge. Simply drag and drop. 

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Highly Customisable

Workflows are deeply customizable so you can build personalized journeys that deliver real value for your customers.
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Get a head start

No idea how to build the automated workflow? Leverage the dozens of pre-built templates and get started.

Get Started with Pre-Built Templates

We want your manual efforts to vanish. Use pre-built templates to send messages to customers.

Mask group


Dollar c


Code c

IT Development

Bag c

Business Owner

User c


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And many more+

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Powerful Automation Controls of Desku

Proactive replies, email marketing, customer engagement, and powerful retentions are now possible with the automation controls of Desku

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Start automations in various ways, connecting users and combining multiple triggers.

A hexagonal icon with an orange outline, designed using ai technology for automated production.


Verify user requirements with unlimited, advanced filters at your fingertips.

An ai-generated purple hexagon on a white background.


Utilize Actions to craft any process, whether internal or external, once the user enters the automation

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Craft custom chatbots for any need. Choose from endless options to kickstart communication.

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No Coding

No coding needed; click and drop with our simple visual automation creator.

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Action Logs

View logs for user data, triggers fired, conditions checked, or action paths taken.

An ai-powered blue icon with a blue circle in the middle, showcasing automation capabilities.


Connect automation paths to create the ultimate customer journey, as simple or complex as needed.

An orange icon with a speech bubble on it, representing ai automation.

Live Chat

Automate chat parts to save agent time. Add knowledge base topics or follow-up emails for missed chats.

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Email Campaign

Mix in automated email campaigns. Set A/B testing on actions or conditions, and send quick follow-ups after a chat.

What our customers have to say 🤟

Desku has so much integration between Shopify, Instagram, and Facebook. The Facebook ad commenting has been very interesting. People have been converting right there, thanks to a simple social interaction.
A man in a blue suit is smiling while using customer support software for ai customer service.

Steven G

Customer Experience Manager
I am so glad I found them. The support is amazing and product is solid. Features work as promised and new features arrive before promised. I wasted several months with LabiDesk but glad that is living up to my expectations. It is one of the finest customer support..
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Shopify Business Owner
Desku have the best team that solves and responds to the queries faster. Everytime had the best experience in terms of customer management for my own company. The automation that Desku provides like Rules and Macros, that helps in auto-closing tickets. I loved it!
A smiling woman in a striped shirt sitting at a desk, using ai customer service software.

Serena T