Yum Asia’s reduced customer support tickets up to 40% Using Eva Ai by Desku


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About Company

Yum Asia specializes in advanced rice cookers, enhancing culinary experiences in the U.S. with top-tier technology and quality.


  1. 80% of time being spent on repetitive queries
  2. Difficulty in guiding customers to self-help options
  3. High pressure on the customer service team

Features Used

  1. AI Enabled Shared Email Inbox
  2. Eva AI Automations
  3. No Code Chatbots

Introduction Of Yum Asia

Yum asia
Yum asia's reduced customer support tickets up to 40% using eva ai by desku -

Yum Asia, a distinguished company in the home appliances industry, specializes in bringing innovative kitchen solutions to its customers.

With a dedicated team of 10 employees, they stands out for its commitment to enhancing the cooking experience with high-quality appliances.

Facing a significant challenge in customer support, the Co-owner embarked on a journey to find an efficient solution that could alleviate the pressure on their customer service team and improve overall operational efficiency.

The Challenge: Streamlining Customer Support

Prior to implementing Desku, Yum Asia grappled with the difficulty of guiding customers towards self-help options through their knowledge base (Kb) before contacting support.

This challenge resulted in an overwhelming volume of almost identical support questions, placing undue pressure on their customer service team.

The need for a solution that could effectively divert customers to self-service options while maintaining high satisfaction levels was apparent.

Evaluating Alternatives

In their quest for the ideal customer support solution, they considered various options, including Re:amaze, Intercom and Zendesk.

However, they sought a tool that not only offered competitive pricing but also demonstrated a clear commitment to innovation and excellence in customer support.

Why Desku?

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Yum asia's reduced customer support tickets up to 40% using eva ai by desku -

Deskudistinguished itself from other options with its competitive pricing and its promise of being a different and continuously improving solution.

This commitment aligned with Yum Asia’s ethos of innovation and customer satisfaction, making Desku the preferred choice for revolutionizing their customer support system.

Implementation and Ease of Integration

The integration of Desku into their existing workflow was executed smoothly over a couple of weeks, with no significant challenges encountered.

This seamless integration underscored Desku’s user-friendly design and compatibility with Yum Asia’s operational processes.

Impactful Results

Since adopting Desku, Yum Asia has observed a remarkable 40% reduction in customer support workload. By efficiently directing customers to self-help resources, Desku has significantly reduced the volume of repetitive inquiries, thereby alleviating the pressure on the support staff.

This strategic redirection of customer inquiries has enabled Yum Asia to maintain a lean and efficient customer service team without the need for additional hires.

Overcoming Initial Challenges

Desku has played a crucial role in addressing Yum Asia’s initial challenge by empowering customers to find solutions independently, reducing the dependency on human intervention.

Although directly quantifying the impact through metrics or KPIs remains challenging, the reduction in support workload is a tangible testament to Desku’s effectiveness.

Future Plans and Recommendations

While Yum Asia does not have immediate plans to expand their use of Desku, the positive experiences and outcomes have left them open to exploring further functionalities in the future.

The Co-owner of Yum Asia wholeheartedly recommends Desku to others, particularly for its cost-effectiveness and the ongoing improvements that make it a valuable asset for any business seeking to enhance its customer support operations.


Yum Asia’s experience with Desku highlights the platform’s ability to revolutionize customer support by automating self-help solutions, thereby reducing operational pressures and improving efficiency.

With Desku, Yum Asia has not only overcome its initial challenges but has also set a benchmark for customer support excellence in the home appliances industry.