Skyrocket Sales with Messaging Enabled CRM

Take Your Sales Messaging to the Next Level: Optimize Your Communication with Shared Inbox Analytics and CRM Automation! Gain Valuable Insights into Your Sales Conversations, Shorten Your Cycle, and Close More Deals.

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More effective sales qualifications

with CRM integrations and


Faster lead distribution

with instant routing to available agents or dedicated account managers


Faster sales cycles

when the right customers are moved down the sales funnel swiftly
A sales funnel specializing in b2b sales.

Master Inbound and Outbound Sales for Success

Easily automate the customer's every message and convert a visitor into your customer.

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Inbound Sales

Turn Website Visitors into Customers with Instant Sales Conversations! Drive Purchase Intent with Click-to-Chat Ads and Automated Replies, or Connect Them with a Skilled Agent for a Quick and Personalized Consultation

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Outbound Sales

Kickstart Your Sales Funnel with Automated Messaging! Reach Out to Existing or Imported Contacts via WhatsApp, Email or SMS, and Automatically Enroll Warm Leads in a Drip Campaign When They Engage with Your Lead Magnets or Customer Portals.

Sales with Transprancy

Create everything with total visibility.

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How to automate your sales process?



Inbound or Outbound. Approach your target audience uniquely.



Make sure the prospect is assured of what you are saying related to your product or services. Let them inquire about your business, and get in touch with you to know about your services. 



The right kind of engagement will lead you to elongated communication with customers or maybe they sign up for the demo or trial. 


Tell them "Why You?"

Handle the customer’s engagement in a way that why you stand the best for their business, talk to the advancements and value you can provide them with.


Get it DONE

Let the prospect avail your plan and provide them with the best experience. 


Sell and Repeat

Be a pro in upselling or generating referrals from existing customers to pass it on further. 

A sales funnel designed to generate high-quality leads and engage potential customers with respect.
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Do not leave the Platform for additional work

Get everything done in one platform and optimise your whole work process without leaving the platform. Run automation, turn up efficiency.


Do not jam, Automate your pipeline

Generate Lead automatically

Run the automated marketing campaign with the Chatbot with just a drag-and-drop conversational interface. Run your sales process even when you are not present. 

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

You can make your sales easier by simply connecting your Ecommerce store, running the Live Chat for the instant conversation and even showcasing your products in the Live Chat section. The sales becomes easier because everything is managed from single platform.

No, you do not need to use any external tools to run your sales as Desku’s in-built features help everything ones you are logged in. There are multiple integrations available to integrate it with Desku that will not let you go out of the platform.

Yes, order activity like, order placed, order returned, dispatched, refunded, or exchanged can be clearly available with Desku and from that you can connect with your customers easily and carry on with the engagement. 

Yes, 7 days free trial is available where you can explore product and know if that is fit for the business.