The Winning Formula of Elite Magento Store Owners

Discover the powerful tactics used by top-performing Magento store owners to drive sales, enhance customer experiences, and achieve remarkable customer feedback.

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Craft better Customer Engagement with Unified Inbox

Provide faster answers with better and more accurate replies. May your customers message you from anywhere, get all messages in one unified inbox which is efficient to manage.

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Get Purchase Order History Handy

Do not ask for the purchase details from customers, have it handy all the time after their first purchase. From their total orders to the last order from Magento, view everything in one.

Streamline the Order Request Activity

It can't get simpler than this! Update shipping addresses, and order value, and even issue a partial refund from the Desku helpdesk itself without shuffling between multiple tabs.

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A community of woocommerce store owners assisting each other on a dedicated facebook page.

Customer list elongated? Automate common tasks

Automate the routine task, and segregate the basics and important tasks. We want you to focus on growing your business rather stuck on giving replies

Enhance the support of your Magento store

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Live Chat

Real-time customer interaction helps in solving queries there only. It helps in decreasing ticket generation and ultimately the load off the customer agent.

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Ticketing system

Organize all your customer communication in one place by using our ticketing system. Easily assign tickets to the relevant support agent.

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Social Channel Inbox

Integrate the most used social media channel and streamline customer support. Streamline every customer conversation in one.

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Create an automated template for the repetitive tasks and do not waste time answering the repetitive questions.

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Auto-reply and away message

Set an auto-reply for the customer so they know that you are available for them. If you are not available let them know by setting away messages and do not let them wonder.

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Intent and sentiment detection

Detect customer intent like a refund, exchange, shipping, etc. using inbuilt analytical tools of Desku. This helps you set up automatic replies or generate a ticket.

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Support and revenue statistics

Our all-in-one helpdesk can track support agent metrics like ticket volume, response time, and resolution time. Use these statistics to streamline your revenue strategies.

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Connect Multi-Store with Desku

Desku lets you connect more than a single store in each of the Ecommerce platforms. May it be Shopify, WooCommerce, Ecwid, Or Magento. Simply manage everything from Desku.

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