Automating Support: How KoinX resolves 60% of its support volume with Desku’s Eva AI


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KoinX Uses Desku's Eva AI for customer service automation

About Company

KoinX is a leading cryptocurrency tax solution platform designed to help individuals and businesses manage their crypto tax reporting needs effectively.


  1. 80% of time being spent on repetitive queries
  2. Inefficient customer query handling
  3. Inaccurate analytics and data management

Features Used

  1. Eva AI Chatbot
  2. Eva AI Automations
  3. AI Powered Email Inbox

Introduction of KoinX:

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Automating support: how koinx resolves 60% of its support volume with desku’s eva ai -

KoinX is a cryptocurrency tax solution platform that helps individuals and businesses manage their crypto tax reporting needs.

  • A unified dashboard to monitor your crypto portfolio’s growth across multiple wallets and accounts
  • Automatic categorization of transactions, including staking rewards, payroll expenses, and airdrops
  • Identification of transaction counterparties
  • Streamlined data management to process large volumes of transaction data efficiently

The Challenge:

  • Accurate Customer Service Data: KoinX struggled to get customer service data properly.
  • High Volume of Queries: They were unable to answer customers on time due to the high volume of queries.
  • Inefficient Query Handling: Desku’s AI Chatbot, trained on KoinX’s knowledge base, took control and helped streamline query handling, resulting in a 10% increase in efficiency.

Exploring Alternatives:

Before choosing, KoinX evaluated several solutions, including Fresh Chat and ZOHO Chat.

However, these options did not fully meet the company’s needs for a comprehensive and efficient data management system.

Why was selected for its advanced AI solution, which provided a more effective approach to managing user queries and improving data analytics.

The AI capabilities of stood out from other options, offering a robust and user-friendly solution that met KoinX’s requirements.

Implementation and Ease of Integration:

Integrating into KoinX’s existing workflow was seamless. The implementation process was straightforward, with no major challenges encountered.

This ease of integration allowed KoinX to quickly start benefiting from the new system.

Impactful Results:

Since implementing, KoinX has seen impressive results. The most notable impact has been a 60% reduction in the support load.

The AI bot provided by Desku answers most user queries, significantly reducing the burden on the support team.

Additionally, there was a 10% increase in the efficiency of handling queries, further streamlining operations.

Overcoming Initial Challenges:

The AI capabilities of effectively addressed KoinX’s initial challenges. By providing accurate and timely analytics, enabled KoinX to make better-informed decisions and improve their overall business performance.

The AI bot’s ability to handle common queries allowed the support team to focus on more complex issues, enhancing overall efficiency.

Future Plans and Recommendations:

KoinX plans to expand its use of in the future, leveraging more of its features to continue improving their operations.

The Support Associate at KoinX highly recommends to other companies, highlighting its effective and easy-to-implement AI solution.


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